Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0526: World Obliterating Furnace

Chapter 0526: World Obliterating Furnace

Jiu Ying activated his mystique Gates of Hell. As the nine heads pieced together a passageway from the Nine Hells, a gateway opened, and the Lethe appeared. The waters of the Lethe roared through!

The murky waters were potent with sinister qi that sprayed out from it. It clashed against the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress!

Tch! Tch!

Thick smoke rose!

The Lethe waters and the nine-tiered mystical fire were opposing objects. When they clashed, only one would survive!

At this time, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress shuddered. It seemed like there was a huge, dull-yellow beast inside that was about to shred the whole thing apart!

Ordinary people could not see it, but Wu Yu used the Eyes of Fire and Gold's Abyss skill. He could see that the hellish waters of the Lethe were holding back Nangong Wei's nine-tiered mystical fire. The murky yellow water extinguished the flames, swallowing the nine-tiered mystical fire at incredible speed. Within a short amount of time, the waters of the Lethe gushed out from the gate and completely engulfed the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress!

From the outside, it looked like the nine-tiered mystical fire was still burning, but it was already completely hollow on the inside. Right now, all was a murky yellow, and Nangong Wei, wielding her nine-tiered mystical fire, was already completely surrounded by the Lethe's waters. She looked to be in danger.

Before, it had been Nangong Wei suppressing Jiu Ying, but he had used his natural mystique to win back the round, posing the challenge back to Nangong Wei.

Jiu Ying took the upper hand, and the demons were immediately roused, smelling the hope of a victory. On top of the black cloud, a ruckus erupted as thousands of demons roared, howled, and screeched, causing the humans to feel uneasy.

However, at this moment, Nangong Wei had another new transformation!

From within the river of Lethe, Nangong Wei flourished a wing. A sea of fire curled out like a sharp sword, piercing through the waters of the Lethe. She was completely unharmed!

She was originally a sword cultivator. Even if she had morphed into a phoenix immortal beast, she was still as sharp as a sword!

After Jiu Ying broke through the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress, she immediately gave it up. The Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress vanished without a trace, but by then, she was already above Jiu Ying. The superior coolness in the phoenix's eyes showed that Jiu Ying's mystique had not intimidated her at all.

Conversely, it made her even more stubborn!

Just as the demons were cheering and dancing, and the martial cultivators were desperate for a win, Nangong Wei rushed out. She focused, and her nine-colored flames shrouded her. She attacked again!

This time, she pulled out an immortal treasure as a phoenix. Wu Yu thought that she only had the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix Sword, a supreme immortal treasure. But he had not expected her to have a dao treasure!

At their current level, those that mastered dao treasures were basically all legacies. For example, Beishan Mo's Green Depths Sword Emperor legacy. Murong Xu had also only mastered the Mixed Thunder Daosword because of his legacy.

Therefore, Wu Yu was very special.

Which was why when Nangong Wei had also bonded a dao treasure, it meant that her Radiant Phoenix Sword Emperor had a dao treasure as well! Except she had not mastered it and had not used it before.

When she had just received the Radiant Phoenix Sword Emperor, she was on very good terms with Wu Yu. However, she had not told him about such an important thing.

And in her current circumstances, having a dao treasure would certainly increase her abilities to the next level!

Wu Yu saw it in an instant. The dao treasure being controlled by the phoenix was a three-legged cauldron, similar to Wu Yu's own medicinal furnace. But in terms of function, they were heaven and hell apart.

The cauldron was brimmed with scorching fire, and the temperature was terrifying to behold. There were tens of thousands of spirit designs on it, and it held both marvelous abilities and deadly power.

Wu Yu could hear the Imperial General exclaim, "That immortal treasure must be the World Obliterating Furnace. I recall that the legends hail it as the dao treasure of the Radiant Phoenix Sword Emperor. It has not appeared in this world for many years."

It was as Wu Yu had guessed.

World Obliterating Furnace.

From the name alone, this dao treasure was indeed astonishing!

Jiu Ying's father, Ying Huang, must have prepared a good dao treasure for him. A pity that Jiu Ying could not master dao treasures now. In this aspect, he was below Nangong Wei.

When the World Obliterating Furnace debuted, Nangong Wei gave Jiu Ying no time or opportunity to react. She immediately triggered the spirit designs and attacked!

A Shushan sword cultivator using a dao treasure that was not a sword was a rare sight!

Nangong Wei wielded the World Obliterating Furnace. With a shrill cry, the World Obliterating Furnace suddenly started to spin. The cauldron's mouth tipped downwards, and it suddenly expanded to gigantic proportions. It grew at a speed that the naked eye could not register, covering the sky in an instant!

To Jiu Ying, the sky was now a sea of fire. The entire Upper Immortal Battle Ground was covered.

That sea of fire was actually the flames from the World Obliterating Furnace.

