Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1513: 10,000 Years in a Blink

Chapter 1513: 10,000 Years in a Blink

Luo Pin’s acting skills would be tested during these few days as she still could give the game away in front of Wu Jun and the others.

Wu Jun and the others probably tried to console her as much as they could.

When Luo Pin entered the Dragon Isolation Room, she looked calm. It looked like she had adjusted well to the situation.

She was resilient and knew how to act accordingly when faced with such a crisis. This was the best outcome that Wu Yu and Luo Pin could hope to get.

As for Wu Jun’s side, they could only await in consternation.

Actually, Luo Pin was still confused and could not understand why the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would mete out such a light punishment for her.

She was slightly worried about Wu Yu as she had not seen him for a few days.

Originally, she had thought that the earliest that she would be able to meet Wu Yu again would be 10,000 years later. Unexpectedly, she saw Wu Yu in the Dragon Isolation Room. She cheered up instantly. However, she quickly reacted and put on a disgusted face, sneering: "Why are you here?"

Usually, the punished dragon would face isolation alone. It was unheard of to have two dragons in one Dragon Isolation Room.

Luo Pin was a careful person. Wu Yu would not slip up and answered rudely: "How would I know? I came in first."

Luo Pin turned back but at this point the door was already shut. She laughed and said: "I understand it now. You failed to kill me outside, so they have arranged for you to come here and kill me in revenge for your younger siblings?"

Wu Yu retorted: "Don’t be foolish. My grandfather would never change his mind when his decision has been made."

Both of them knew that the lesser they spoke, the lesser the risk that they would give something away. This was the normal conversation length expected of them and they would not interact more than required.

Luo Pin stood in the Dragon Isolation Room and chose to sit somewhere furthest away from Wu Yu. She sat in the lotus position and closed her eyes quietly.

Wu Yu stared at her and looked slightly nervous. However, he too, did not speak.

Actually, they were conversing secretly.

Wu Yu told Luo Pin what had happened after she left with Wu Jun and the others.

After hearing Wu Yu’s side of the story, Luo Pin heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed. She naturally knew that this was the best outcome that they could hope for.

"So in the next 10,000 years, we shall progress slowly with our performance. We can start from being distant and having hatred for each other to gradually having conversations, and eventually, we shall speak freely to each other. As long as there is some sort of progress, we do not need to be too hasty. We can also design some hurdles that we have to overcome."


This was child’s play to them.

What they had to be careful of was not to rush. After all, any relationship had to be cultivated over a long period of time.

Anyway, this was another long and torturing process.

Luckily, they were both very patient.

Following Wu Yu’s arrangement, they would cultivate their relationship according to three stages.

The first stage would take a longer time. First, the two of them would train individually. However, they would not be able to breakthrough and would break the silence in order to discuss their learnings. In doing so, they would have to suppress their hatred for each other. Subsequently, as they chatted more, Luo Pin would gradually see Wu Yu in a different light.

The second stage would arrive when they have chatted for a long time and became more familiar with each other. At this stage, the pain from distant memories would start to fade and they would become close friends who could share their deepest thoughts with each other. However, there would still be some distance between them.

The third stage would be the start of their romantic relationship. However, this could not be rushed and they had to make it seem natural before they could reach this stage.

Now, as they chatted more and more casually, they began to eliminate the "hatred" that did not really exist between them. Wu Yu could act more eagerly and take the initiative, but Luo Pin must restrain herself. At the beginning, for at least a few hundred years, she had to maintain a rather disgusted face when facing the Tian Que Dragon King.

The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and the others did not know Luo Pin very well. They had been around for a long time, so to them Luo Pin who was only about 100 years old and was like a baby. They thought that Luo Pin would soon forget Wu Yu. It was because of this that Wu Yu and Luo Pin could put on this act and show how Luo Pin and ’Tian Que Dragon King’ became closer to each other. Of course this was something they could not rush. At least for the first 5000 or so years, there should not be any progress to their relationship.

Wu Yu started off by guiding Luo Pin in her cultivation.

At the beginning, Luo Pin did not care about Wu Yu at all and acted as though he did not exist. No matter what he said, she did not pay any attention to him and refused to let him get close to her.

They lived together this way for more than 4000 years. At this point, Luo Pin had reached the bottleneck of her cultivation. She really wanted to breakthrough to the 6-realm immortal lord cultivation realm and it was a challenge to her. Wu Yu had the experience and began to guide her patiently. Although Luo Pin did not respond, she did heed his advice and make some progress.

Over the years, Tian Que Dragon King’s attitude towards Luo Pin was very good and patient. Hence Luo Pin gradually changed her view of Tian Que Dragon King.

Finally, in the 7000th year or so, the opportunity came. Luo Pin was about to breakthrough to the 6-realm immortal lord cultivation realm and Wu Yu continued to guide her. Finally, with his help, she succeeded in improving her tier. Now, with her increased combat power, she should be able to compete with an immortal king.

Because of Tian Que Dragon King’s help and the long period of 7000 years, Luo Pin could also slowly put down her hatred and begin to forget Wu Yu. This was a good opportunity. She began to relax her guard towards Tian Que Dragon King. She occasionally spoke to him about cultivation. After a long time, she started to talk about some things that she experienced as she grew up. The hostility she had towards Tian Que Dragon King gradually disappeared.

