Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0529: Come And Fight If You Aren't Convinced

Chapter 0529: Come And Fight If You Aren't Convinced

Although it wasn't as surprising as Nangong Wei suddenly rising and transforming into the immortal beast phoenix, he was still able to make the statement that him successfully destroying Emperor Yan's Hall in the Eastern Seas wasn't entirely dependant on luck.

Him defeating the alliance of Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo wasn't luck either!

Naturally, for Wu Yu, everything was within his expectations. One thing he really wanted to do in the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial was let the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu pay the price.

Excluding surprises, the title of first would definitely belong to the victor of the match between the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and him.

Obviously, people like Nangong Wei, He Taijun, and others wouldn't have the same view.

Having seen Wu Yu defeating his opponent and eliminating the second representative of the demons out of three, Nangong Wei naturally would have a different opinion of him.

She was rather prideful at this moment as she lifted her chin and looked at Wu Yu with the obvious intention of taunting him. Without the need for words, Wu Yu understood her objective. All he could do was to force a smile out. Clearly, Nangong Wei’s target was him.

"Perhaps she will be able to get further after making through this checkpoint.

"However, I can't lose to her on purpose. Otherwise, I won't be able to enter the Taigu Immortal Path."

Wu Yu wouldn't want to compete with her.

After he obtained the victory, even his seniors from Yan Huang Imperial City were cheering for him. However, he kept a rather low profile himself. He returned to his initial position to not disrupt the continuation of the trial. As for the side of the Demon Wind Locust, there were already demons sent to carry him away. He was barely able to keep conscious.

However, he had no guts to look at Wu Yu. When passing by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, the Demon Wind Locust spoke with difficulty, "It's better if you be a little careful. He's incredible and identified my position in an instant."

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu rolled his eyes at him and remarked, "Trash."

"Hehe!" The Demon Wind Locust already expected the response and thus didn't say a further word. As for what he was really thinking about, no one would know.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu wouldn't be interested in knowing. He took a glance at Wu Yu and remarked, "This man will definitely be a huge enemy for our demon race in the future. If I knew he would have the performance he just had, I would have eliminated him in the past."

Previously, he had resorted to some unscrupulous tricks on Wu Yu to deal with Jiu Ying. That incident had been exposed. Now that he had raised it up again, he drew a gaze from Ying Huang, which then crushed all the satisfaction he felt from his acts.

"It will be best for him to not meet me. Otherwise...." Nonetheless, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu wasn't too concerned. At the very minimum, getting number one overall was already a given in his perspective.

How long had it been since the Endless Demon Seas hosted the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial? It didn't seem to have happened in the records. Whenever a grand affair like this was organized, the cultivators would put their lives at stake to stop the demons.

"Who will be able to stop me?" The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu looked across and chuckled regretfully. He couldn't find that person.

The most exciting thing about the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial was that there was almost no rest and time for recuperation between each battle. After Wu Yu obtained his victory, the remaining battles continued. After 16 life-and-death battles, 16 victors had emerged. Among the 16, several were already injured and were destined to be eliminated in the next round. As the trial progressed, the one who would be standing at the very top in the end had started to become clearer and clearer.

After the 16 balls that represented the 16 victors were placed back in the box, the mortal child was made to continue drawing the lots. Similarly, it would be a one-on-one battle. There was a possibility that the one who had just ended his battle would be picked by random to start the second round of matches. Everything was possible.

Anyone could become the opponent of anyone. For example, Wu Yu might encounter the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu or even Nangong Wei.

For Wu Yu, he would prefer to crush the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu as soon as possible to seek redress of his grievances. Therefore, he didn't feel any emotional stress. As for Nangong Wei, she probably wanted to fight with him to seek redress for all her grievances. Standing before the mortal child, each person’s thoughts were completely different.

The outcome was announced quickly.

Obviously, there wasn't a coincidence and Wu Yu wasn't the first to start the second round. Considering that he wasn't participating, Wu Yu wasn't very concerned. On the battle ground, both parties had expended all they had to get to the top eight. However, one of them was already injured from the previous match. Therefore, he was defeated in a short period. The other party luckily reached the top eight.

The tempo of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial was extremely quick. In fact, the number one could emerge after just two to three days of battle. This was also the rule that their ancestors had left behind. As such, continuing to fight while protecting oneself was also a capability. After consecutive battles, only the one that defeated five others consecutively would obtain the title that everyone coveted!

Wu Yu was calm and composed. All the cultivators from various powerful sects on the divine continent remained behind despite some people being eliminated.

Each match was truly exhilarating!

The clash between geniuses. A once in 50 years grand affair!

Who wouldn't want his name to be known throughout the divine continent?

Who wouldn't want the world to be in awe at oneself?

Who wouldn't want to defeat the demons and become the heroes of the divine continent?

Amid the fervent interest, the closer they were to the finals, the more explosive the atmosphere would get. Excluding the Shangyuan Dao Sect, there would only be more and more people paying attention to this grand affair.

The first person to make it to the top eight appeared quickly. While he was still in fervent exhilaration, the Taixu Sage Master announced the name of the next participant. To the surprise of many, he announced, "Tianyi Race, He Taijun."