Jiu Ying had just sensed the imminent danger.

He immediately dropped the Gates of Hell, unfurled his wings, and took off at his greatest speed!

"Trying to escape? Not so easy! There’s no loss if the likes of you demons die!"

Nangong Wei screamed her fury. Following her cry, the World Obliterating Furnace crashed down from above. The torrential firestorm descended with fury!


A blanket of fire from the skies.

Everyone tensed up at this point. No one knew if this dao treasure of Nangong Wei could eclipse Jiu Ying, or if he would escape from danger.

The result was clear in an instant!

As the World Obliterating Furnace fell, it continued to expand. Wu Yu had never seen a dao treasure grow this big!

Jiu Ying could not avoid it in time. Before he could rush out of the perimeter, he was covered by the World Obliterating Furnace and caught within.


The World Obliterating Furnace crashed onto the ground, and the entire earth shook. This was the first time in many years that the ground of the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain had shaken so violently.

Although the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was recognized as much stronger, there had not been this much of a force in his battle.

They watched as the World Obliterating Furnace covered Jiu Ying. After which, the cauldron began to shrink, and Nangong Wei descended from the sky to stand within the three upended legs. She poured her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into the World Obliterating Furnace, triggering the spirit designs afresh. Evidently, Jiu Ying was being barraged by Nangong Wei's assault within the World Obliterating Furnace!

Wu Yu's eyes could not pierce this dao treasure, but he knew that Jiu Ying had already reached his limit. This World Obliterating Furnace was truly terrifying. Being trapped within Nangong Wei's control in an enclosure - if Nangong Wei truly wanted to kill him, things did not look good for Jiu Ying.

The problem was, Nangong Wei had said that his death was no loss. Evidently, she was prepared to kill Jiu Ying here.

Or perhaps it was the emotional baggage of her mother's vengeance!

This was connected to Wu Yu; after all, by doing this, she could prove to Wu Yu that she did not need him, and that she could do it on her own. And from Nangong Wei's bearing, Wu Yu knew she would think this way as well.

She was even more intense and wild than Wu Yu had imagined.

Perhaps after the pressure from the Ghostly Emperor, she had let down her barriers against Wu Yu. And then, at that instant, Luo Pin had appeared. That must have been a real sting to her.

At least at this time, as she was utilizing the World Obliterating Furnace's spirit designs to roast Jiu Ying, she was staring at Wu Yu, while showing her strength to him.

The World Obliterating Furnace shook and shuddered, but Nangong Wei stood staunchly on it, not letting Jiu Ying out.

Even as they dreaded her power, this scene caused the martial cultivators to cheer for Nangong Wei!

"Nangong Wei's arrival is too timely. This is a harsh slap to the demons!"

"Especially since she's taken revenge for our Shen Qiuyan."

"To have such a transformation, this girl's future is truly infinite. Who knows, there might not be anyone present who can compete with her. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu has simply cultivated for a dozen more years. That sort of advantage vanishes sooner or later."

"Shushan is too fortunate. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu might be impressive today, but now an even more astounding Nangong Wei has emerged. With such a daughter, the Mizar Sword Immortal must wake up smiling every time he dreams about her."

At the same time, people were shocked, debating, "I think Jiu Ying doesn't have much fight left in him. If this continues, he'll die!"

"What are you fussing about? Ying Huang isn't even panicking yet."

"We must have the courage to kill demons and show these demons the might of us martial cultivators. See how they bluster then!"

Right now, Wu Yu had seen it as well. Nangong Wei was well-versed in this dao treasure, and she was repressing Jiu Ying. Within the World Obliterating Furnace, Jiu Ying was surrounded by tens of thousands of spirit designs, completely trapped. If this continued, his death was only a matter of time.

Nangong Wei was merciless. This was her finest, most blazing moment in history. She had dreamed of such a day.

Wu Yu could not help but look at Ying Huang. Evidently, Ying Huang was not content to see Jiu Ying lose in battle. He would lose face, which was why he dallied to save him. But he would not just watch on.

From the side, Zhu Huang laughed, saying, "Ying Huang, if you just keep watching, your precious son will be no more."

Ying Huang obviously favored Jiu Ying, or he would not have assigned Ba She to protect him.

"Hmph!" Ying Huang had not expected Jiu Ying to meet the surprising Nangong Wei in this first battle. He had been beaten. Just as he was about to intervene, the Taixu Sage Master announced, "The battle is over. The victor is the Shushan Immortal Sect's Nangong Wei. Congratulate her!"

Saying so, he twisted his hand, causing the World Obliterating Furnace to tilt upwards. He left a seam for Jiu Ying to burrow out, narrowly escaping with his life.

The Taixu Sage Master was the host. According to the rules, only he could intervene in order to stop a death.

This battle was over. Everyone had seen Jiu Ying's wretched state, and could not help watching Nangong Wei mouth agape.

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