Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1512: Dragon Isolation Tower

Chapter 1512: Dragon Isolation Tower

The most pitiful person currently would be the Sky Chariot Dragon King.

Once, he tried to be with the Primordial Immortal Dragon but lost to Wu Hao.

His son wanted Luo Pin dearly because of that and he’s been trying to facilitate them.

Now, Tian Ming died because of Luo Pin and he couldn’t seek revenge. He even had to go out of the way to gain her favor.

The son of his older brother would also replace Tian Ming to woo Luo Pin. If they really become dao companions in the future, he would have to see this couple all day. Wouldn’t he be frustrated to death?

However, this was the decision of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and he was helpless to object.

Now, when Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was guiding Tian Que Dragon King, he could only exchanged glances with Sky Shadow Dragon Queen silently, keeping their tears to themselves.

Not only would he not be able to exact revenge but he also had to put on a amiable smile when he saw Luo Pin. Who could stomach this?

Waves were tumbling in the minds of both of them.

"Father, I’ll be leaving first to calm myself so I wouldn’t tarnish the plans," said Sky Shadow Dragon Queen dejectedly.

"I’ll be leaving too. After ten thousand years of not seeing us, Luo Pin probably wouldn’t detest Tian Que as deeply."

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor took a glance at them, waved his hand and signalled for them to leave. He had explained the details clearly. Both of them respected and feared their father and therefore wouldn’t act recklessly.

Nonetheless, they needed some time to digest and get over it.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King were like two walking corpses, leaving dispirited.

This left Sky Will Dragon King, Wu Yu and the two eternal immortal emperors.

"Tian Que, I’ll leave everything to you. Ten thousand years aren’t short and you shouldn’t get too anxious. If there’s good news, let us know immediately," Sky Heart Dragon Emperor instructed.

Wu Yu nodded. "Alright, rest assured, grandgather. I’m aware of what I should and can say. It’s just that I’m not comfortable whenever I thought about my younger brothers and sister that were just gone. However, I’ll overcome it and Luo Pin is undoubtedly really outstanding."

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor said duly, "That’s the right attitude. If you could become her dao companion, it would be a great story to tell. You have to fight for your own future."

After which, he said to Sky Will, "Advise him from the side. If there’s any difficulty, feel free to let me know. Pay attention to the actions of Sky Shadow and Sky Charior. Don’t let them foil my plan."

Sky Will Dragon King was well aware. Although his younger brother and sister had suffered a huge loss, he had gained substantially from this invident. A great opportunity was presented directly to him. Now that he was on the same side as Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, he naturally was willing and agreed immediately.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor continued explaining some details to Wu Yu. As Wu Yu realized Sky Heart Dragon Emperor didn’t recognize him, he was more at ease and were became more into the character of Tian Que Dragon King. Even if he appeared to be a little delighted, it wasn’t a give away. This was because Tian Que Dragon King wasn’t a saint. How could anyone who was presented with such a great deal not be exhilarated?

After explaining everything, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor finally left with Empyrean Revered Dragon. However, Wu Yu believed they would likely be observing in the dark frequently. Therefore, he understood he couldn’t let his guard down even if he had ten thousand years in the Dragon Isolation Tower.

As for Luo Pin, she’s a smart girl too. When the time came, Wu Yu just needed to give her a gentle reminder and she would know what to do.

Only Wu Yu was left with Sky Will Dragon King.

He was more at ease when facing Sky Will Dragon King.

Sky Will Dragon King said solemnly, "You don’t have to worry about your uncle and aunt. For you, this is a great opportunity. Even though she caused the deaths of your brothers and sister, you have to see her as your darling and forget about the past. In other words, even if it means to offend Sky Shadow and Sky Chariot, you have to be on the same side as her. Do you understand?"

Wu Yu nodded in a hurry and answered, "I understand. I know grandfather is serious about it and I’m aware of what I should be doing. Although this is a challenge, I have lots of time ahead. Moreover, for the upcoming ten thousand years, she wouldn’t leave the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. I will have plenty of opportunities."

"Be mindful of getting too anxious, do you understand?"

"Yes, I do."

Sky Will Dragon King was still a little uncomfortable. He kept Wu Yu behind and reminded him constantly, in fear of Wu Yu foiling the plan. He wanted to ensure Wu Yu understood clearly that he should be treating Luo Pin like a treasure.

The truth was Wu Yu was grinning from the inside out. There were lots of difficult things in the world but wooing Luo Pin couldn’t get any easier. They had been loving for so long and just had to put up a good show, go with the flow and act out the changes over time. After that, they could be together successfully. They could remain in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, waiting for the episode of Chifeng Immortal Lord to pass, improving together and lived an open loving life.

The only shame was Wu Yu couldn’t use his real name to marry her.

This was his goal. Now, he promised himself to accomplish it eventually so he could let Luo Pin marry the real Wu Yu both in name and substance instead of Tian Que Dragon King.