In the previous battle, He Taijun, who was the only ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, easily defeated a seventh tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea opponent and made it to the next round. His performance was very captivating. No one would ever doubt that he would get through each round easily till he encountered the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, who might pose a threat.

Therefore, the crowd was curious.

"Who will be the next unlucky fellow? Who will become the opponent of He Taijun?"

"This guy happens to just make the age cut-off. He was once a fierce competitor of Shen Xingyao from Shushan. His current strength is likely similar to Shen Xingyao’s."

"He can probably be considered one of the elite experts under the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Within the Tianyi Race, there are few who are stronger than him."

"The level of this iteration of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial is really high. Take the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and He Taijun as examples. They are both much stronger than the participants of the previous few iterations. If they had participated, the matter of Duomingshan Shengxue wouldn't have happened."

"That's right! He Taijun might be able to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm in a few years. Now the only question is whether Shen Xingyao will become a Sword Immortal first or if He Taijun will take the decisive step before him."

Once a person entered the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, although one's physical body might have limited life, one's Primordial Spirit would indeed be able to live forever. That would be the greatest metamorphosis one would experience in one's lifetime. After that, it would be about researching spirit designs. The Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm far exceeded the level of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Before one reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, it would be hard for one to tell.

At the very minimum, the rest of the people would find it hard to interfere in battles between Primordial Spirit Transformation experts.

At this moment, the mortal child was picking the lots yet again. More than a dozen participants were remaining, and most of them were anxious. Even Ji Lingshuang and Gusu Yudie were feeling the same. Their beautiful faces stared at the mortal child with anxiety. Truthfully speaking, at their age, it was already great that they had defeated an opponent.

After taking the ball, the Taixu Sage Master squinted his eyes. Clearly, he felt a little bottled up upon seeing the name. Perhaps he wouldn't want this person to fight with He Taijun. However, there was no other way. Before the eyes of the public, he had to announce it.

At this juncture, Ji Lingshuang was the most anxious. This was because the Taixu Sage Master obviously wouldn't want her to encounter opponents who were too strong. He Taijun and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu were the expected leaders of this grand affair. No one would want to encounter them in battle.

In the end, the Taixu Sage Master announced, "Yan Huang Imperial City. Wu Yu."

The moment he finished his words, another uproar erupted.

In fact, it hadn't been long since Wu Yu fought with the Demon Wind Locust. There were two battles after him. After the end of the two battles, the first round was over. Just as the second round had started and a match had passed, it was already his turn to fight again. Moreover, he was going up against He Taijun!

After his first battle, only three matches separated him from his next match. It hadn't even been an hour. Moreover, he would be facing the only ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, He Taijun. When the crowd learned that it was Wu Yu who would be facing the unique genius of the Tianyi Race, they couldn't help but helplessly look at him with pity.

"His luck is truly atrocious. I was still thinking of seeing him advancing. After all, Yan Huang Imperial City can't lose so tragically...."

"If he wasn't going up against He Taijun, Wu Yu clearly could advance further. Perhaps he could make it to the top four. I predicted that the top four would include the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, He Taijun, Nangong Wei, and Wu Yu. Great~ Clearly, Wu Yu is going to be eliminated."

His opponent was picked on a random basis, so situations like this happen easily. He Taijun's opponent could have been the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

"Wu Yu can only blame his atrocious luck. Yan Huang Imperial City wasn't lucky at all either. As the strongest faction on the divine continent, all three representatives couldn't even make it past the third round. Clearly, they aren't living up to their name!"

Some people were starting to mock them.

Perhaps, 99% of the people currently believed that he would fall at this stage. Therefore, when he looked across and saw the gazes of the crowd, he could sense pity. At this moment, Wu Yu would likely not fume at them. However, a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator versus a ninth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator... It was indeed...

Wu Yu understood too. Once, Shen Xingyao was in his eyes as someone he would have a hard time catching up to in his lifetime. He Taijun was someone who matched Shen Xingyao. One was in the south-west, while the other was in the north-east as they competed with each other despite being separated by a vast space.

In Shushan, Shen Xingyao had always been a senior to him. In fact, Shen Xingyao had almost become his master or even senior brother.

When Wu Yu heard that his opponent was someone who matched up with Shen Xingyao, he was taken aback for a moment. However, this had not scared him. No one could match his

determination to emerge victorious in the end. Even if he were to encounter the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu right now, he would only be more motivated! What he wanted was to advance through the ranks by defeating tough opponents. If all the experts were standing in his way, it would be better. He would just charge through.

At this very day and moment, the desire to become stronger had made Wu Yu unstoppable.

Therefore, when everyone was commenting on how bad his luck was, he took a step ahead, jumped into the sky, and descended onto the Upper Immortal Battle Ground before He Taijun.

He smashed his Godly Sea Steadying Needle onto the ground, shaking the ground in the process. Wu Yu lifted his head, extended his hand, pointed at He Taijun, and said loudly, "Your name might have spread throughout the world, but in the eyes, you are just average. If you aren't convinced, feel free to step ahead for a battle!"


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