Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0527: Demon Wind Locus

Chapter 0527: Demon Wind Locus

Wu Yu took a look at Jiu Ying's condition first. Taixu Sage Master probably had timed it well. Therefore, when Jiu Ying got out, he no longer had the strength to continue the battle. However, his injuries weren't too serious either.

Looking at Jiu Ying, only his scales were torched shattered.

If the battle had lasted for a little longer and once the scales broke, the flesh below would have been easily scorched and reduced to dust and Jiu Ying might have kicked the bucket.

Even so, Jiu Ying still looked to be in a tragic state. He probably required a period of rest and Ying Huang pulled him back immediately. Seeing his son got injured, Ying Huang looked harshly at him and remarked, "You are really trash!"

The truth was he didn't really mean it. He had a great understanding of Jiu Ying's strength and his performance was in fact commendable.

"I'm sorry to have embarrassed you." Jiu Ying was equally stubborn.

"Get back and wait." Ying Huang instructed him to move within the black clouds. This was also to allow him time to recuperate. Jiu Ying didn't speak another word as he moved in. However, when he went passed Zhu Huang and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, Zhu Huang was wearing a smile and that Blood Dragon of Mount Wu smirked and commented, "If I was you, I would want to find a hole and hide myself right now. Haha! You can't even deal with a female sword cultivator."

He was doing so to insult Jiu Ying and therefore spoke loudly. Lots of demons could hear him and incited laughter among the demons that were under Zhu Huang.

However, Jiu Ying was cold and composed as he replied, "Don't get too full of yourself so quickly. If you can't get number one in the end, you won't even have the rights to make fun of me. Moreover, you have cultivated for twenty more years than me. When I am your age, I wouldn't be just at your level. To put it simply, if you want to be arrogant before me, you better wait till you make it all the way to the end. Otherwise, whatever you said will just be from a petty man intoxicated by success and you will just be embarrassing yourself."

Harsh words were exchanged and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu couldn't find the words to retort. All the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu could come out with was, "In that case, just wait and see. When I make it to the very end, do you have the guts to slap yourself a hundred times and then tell everyone that you are just trash?"

Both of them had always been confrontational. After all, Zhu Huang and Ying Huang were the same.

Hearing his provocations, Jiu Ying broke into laughter and said, "Who's scared of you! However, if you can't make it to the very end, you have to slap yourself a hundred times and tell everyone that you are trash! Do you have the guts to do so?"

Both of them taunted each other. Although Jiu Ying had lost in battle, he wouldn't be willing to back down in this aspect at this juncture. Considering the situation, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu could only snort and agreed to it.

The contest between the descendants of the two demon kings also filled countless demon races with anticipation. Following this, everyone's attention would be on the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Obviously, the demons were still confident that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu would emerge victoriously.

On the other end, Nangong Wei returned to the huge sword of Shushan Immortal Sect while being immersed in the envious and respectful gazes of the divine continent martial cultivators. Her performance today had exceeded numerous Sword Sages of Shushan. With the monumental level of strength she had displayed, the majority of the Heaven sword rank disciples of Shushan could only look up to her. Moreover, Nangong Wei was still so young. This would show that her future was limitless.

Previously, the people might have placed Ji Lingshuang above Nangong Wei. However, after viewing this battle, even if Ji Lingshuang had a dao treasure, she wouldn't be a match for Nangong Wei. It was especially so in the aspect of bloodlines. As for that Gusu Yudie, she was even further and couldn't be compared with Nangong Wei at all.

Suddenly, she had become the absolute leader among the girls of the younger generation in the divine continent. Regardless if it was Ji Lingshuang, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas or Gusu Yudie, she had completely outshone them.

With respect to her performance this time, everyone was greatly shocked and astonished.

While they were in awe, lots of people turned to Wu Yu. Moreover, many of them believed that her chance encounter would definitely have something to do with Wu Yu. The love and hatred between a man and a woman could indeed induce unimaginable metamorphosis. The current Nangong Wei was a perfect example.

However, while they were in awe, at least Taixu Sage Master wasn't wasting any time and quickly announced the continuation of the battles. For the following few battles, they were largely between cultivators of the divine continent. Representatives of various sect expended all efforts and put their lives on the line in battle so as to bring greater glory to their sects. Therefore, the battles were exceptionally intense. In terms of visual impact, the phoenix crushing Jiu Ying was undoubtedly the most grand!

As time passed, with the exception of Wu Yu, young experts who garnered the attention of the crowd had basically appeared and fought.

Ji Lingshuang and Gusu Yudie had both defeated their opponents. They were truly incredible. Although they weren't as impressive as Nangong Wei, the opponents they had defeated were all opponents with forty over years of cultivation experience. With their current gifts, they were incredible to be able to defeat eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. These two girls were in fact biological sisters and were competing with each other. In the history of the divine continent, there were scarcely any biological sisters like them.

Towards the end, only roughly six people were left. Wu Yu thought that it would be his turn soon and thus started making his preparations. Indeed, just as he had expected, he was in the third last match. Taixu Sage Master had called out his name.

