Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0503: Moment Of Frenzy

Chapter 0503: Moment Of Frenzy

Before this, it was the experts from the divine continent attacking the Ghostly Emperor.

However, the situation was no longer the same.

Countless vortexes could be seen throughout the body of the Ghostly Emperor. With him as the core, even if he didn't move, the surrounding spaces were getting distorted. The rivers and lands were collapsing before being sucked into the Ghostly Emperor.

Everyone's clothes were moving without wind blowing, flapping towards the direction where the Ghostly Emperor was.

He was just like a bottomless pit that was absorbing all the things around him. No matter what it was, as long as the object entered his mouth, the object would basically disappear from this world.

"Once, you guys were way above me and were the shining paragons in my heart. However, you guys didn't come to the East Sea to rescue us. Time after time, I was disappointed by you guys!

"And now, you guys will become my food! Oh destiny is such a wonderful thing!"

"In the end, I finally understand that instead of waiting for trash like you, I might as well become the ruler of this world. As the most ordinary mortal, I shall ascend to the top and decide whether you live or die! Isn't this process rather interesting?" While utilising unbelievable means to suppress the experts of the divine continent, the Ghostly Emperor seemed to have lost his mind. He was laughing hysterically while making his comments loudly.

All of a sudden! The grey vortexes on his body expanded forward abruptly. He covered the sky and had the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest completely devoured.

Witnessing this, no matter how indignant countless cultivators were feeling, they could only leave everything behind while scampering away.

Their hearts had gone cold. For them, today might be the end of the world. Everyone's hearts were thumping violently. They were in sorrow and felt absolute despair.

The greyish vortex was still expanding outwards. In a short period, he had covered close to one-tenth of the divine continent. Regardless of whether it was cultivators or mortals, they would be able to see the sky obscured by overcast. The greyish and seemingly boundaryless vortex was circulating rapidly. As the vortex spun, the mortals could feel their bodies getting lighter and lighter. Their surroundings were filled with dust and sand as trees were swarming towards the sky. It was as though they were trapped in a storm.

For many people, perhaps the huge, greyish vortex that obscured the sky was a huge mouth. Perhaps it was the mouth of the heavens that was sucking and ripping the world apart.

Although Wu Yu and the rest had distanced themselves substantially from the battle grounds before, they were actually still within the eye of the vortex. The region above their heads was also where the battle with the Ghostly Emperor had taken place previously. However, they could no longer see any intense battle. All they could see was that within the greyish vortex, terrifying energies would erupt from time to time, sparks would flicker, thunder would roar, various dao techniques erupted, and all kinds of dao treasures clashing would spill out of the vortex!

The Yan Huang City Lord and the rest didn't even have the time to rush Wu Yu and the rest to escape.

The very existence of the divine continent would depend entirely on whether they could withstand the Ghostly Emperor!

"Perhaps he might have a weakness. What would his weakness be?" Despite not having the capability to fight the Ghostly Emperor head-on, Wu Yu had not stopped thinking and racking his brain.

At this moment, everyone had disregarded their own deaths. They wouldn't be an exception....

From within the grey vortex, the commotion was getting louder and louder. What the crowd was most afraid to see was for the Ghostly Emperor to emerge alone from the vortex after some time with the rest remaining in his stomach. If that happened, he would be terrifyingly strong to a level where no one could truly comprehend!

What kind of ability was devouring?

"Wu Yu!"

Suddenly, the Yan Huang City Lord shouted his name again. From within the greyish vortex, several people suddenly charged out. Everyone was finally able to heave a sigh of relief. The experts of the divine continent seemed to have charged out of that greyish vortex by working together. Perhaps it was also because of them working together that no one had died in the battle yet.

However, it was almost certain that most of the experts were as pale as snow and utterly exhausted. It was clear that they did not have much left in their tanks and wouldn't last any longer.

Even the Yan Huang City Lord and the Taixu Sage Master were utterly fatigued and completely exhausted. With just a single look, one could tell that they were extremely weak currently.


At this moment, in the blink of an eye, the greyish vortex that had extended over a long distance shrank suddenly before disappearing. All of the vortex had gathered into the body of the Ghostly Emperor.

The Ghostly Emperor showed himself once again.

His expression was creepy and cold with a hideous smirk that seemed to be celebrating his revenge. He lowered his head, looked at his opponents, and couldn't help but break out laughing. He said, "The omnipotent immortals of the divine continent that I have heard of in the legends are rather capable! You guys have managed to withstand an attack from me. However, looking at how you guys are appearing to be on the brink of death, you will probably be completely devoured by me if I do it again. Since you guys have lasted so long, let me ask you again. Where is the egg? Are you going to hand it over to me, or do you want me to retrieve it personally?"

This was his first objective. Clearly, he wanted to get what he required before moving on to the next stage.

There was no way the Taixu Sage Master would hand it to him. At this moment, they were buying time for the Taixu Sage Master to converse with Wu Yu.

"Why aren't you leaving yet? This is an order! Wu Yu, don't be so defiant. We aren't asking you to go for your sake. It is for the divine continent. Hurry! We might not be able to last any longer. The Ghostly Emperor is too terrifying!"

Perhaps all of them had lost their fighting will at this moment and had made preparations for a battle to the death.