They were forced into a predicament when he was recognized as Chifeng Immortal Lord and eventually killing Tian Que Dragon King and others. Who would have thought the situation to develop as such. Their luck was off the charts. Now that he could be with Luo Pin openly without worries, Wu Yu was satisfied and wouldn’t wish for more. He was just thinking of marrying her again with his true identity one day.

His luck was great now and he’s absolutely satisfied.

Luo Pin still didn’t know about the situation. However, if she did, she would definitely be overjoyed.

What they didn’t know was once Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and others learned that Tian Que Dragon King had died and it was Wu Yu standing before them, what would be their exasperated expressions?

He could transform into anyone without anyone noticing. This was an ability that could startle the universe and move the gods.

Sky Will Dragon King still wasn’t at ease as he continued with his reminders. He even taught Wu Yu on how to win over a girl’s heart. After a long time, he eventually brought Wu Yu to the Dragon Isolation Tower.

They had prepared to place Luo Pin and him into the same Dragon Isolation Room so they could be together day and night in the cramped space for ten thousand years. For now, they just had to send Wu Yu in.

When the time arrived, others would be sending Luo Pin in.

Along the way, Sky Will Dragon King didn’t stop with his reminders.

Wu Yu realized this incident had started to spread. Along the way, he could see groups of two to three mystical dragons discussing about the death of Wu Yu, Tian Jian Dragon Lord and others and also the punishment for Tian Que Dragon King and Luo Pin.

They couldn’t understand why Luo Pin was spared and was just punished with isolation of ten thousand years. The final conclusion was that Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was righteous in going with the books and deserved utmost respect for it.

An incident like this could spread through the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm almost instantly. Obviously, the impact to Sky Heart tribe was greater. After all, dragon emperors of other tribes had way more grandchildren. A few of them dying or severely injured wouldn’t kick up a great fuss.

Tian Jian Dragon Lord and others vanished silently forever.

Every tribe had its own Dragon Isolation Tower. Wu Yu was heading towards the Dragon Isolation Tower of the Sky Heart tribe. Everything was the arrangement of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

That was a black ancient pagoda hidden within the abyss. Wu Yu couldn’t tell the number of immortal designs it had. It was dull, ancient and completely sealed off. Any mystical dragon who had erred would be on their best behavior when they were here. Facing the endless darkness, the only way to alleviate the loneliness was cultivation. Otherwise, one wouldn’t be able to last over such a long period.

Sky Will Dragon King arrived at the place and gave his instructions. He chose a Dragon Isolation Room at the lowest level which was frighteningly quiet. No one would possibly disturb them and the surroundings were sealed with walls. Once the door was closed, it would be complete darkness.

"For the next ten thousand years, work hard!" Sky Will Dragon King gave his last reminder.

Wu Yu nodded his head and could only hope he would leave as soon as possible.

Finally, Sky Will Dragon King left the place. Wu Yu was alone in the creepy and dark Dragon Isolation Room.

"This is great. You could now procreate frenziedly with the little female dragon in this place," Ming Long spoke suddenly.

"This wouldn’t do. Others would be here to monitor from time to time," answered Wu Yu as he rolled his eyes.

"So you have thought about frenziedly procreating!"


"Put up a good show for now! Damn! Considering the predicament you are in and yet nothing was going to happen to both of you. Moreover, you are now placed in such a safe place. Those like the Mighty Miracle God would have no chance of finding you. I’m really impressed with your luck. Now you could even openly procreate in this place!"

"It’s about my intelligence, not luck!"

After getting through this catastrophe, he aptly changed his identity and severed the ties between Luo Pin and Wu Yu. In the future, Wu Yu would just be a dead man.

Nonetheless, that was his true identity and he wasn’t Tian Que Dragon King. Even though his current identity was great, he was determined to be himself one day. Amidst the darkness and deathly silence, his glowing eyes was the exemplification of his desire of his true identity. Now, he was enduring the humiliation and shame for Luo Pin and himself.

At least for now, he wouldn’t have to hide to avoid the catastrophe upon Chifeng Immortal Lord. After ten thousand years, he would be able to move freely within the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

The truth was Wu You and the rest were still in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Ten thousand years of isolation multiplied by the hundred times of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. They had insane amount of time and would probably even reach the Immortal Lord Realm then. Wu Yu thought of reducing the time flow so they wouldn’t be in the Floating Dreams Pagoda for a full million year.

"Although I’ve been living for more than ten thousand years, the majority of the time was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Ten thousand years in the outside world is too long. Fortunately, I’ve been to the Great Ancient Ink Realmm, brought my sister along and helped them to achieved immortalhood. Otherwise, they would have become dried bones in ten thousand years if they failed to become immortals."

Once the ten thousand years had passed, no one would even know if Dong Yue Wu Kingdom would still be around.

He was waiting for his girl in the complete darkness.

Several days later, the door to the Dragon Isolation Room opened and Luo Pin walked in, looking lost.

The show begins!

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