Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0528: Pagoda Tempes

Chapter 0528: Pagoda Tempes

As an existence with the most elite bloodline of the bug race of the demons, the Demon Wind Locust indeed had the strength to totally disregard Wu Yu.

Although Wu Yu's reputation was resounding, he had not displayed his true strength before the eyes of the public.

In terms of his true cultivation realm, he was just a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator......

In terms of Violet Kingdom primordial energy, he was far a match the Demon Wind Locust, who was at the eighth tier of Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. In fact, he was a far cry even when he was compared with the various sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea geniuses.

If one was to overvalue his strength further, that would be beyond the limits of their knowledge. Nonetheless, they knew that no one had ever been able to go against a eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator when he was just a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator throughout history.


At this moment, after the haughty Demon Wind Locust snorted, he transformed from his human form directly. At a speed visible to the naked eyes, he had turned into a huge, dullish yellow locust with yellow gases circling him.

Wu Yu had obviously seen a locust previously. However, this was still the first time he saw such a huge locust. Therefore, he was still a little shock. It wasn't just him. Countless elite divine continent martial cultivators couldn't help but gasp at this moment.

That blood red compound eye looked just like countless eyes stacked together. After his claws and teeth enlarged, they were as razor-sharp as an immortal treasure. Tough scales covered the majority of his body, making him impervious to knives and spears!

Yellow gases that shrouded the sky were released constantly and swept towards the surrounding. A pungent odour that induced drowsiness were circling on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground. Large amount of filth was carried by the wind. The shrill cries of the Demon Wind Locust were so sharp that one could feel their ear drums aching terribly.

Moreover, this was just the beginning. At this moment, the large stomach of the Demon Wind Locust rumbled. Suddenly, large amount of matter were shot out from its tail incessantly. Clearly, this was the Demon Wind Locust executing his natural Mystique.

The natural Mystique of a demon were greatly affected by the demon's bloodline. It was clear that this natural Mystique was something that only the Demon Wind Locust was capable of.

The large amount of black matter that was shot out changed drastically upon contact with the air. In a blink of an eye, they transformed into new Demon Wind Locusts that were entirely identical to the main body. It was just that they weren't as huge as the main body. However, their numbers were great and all of them looked savage and tough!

In a blink of an eye, more than a thousand Demon Wind Locust were before Wu Yu. They flapped their wings and made sharp shrill cries. They were densely packed together and that particular odour were truly nauseating.

The surrounding cultivators started frowning. They couldn't help but throw gazes of pity at Wu Yu as he was selected as the opponent for the Demon Wind Locust. It's a terrifying matter. Not only was the other party strong, but he was also disgusting!

"Whatever. I'll send you to the afterlife with just this demon technique."

The Demon Wind Locust snorted and extended his body. As his body moved, over a thousand other Demon Wind Locusts flew towards him. In a blink of an eye, those dullish yellow Demon Wind Locusts had formed a tornado-like storm around him.

As for the main body, he had also assimilated into the storm and become part of it.

This was the demon technique of the Demon Wind Locus, Pagoda Tempest. Clearly, he had used it frequently. Otherwise, the intel from Yan Huang Imperial City wouldn't have such detailed illustration on this powerful demon technique.

Before the eyes of Wu Yu, the storm that was formed was just like hell. That storm swept across violently without any order. It resembled Jiu Ying's capability a little and was filled with catastrophic powers. Wherever it reached, the flora would lose their lives and wither instantly. Even the rocks and earth were drying up and turning black as though they were blazed in fire.

This was the storm created by the collective swarm of Demon Wind Locust and indeed resembled what a storm in hell would be like. Dominance was exerted while sweeping. If this was released outside, the mountains, rivers, land, mortal kingdoms and even ordinary sects along its way would be sucked in and vanished instantly. Just like the land where locust had passed, not a single grass would be spared.

Giving a hellish storm like this the name of a sacred object like a pagoda was indeed shameless.

Nonetheless, once the demon technique was released, even the sword immortals of Shushan couldn't help but frown. That Mizar Sword Immortal commented softly, "Wei'er, it would be hard for Wu Yu to make it past this round. It might not be very likely for you to defeat him openly and start anew."

Nangong Wei pondered for a short while before answering, "If he couldn't make it past this round and I'm able to move further ahead, it would be clear who is stronger between the two of us. I wouldn't have to fight him personally to eventually prove that I'll leave him in the dust."

Mizar Sword Immortal smiled contentedly, nodded his head and said, "I'm really glad that you could think like this......"

At this point, the Pagoda Tempest were getting larger and larger. In absolute dominating manner, it approached Wu Yu. Comparing with the dominating storm formed from countless Demon Wind Locust, the current Wu Yu appeared to be exceptionally insignificant.

"Wu Yu, where are your doppelgangers? Are they so afraid that they are hiding?" The mocking cries of Demon Wind Locust reverberated throughout the heaven and earth.

He had heard about how incredible were Wu Yu's doppelgangers and he happened to specialize in this aspect. It's only natural for him to possess a strong desire of proving he was better.

To his surprise, before the catastrophic storm, Wu Yu remained unmoved. From the very beginning till the end, Wu Yu didn't show a tinge of fear. His eyes were bright and at this moment, he moved suddenly.

He was just like the roar of thunder that shocked the world. All he could hear from him was a chuckle, saying, "You? You aren't qualified to force me into using my doppelgangers."