Among the remaining five people, one didn't belong to any sect and was allowed into the trial as an exception. One was a eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator from Tianyi Race, one was from Shangyuan Dao Sect and one was the only representative of a sect called Five Elemental Immortal Sect. The last one remaining was the representative from the demon race. Any one from the five might be Wu Yu's opponent. What remained would be fate.

After some time, that mortal child took out another small ball. Taixu Sage Master took over the ball, looked at it and seemed to look forward to the upcoming battle. From his eyes, Wu Yu could roughly guess who would be his opponent. Just as he expected, Taixu Sage Master announced, "Demon race. Demon Wind Locust."

Other than Jiu Ying and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, the third representative of the demon race.

This demon was indeed a genius to reach his current realm and strength before the age of forty. He had the most powerful bloodline after Jiu Ying and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu amongst all the demons. Moreover, he was the only Demon Wind Locust in the entire Endless Demon Seas and was a Wind Locust that had a great encounter where he mutated and broke through his limits. Over recent years, he was rather famous within the Endless Demon Seas. Within the Endless Demon Seas, there were few demons that had evolved from bugs and the Demon Wind Locust was one that stood at the peak.

The Demon Wind Locust was recruited by Zhu Huang. Although he wasn't in the same standing as the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu who was taken in as a foster son, he still enjoyed a high status under Zhu Huang and was under no one else other than the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. In terms of strength, he could go against the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and at the very least was stronger than Jiu Ying.

This was also Wu Yu's first time seeing a bug-species demon.

If he could emerge from numerous demons and become one of the three representatives without the backing that Jiu Ying had, his strength would have definitely been recognized by Ying Huang. Therefore, Wu Yu couldn't just look down on him.

For him to encounter such a strong opponent in the first battle, Yan Huang Imperial City and the other divine continent martial cultivators were all worried for Wu Yu. One should note that Shen Qiuyan was defeated by a demon rapidly and in a tragic way.

To add fuel to the fire, Murong Xu was also defeated. He lost to a representative of a second-rate sect. His opponent was also much older than him.

At this moment, only Wu Yu was left standing for the task of obtaining the position of first for the Yan Huang Imperial City. If Wu Yu was to lose, their three representatives would have lost in the first round. If the news got out, it would indeed be a blight on their reputation. Yan Huang Imperial City would likely become the laughing stock. Everyone would only feel that the future Yan Huang Imperial City would likely not be as strong after this generation took over.

After all, the future world was in the hands of the younger generation.

And the future of the younger generation could be seen from the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial.

Amid the numerous worried gazes, Wu Yu descended on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground indifferently. At this moment, only the Imperial General appeared composed and nonchalant. He knew what Wu Yu was capable of and therefore wasn't worried at all.

"Who would have thought that Wei'er and him would both encounter demons." On the end of Shushan Immortal Sect, Ursae Sword Immortal shook his head and made a forced smile.

"I guess you could call it fate? However, it's doomed fate in my perspective." Megrez Sword Immortal commented.

"Let's stop here." Nangong Wei wasn't pleased with what she heard.

However, her eyes were still fixed on the battle ground. She saw the Demon Wind Locust charged into the battle ground amidst the raucous cheers of the demon cohort. Perhaps she really wanted to know if the current her had overtaken Wu Yu.

Her greatest wish for coming here this time was to fight Wu Yu in battle.

The sword immortals knew about her wish. Therefore, they also hoped that Wu Yu could continue further into the trial.

"From the first opponent of his, things aren't certain. The Demon Wind Locust isn't Jiu Ying. Among the three representatives, he had the longest cultivation time. Moreover, he belongs to the creepy bug race," Alkaid Sword Immortal said.

Clearly, when the Demon Wind Locust landed before Wu Yu, most of the people were worried about Wu Yu. The Demon Wind Locust before Wu Yu was still in his human form currently. He had a slender body, a pair of dullish yellow eyes and his long fluttering hair were the same shade as withering leaves. Throughout his body, he had markings that were unique to bugs. Overall, just like a humanoid bug.

It wasn't easy at all for a small bug to become a demon.

The Demon Wind Locust was exceptionally creepy. While standing before Wu Yu, his body swayed as though he was weightless. He had a extremely sharp voice resembling things scratching. He said, "I'm really lucky. Who would have thought that I would encounter the most famous person on the divine continent. If I am to defeat you, wouldn't I become even more famous than you? Wouldn't the divine continent martial cultivators be even more afraid of me just from hearing my name?"

Wu Yu was waiting for this moment since a long time ago. He was composed and the atmosphere of battle started spreading. He said, "When I crush you like the insect you are, you won't be so haughty anymore."

"Aiya~ You are pretty ruthless! Rumors have it that you are the friend of Jiu Ying from the human race? How could the demon race become friends with you guys? Jiu Ying is truly atrocious. However, it would be great to see him go mad after I let you taste something bitter. I'm sure you aren't aware how unbelievable are the means of the demon bug race!" Demon Wind Locust said in his sharp voice.

"I'll know once I give it a try." As he finished his words, Wu Yu was already charging towards the Demon Wind Locust.

That Demon Wind Locust smirked cockily and said, "I heard that your doppelgangers are pretty strong. I'll sure like to see today! As compared to me, what kind of trash your doppelgangers are?"

It would appear that the bug race was capable of generating clones.

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