Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0525: Phoenix Against Jiu Ying

Chapter 0525: Phoenix Against Jiu Ying

Nangong Wei's transformation truly shocked the entire crowd.

At this moment, everyone could see with their own eyes that from within the flames of nine colors, a giant beast emerged. This wasn't an illusory image - it really existed and was a living creature with flesh and blood.

Nangong Wei's transformation was similar to that of a demon transforming from its human form to its beast form.

It was also a little like Wu Yu's Immortal Ape Transformation, or rather, Luo Pin showing her true dragon form.

However, Nangong Wei wasn't a demon. Therefore, her transformation was an absolute shock for all the experts of the divine continent.

Wu Yu couldn't fully understand how she could transform into a real phoenix.

That's right! The giant bird that was immersed in the flames of nine colors was indeed a phoenix.

Despite the dazzling, nine-colored flames shrouding her, everyone could still see her phoenix body clearly!

As recorded in the ancient text, the phoenix resembled many other animals. It had the beak of a rooster, face of a swallow, forehead of a fowl, neck of a snake, breast of a goose, back of a tortoise, hindquarters of a stag, and a tail of a fish. It was a mythical beast that reigned over all birds and symbolized high virtue and grace.

She was a symbol of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, faith, and wisdom! Her entire being was glowing, stomach, back, feathers, and wings, all as though they were spirit designs.

The phoenix was an absolute immortal beast. Since a long time ago, it held an extraordinary status that wasn't inferior to any mystical dragon in the hearts of mortals.

The mortals often saw the dragon and phoenix as auspicious beasts and the son and daughter of the heavens. Some mortal kingdoms would even engrave images of mystical dragons on totems.

Similarly, some would use the phoenix instead.

It wasn't just in terms of status. A phoenix wouldn't be any inferior to a mystical dragon in terms of strength, righteousness, and immortal qi.

The phoenix race had always existed in the Jambu Realm. Although they weren't like the mystical dragons who occupied the sea regions and had huge influence, they had not suffered a huge blow from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Compared to the mystical dragons, phoenixes were largely living in secluded areas. They wouldn't get involved in conflicts and were more imaginary to the rest.

However, the huge bird before the eyes of the crowd was no different from a phoenix as recorded in the legends.

In other words, that was a real phoenix!

An immortal beast.

Ming Long was intrigued too. Therefore, she showed herself at this moment and said, "That little pimp is doing pretty well. Who would have expected her to fully awaken the immortal beast phoenix's bloodline in her body and achieve atavism? This is truly a rare occurrence. Her ancestry had the bloodline of a phoenix, probably because a phoenix got together with a cultivator at some point. Although the human descendants gained the bloodline of a phoenix, the bloodline became really thin by her generation. She can probably only maintain the illusory image of a phoenix temporarily for now, and definitely not the form she is in currently. Something substantial must have changed and she has successfully achieved this. Now the bloodline of a phoenix has likely taken up most of her body. In other words, she is at least 90% similar to an immortal beast phoenix. To put it simply, she has become an immortal beast. Although there might be some flaws in her bloodline, it doesn't matter. Even the Torch Dragon and Blood Dragon have some flaws in their bloodlines."


Wu Yu wasn't familiar with what she had said, but he could understand Ming Long. Nangong Wei had undergone an unbelievable transformation and had completely raised the level of her existence. She had achieved atavism as a human and had become an immortal beast! In the history of the divine continent, this had likely not happened before. An unbelievable occurrence.

Clearly, her future would become even more incredible after becoming an immortal beast phoenix. Even the Dubhe Sword Immortal was not her ending point. Initially, Beishan Mo was more outstanding than her. However, in terms of talent at this moment, Nangong Wei would likely completely overwhelm him.

"Why would she experience such a transformation? The likelihood of such a transformation should be really low, right? Atavism?" Wu Yu asked while feeling baffled.

Ming Long answered, "It's indeed really low. After all, this is about a human becoming an immortal beast. Disregarding the divine continent, I only know of a handful of examples in the entire history of the Jambu Realm. It's indeed rare. As for how she had succeeded, I don't know. This is her chance encounter. Some things can't be explained clearly. It just happened. Perhaps it has something to do with her change of emotions and thoughts. Perhaps she has had some chance encounter that you are not aware of. Nonetheless... you could have left her in the dust while seeking to catch up with that mystical dragon. However, after this, she has gained the potential to surpass even you! It won't be that easy for you to beat her in the future!"

Ming Long sounded agitated while speaking. However, Wu Yu wasn't feeling the same way. If Nangong Wei had such a chance encounter, he would only be happy for her.

As it might seem, the current Nangong Wei had truly exceeded her limits.

One could tell that the Mizar Sword Immortal probably knew something from his expression.

Perhaps he might not be able to exact his revenge right now. However, Nangong Wei had miraculously achieved what she had right now. In that case, revenge might be possible one day.

The truth was that many people didn't know what was happening. At this moment, they were asking the Mizar Sword Immortal what happened. Nangong Xuan clearly knew something and therefore the news had spread. With Nangong Wei around, the Shushan Immortal Sect's future possessed unparalleled brightness!