At his moment, Wu Yu suddenly heard the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor’s voice.

"Well done, keep it up."

Sure enough, the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor came here often to monitor them. Wu Yu was stunned and broke out in cold sweat after hearing his voice. Fortunately, he was cautious enough and did not rush things. If they gave the game away here, they would be in extreme danger.

Luo Pin’s progress in her cultivation realm built a bridge between them. Subsequently, it would be easier for their relationship to change from hatred to friendship.

Wu Yu reckoned that the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would not come to monitor him that often anymore.

Now the distance between the two people in the Dragon Isolation Room was much closer than before. Luo Pin also controlled the degree of their closeness carefully.

Year by year, they started to talk to each other more frequently. It was just casual chit chatting at the beginning, but slowly they even began to have some emotional exchanges. Finally, after countless conversations, they became very good friends.

9000 years had passed by.

Then, Wu Yu began to make his advances. During the remaining 1000 years, he pursued Luo Pin relentlessly. He did many things that moved her and wooed her enthusiastically. At first, Luo Pin rejected his advances and was quite angry at his actions. However, they had time. Wu Yu was rejected many times but he did not give up. He continued his advances, poured his heart out, and showed his love and desire for her. After all, they have been living together for more than 9000 years. They also had the foundation of a friendship. Although Luo Pin rejected him and got angry, she began to relax her guard in the process.

However, she felt that even at the end of this 10,000 years, she still could not accept Tian Que Dragon King. If she accepted him at this point, it might be a little too fast to others. She still needed to restrain herself. After going out, they would continue to put on the act for a few hundred years in front of people. Finally, with Wu Yu’s relentless romantic pursuit, she would accept him eventually.

This arrangement would be more reasonable. After all, girls liked to let more people know that they were being pursued.

It would seem coincidental if she accepted Wu Yu at the end of this 10,000 years.

During this time, the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor occasionally urged Wu Yu to make more effort in pursuing Luo Pin.

"Time is running out. Think of some other ways. She has a good relationship with you now and sees you as a friend. You can continue to think of more ways to pursue her. From the looks of it, it is still quite promising."

Wu Yu was not in a hurry but the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was anxious. In fact, it would be alright even if Luo Pin accepted him now. At most, it would seem a little abrupt to others like Wu Jun. Therefore, after discussing, Wu Yu and Luo Pin decided to stick to their original plan. The more anxious the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was, the more natural it would be.

"Don’t worry, grandfather. I’m confident that I will succeed. Give me another 1000 years. Even after I get out of here, I still have a chance. I can find some other ways and use more tricks to earn her affection." Wu Yu promised.

"It’s up to you now. You’ve done a good job for the past thousands of years. You’re really a talent in this aspect. If you succeed, you will have a bright future ahead of you." The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor said.

"Grandfather, be rest assured. To tell the truth, I really like her. There is no other perfect woman of this age like her in the entire Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm." Wu Yu said.

The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor said with a smile: "Of course. Basically, we can be certain that she will be receiving the legacy of the Dragon Ancestor. If you can make her fall in love with you, it means you really have the ability to do so. To tell the truth, you may not be worthy of her."

"I’m still more compatible compared to the boy who came from the mortal domain. Fortunately, he’s dead. Otherwise it will really be a toad eating swan meat." Wu Yu sounded the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor out.

"Work hard, it’s all up to you." The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor said. It seemed like he really did not recognize Wu Yu’s real identity. Wu Yu was sure of this.

Wu Yu continued to treat Luo Pin affectionately, following her around and was constantly at her service. He treated her like royalty. After all, based on the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor’s understanding, Luo Pin was not aware that she had inherited the legacy of the Dragon ancestor. Therefore, on the surface, the status of Tian Que Dragon King, the eldest grandson of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, was still very high. Being treated like a royalty by a person of such high status would have moved her in time to come.

Though 10,000 years was long, Wu Yu felt that time passed by quickly. During this period of time, he racked his brains trying to figure out how to pursue Luo Pin. As a result, his strength had not improved at all for the past 10,000 years. In fact, he did not dare to make any progress because the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was watching them. It would be bad if he cultivated and gave the game away.

10,000 years of time had finally passed!

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was slightly regretful that Luo Pin did not agree to Tian Que Dragon King’s propositions even after so many years together in isolation.

However, the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor still encouraged Wu Yu to work hard in his romantic pursuit of Luo Pin. As for him, he would restrict news of Luo Pin within the Sky Heart tribe.

10,000 years had passed. Within this 20,000 years of time, even Princess You Xue and the others had reached the fifth tier of the immortal lord cultivation realm after cultivating in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Floating Dreams Pagoda lost its effect.

Of course, their fifth tier was far less powerful than Wu Yu. Now they were about to go mad after staying in the Floating Dreams Pagoda for so long. It was about time for Wu Yu to let them out.

And in the past 10,000 years, the mystical dragons outside had already began to forget about what happened to the Tian Jian Dragon Lord. After all, one wave would cover another.

He and Luo Pin left the Dragon Isolation Tower quietly.

The only thing that remained the same after this 10,000 years was the killing order on Chifeng Immortal Lord that remained active. They had not managed to catch Wu Yu after such a long time and it was driving them crazy. It was rumored that the reward for catching Wu Yu had been raised to a very high amount.

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