Initially, Wu Yu had held hope for them. Although it might seem laborious, he believed that they still had a chance to kill the Ghostly Emperor. However, based on the current circumstances, the situation wasn't optimistic. It wasn't just them who were in danger. Rather, the entire divine continent was in peril. At this moment, who could possibly save the divine continent?

"Fuck! I don't have the capability at this moment!

"In the face of the Ghostly Emperor, there's nothing I could do to help...."

He hated having to live on ignobly. He hated that he had to leave. He hated the fact that he had to leave behind his kin, friends, and elders and escape alone. Therefore, although he was entrusted by the Yan Huang City Lord with high hopes, he still couldn't take the step out at this moment! No matter how anxious they were, Wu Yu gritted his teeth and chose to stay behind. This was his fighting spirit and bravery. More importantly, this was his dao!

In his dao, he could not leave behind any of his kin or friends to escape!

He knew that leaving was the right decision. However, he still couldn't do it despite convincing himself several times over! He couldn't do it!

While he was struggling, an accident happened.

That Ghostly Emperor suddenly laughed. Initially, he had wanted to strike directly to eradicate the 20 or so experts who were at their limits. However, his sensitivity was way beyond the expectations of the Taixu Sage Master. Although they were using dao techniques to communicate secretly and only the parties involved could hear each other, the Ghostly Emperor still caught up on it.

The Ghostly Emperor looked towards Wu Yu with great interest. Suddenly, he remarked, "So the object I want is with you!"

Perhaps he was just making a conjecture. However, the moment he blurted his remark, he definitely got his confirmation. Moreover, he had high confidence in his conjecture. Therefore, he shifted his target from the Taixu Sage Master and the others to Wu Yu.

Perhaps in his perspective, Wu Yu was no different from the other Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts. After seeing Wu Yu, he descended from the sky. He wasn't extremely fast. However, that creepy. savage authority and vibe from him made everyone feel uncomfortable.

"Stop him!"

The Taixu Sage Master and the rest were astonished and hurried to get in front of the Ghostly Emperor.

Clearly, when the Ghostly Emperor had correctly guessed that the egg was in the hands of Wu Yu, it would be extremely difficult for Wu Yu to escape with the egg. His route was completely sealed off.

Although they had attempted to intercept, the Ghostly Emperor was faster than them. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Wu Yu. Wu Yu's life was completely in his control. At this moment, the Yan Huang City Lord and the rest had not caught up. Therefore, they could only surround the Ghostly Emperor with their last breaths.

Nangong Wei, Ji Lingshuang, and Jiu Ying were also before the Ghostly Emperor. Naturally, his attention was entirely on Wu Yu.

"Are you the kind of person whom I was most envious of in the past? Gifted from young and constantly ascending along the way? Receiving the protection and love from various experts? A smooth-sailing life without experiencing any catastrophes? Above others from the very day you were born?" The Ghostly Emperor wasn't in a hurry to kill Wu Yu. Instead, he chatted plainly.

The Yan Huang City Lord and the rest were sweating profusely from anxiety. No matter how they racked their brains, the fact was that they were being suppressed by the Ghostly Emperor. No one had a solution.

Facing the existence that had plundered the entire divine continent to the brink of death, Wu Yu had deep hatred for him in his heart. However, he was able to remain relatively calm. Anxiety wouldn't help in resolving any matter. He said, "I'm sorry, I'm nothing like what you have imagined. I was born in the mortal kingdom below your feet. Just like you, I was a mortal. Now that I'm standing before you, the amount of near-death experiences I have gone through might not be any fewer than yours."

He knew what the Ghostly Emperor hated the most. He hated the unfairness. The better the background of one, the more he hated them.

"I've just recalled something. You are the one that has destroyed Emperor Yan's Hall. It is also you who has taken my treasure. You are rather unique among this group of people." The Ghostly Emperor shook his head while speaking.

"You have over-complimented me," said Wu Yu.

Ming Long was lamenting. "Aiya! I really have a tough life. When I finally got the hopes of being free, I have to encounter a monster like him. Great! Once you are dead, I wonder how long Old Mother will have to wait again!"

Even she could tell that Wu Yu would unquestionably be dead before the eyes of the Ghostly Emperor.

There's no uncertainty in the outcome.

If the Ghostly Emperor struck and Wu Yu was so close to him, even the Taixu Sage Master and the rest wouldn't be able to save him in time.

At this moment, the Ghostly Emperor extended his hand towards Wu Yu and said, "Since it wasn't easy to live till now, you should have known that only by lowering your head would you get a chance of surviving."

His eyes looked across to Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch. What he wanted was just inside it.

At this moment, it was dead silent.

Wu Yu had no other option. The moment the Ghostly Emperor moved his hand, that Sumeru Pouch flew towards him. He opened it and got what he wanted. The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was also in it.

It was a shame that Wu Yu wouldn't have the opportunity to master this dao treasure.

Before the face of the Ghostly Emperor, Nangong Wei, Ji Lingshuang, and Jiu Ying were exceptionally anxious. Their faces had turned as white as snow at this point. All of them knew that once the Ghostly Emperor got what he wanted, Wu Yu and them would have no value left. He might very well annihilate the four of them with a casual wave of his hand.

Indeed, that's exactly what the Ghostly Emperor wanted to do. At this moment, he made a creepy smile and wanted to devour Wu Yu.

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