Obviously, when Jiu Ying faced off against the newly born immortal beast phoenix, he felt an unprecedented level of stress. He initially thought that this would be a relatively easy match.

At this juncture, Nangong Wei was a complete phoenix. She had the passion, pride, and solemnity of a phoenix. In fact, some might call her sacred and unattainable in the views of the mortals. She had the dominance to show that she was the king of all birds and the supreme ruler that reigned over all avians. This was a birthright.

Her passion and upright demeanor formed a stark contrast with Jiu Ying's evil and catastrophic appearance.

Nangong Wei wasn't concerned about Wu Yu's view at this moment. Perhaps she had ignored Wu Yu on purpose. Perhaps she had truly let it go. Clearly, at this very moment, she was entirely focused on defeating Jiu Ying.

When the 100,000-strong crowd cheered for Nangong Wei, the battle between the two huge beasts began!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu defeating Shen Qiuyan had embarrassed the martial cultivators. Now, the second demon representative was on the battle ground, and he was the son of the number one demon. When Nangong Wei demonstrated her shocking bloodline and means, everyone placed their hopes on her.

Jiu Ying and the phoenix immortal beast both had elite bloodlines. However, in comparison, the phoenix would have the edge in terms of bloodline. After all, it was also a sacred creature.


As the king of all birds, nine-colored flames scattered everywhere when the phoenix took off. Following a crisp cry, the entire crowd was fully within her control and vision.

Phoenix vs Jiu Ying!

Between the two of them, the strongest moves were undoubtedly their Natural Mystiques! They were representing the Shushan Immortal Sect and the Endless Demon Seas respectively as they went against their arch enemies! It was especially so for Nangong Wei. At this moment, she was undoubtedly carrying the high hopes of the Shushan Immortal Sect. Her strength when she was in her current state was indeed unbelievable.

The cry of the bird and the roar of the beast could even burst the ear drums of ordinary disciples.

In a clash like this, countless ordinary disciples of the Shangyuan Dao Sect started retreating to leave more space for the two huge beasts to battle. Even the warships and giant swords above them had risen substantially to allow more space for flying. After all, the phoenix and Jiu Ying both had wings made of feathers or muscles and would basically fight in the air. Therefore, they would require the additional space.

"Spiral of Disaster!"

Jiu Ying struck and his nine heads spewed out thick gases. They were of nine different catastrophic forces with each each, seemingly from the lowest levels of hell. In the blink of an eye, they formed a vortex. The dullish and greyish vortex was exceptionally huge and descended on the sky above the phoenix which Nangong Wei had transformed into.

Nangong Wei was shrouded in a split second. Within the vortex, nine different catastrophic forces corroded all things. While they were tumbling, it was as though they were nine huge beasts rampaging.

For Nangong Wei, this was similar to the sky falling on her!

As the catastrophic energy swept across, all the flora around the Upper Immortal Battle Ground experienced different degrees of withering and shrinkage. Even the rocks and earth were turning black while being shrouded in the greyish gases.

However, Nangong Wei was unmoved in the face of catastrophe. She still had the solemnity and noble vibes of an immortal beast. And more importantly, an indestructible confidence!

At this moment, Nangong Wei extended her wings.

That pair of colorful wings flapped nine times consecutively. With each flap, a wave would seemingly expand out. Not only did the waves overwhelm the Spiral of Disaster, but they also shrouded the entire Upper Immortal Battle Ground within.

This was Nangong Wei's mystique, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress.

She had attacked Wu Yu with this mystique before, it was just that the scale was completely different now. It was like the difference between heaven and earth. At that split second, the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress was formed, and it enveloped Jiu Ying together with the Spiral of Disaster. The nine-tiered flames stacked and amplified, and it wouldn't be easy for the Spiral of Disaster to contain Nangong Wei.

At the same time, the existence of the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress had, to a certain level, masked the vision of the crowd!

At this moment, it wouldn't be easy to see the battle between Jiu Ying and Nangong Wei clearly. This made Wu Yu a little anxious. He wasn't certain about how strong Nangong Wei was currently. If she had started the fight with the determination and objective of killing Jiu Ying, Jiu Ying would definitely be in life-threatening danger.

If Nangong Wei killed Jiu Ying....

The outcome would be unimaginable!

However, he couldn't interfere.

Luckily, Ying Huang was around and would likely not allow such a thing to happen.

It was just that with things going this way, he had no reason to not believe that Nangong Wei had the strength to defeat Jiu Ying. It was especially so in terms of mental, qi, and mind. Nangong Wei had already reached a terrifying level. She had grown very rapidly, and no one could possibly stunt her rise right now!

After releasing the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress, the nine-colored phoenix flew around and raised raging flames that reached the sky. As for Jiu Ying, he was trapped within the Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress and couldn't make his way out.

"Gates of Hell!"

Suddenly, an opening was ripped within that endless divine flames. From that small opening, one could see a stream of greyish energy strengthening, erupting, ripping, and opening a gate to hell!

Jiu Ying's nine heads were roughly arranged in a huge circle. The insignia of his mystique appeared and countless rays intersected. Suddenly, the nine heads formed an ancient, creepy, huge gate!

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