The arrogant claims instantly astounded the entire crowd.

Wu Yu wouldn't disappoint them.

Just as the storm approached and before the eyes of the crowd, Wu Yu flipped his arm suddenly. At that instant, a huge blue column appeared in his hand. At the same time, a domineering dragon roar erupted, giving the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and Zhu Huang a scare.

The crowd could also feel a terrifying and stifling vibes from Wu Yu's hand. When they squint their eyes and focused, they saw a huge blue column with mystical dragon engravings around it. Each scale of that blue mystical dragon was a spirit design. Clearly, there were over a hundred thousand spirit designs on it.

The majority of the crowd were people with distinguished backgrounds and were highly knowledgeable. They clearly could tell from a single glance that the column was none other than the Godly Sea Steadying Needle that had stabilized the Emperor Yan's Hall for countless years.

The moment it was recognized, numerous people exclaimed. They knew that Wu Yu took away the Godly Sea Steadying Needle before destroying the Emperor Yan's Hall.

However, to their greatest surprise, Wu Yu was able control a dao treasure without possessing any legacy!

At this moment, Wu Yu manipulated the Godly Sea Steadying Needle easily. Clearly, he had formed a blood bond with the dao treasure.

dao treasures were different from ordinary immortal treasures. Previously, Nangong Wei had torched Jiu Ying by relying on her dao treasure. Now, Wu Yu summoned the Godly Sea Steadying Needle suddenly.

As though appearing from thin air, he seemed to be doing nothing at this moment. He held the Godly Sea Steadying Needle with both hands and lifted it up high. Right before him, the dullish yellow and devastating storm was about to hit him. It felt as though the entire world was smashing down on him. However, at this juncture, Wu Yu swung his Godly Sea Steadying Needle downwards.

He wasn't just using his Invincible Vajra Body at this moment. He was also releasing his Violet Kingdom primordial energy within his body to trigger the spirit design on the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

This was the first time the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean showed its might. Instantly, its eyes lit up and the might of the main spiritual design was fully released. At the same time, the spirit design with similar effects as the Fixed Body Art were triggered too. More importantly was the Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design on it!

This was the only destructive killing spirit design on the dao treasure. When it was triggered by Wu Yu, the sky seemed to have collapsed, the earth seemed to have cracked and the seas rumbled. A huge beast had descended on this world. The mystical dragon was holy like an immortal. Before it, the Demon Wind Locust was just a filthy and insignificant pest. At that instant, the outcome was easy to tell!

As the column fell, that Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design incited shockwaves. Invisible giant waves with great force formed from the extreme condensing of flames gradually transformed into a blue mystical dragon with fluid-like flames. It sprung out with might and within a short time, smashed into the centre of the Pagoda Tempest with an angry roar.

The thousand over clones of the Demon Wind Locust were all circling intensely and at high speed.

Every single one was a weapon.

Moreover, at this very moment, he had shrunk his main body to the shape of his clones. Wu Yu wouldn't be able to break the Pagoda Tempest of the Demon Wind Locust. At the very least, other people wouldn't be able to do so.

This was because with so many clones as covers, these clones had similar effects as the doppelgangers of Wu Yu. Others would find it hard to differentiate which one of them was the main body of the Demon Wind Locust. Only by hitting the main body would one be able to break the Pagoda Tempest!

However, how could this be masked from Wu Yu.

He had made a smile a long time ago.

Before his eyes of fire and gold, the location of the main body of the Demon Wind Locust was exceptionally clear to him. Even if he had used countless clones to hide himself, he wouldn't be able to escape from Wu Yu!

At this moment, everything that happened was quick and violent.

At that split second, Wu Yu hurled his column over. The might of a dao treasure was released completely. A flaming mystical dragon ripped apart the Pagoda Tempest directly!

"No!" Just as the attack was ripped, everyone could hear a blood-curdling cry from the Demon Wind Locust. In a split second, the entire Pagoda Tempest collapsed directly. The clones of the Demon Wind Locust seemed to have lost control as they stood blankly on the spot. As for the main body, blood splattered as he fell onto the ground. He was drenched in blood and on the brink of death.

Having been incinerated by the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, he was completely charred. It was clear that such grave injuries wouldn't just eliminate him from the battle. Also, he would take a long period of time to recuperate and wouldn't be able to cause havoc in the meantime.

With things developing, those clones that weren't under his control starting breaking apart and collapsed into ashes.

Below the sky, only Wu Yu remained standing in the air. He was casual as he kept away his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. He was indeed composed. What he had just showed was a simple display of his current strength. After defeating his opponent easily, he said to Taixu Sage Master, "I believe the outcome of this battle is clear by now!"

He had defeated the demon.

Having won his first battle, almost everyone else was shocked by him. However, Wu Yu didn't find it to be miraculous. After all, it was just the rest underestimating him. After the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, the changes he had experienced were extremely huge.

Yan Huang Imperial City. Wu Yu wins!" Taixu Sage Master looked at him with approval and eventually broke into a smile.

The Imperial General also smiled.

Luckily, Wu Yu was around. Otherwise, Yan Huang Imperial City would have been embarrassed thoroughly. After all, they were the number one force. In no way would they accept their three representatives losing in the first round......

Obviously, the upcoming intense battles would be where the real danger lurked!

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