Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0502: Ji Lingshuang

Chapter 0502: Ji Lingshuang

"Perhaps this is an innate ability. Otherwise, it could be due to the years of cruel oaths I have made. Today, Emperor Yan's Hall has been purged. The ghostly cultivators are ruined. But this is not enough. What I swore was that one day, everyone that was stronger than me then would kneel before me. I want to become the strongest, so mighty that none would dare to humiliate me. I want everyone to kneel before me and beg for forgiveness! Otherwise, they can return to the west!"

The Ghostly Emperor was unhurried and calm as his blood red eyes lanced across the crowd.

The truth was that his hate towards the ghostly cultivators was even greater. Thus, his earlier preparation to devour all ghostly cultivators was expected.

However, the sight of the mighty cultivators of the divine continent also made him feel a sense of jealousy and pain. He had never known that the mortals of the divine continent could live such peaceful lives. This was something he could only dream of. Why did they not wage war upon the ghostly cultivators and bring light upon the lands of the Four Islands of the East Sun?

Ultimately, his gaze fell upon the Taixu Sage Master. He stuck out his ash white tongue and licked his lips before smirking. "Since things have come to this, I believe you should be returning something to me? If you're expedient, I will kill less. Otherwise, everyone who has seen me today will be devoured and become a part of me. Taking a step back, the entire divine continent's living creatures will become my food. If you are quick, I might consider letting off a part of the continent." After experiencing his moves and hearing his words, everyone knew that the Ghostly Emperor had become a true devil. He was even scarier than the worst of the ghostly cultivators.

It was as though he had placed himself on a pedestal, above all sentient life. Regardless of whether it was a cultivator or a mortal, all had become his sustenance. Thus, it made sense to him that he ought to eat and swallow all. Everything else existed for him.

Immense pressure fell upon the Taixu Sage Master's shoulders.

"We cannot give the egg up - doing so would spell our loss and doom. Even if we pass the egg to him, the Ghostly Emperor will not let us go, much less the divine continent. He will merely be a bit more merciful. This mercy is worthless. We are all going to die." This was what Wu Yu thought.

Thus, the Taixu Sage Master and the rest of the cultivators would likely wage a bitter fight to the death after this brief moment of respite. They all understood that in the tens of thousands of years in the divine continent's history, this would become one of history's most renowned turning points. Whether life could continue to exist here would depend upon these 20 odd Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators.

Perhaps there might be some who were unwilling to die just like that. However, their families and friends lived upon this land. This was the soil that sustained them, and there was nowhere to escape to. They had to make their last stand.

Thus, the Taixu Sage Master barely hesitated before replying, "If there's no room for negotiation, then we can only pit our lives against yours."

At this point, the Yan Huang City Lord urged Wu Yu and the rest to quickly leave. There were some elites who chose to quickly escape. Yet the vast majority of individuals stood their ground. Perhaps they felt dissatisfied in their hearts. Many could not bring themselves to leave. They retreated slightly into the midst of the large number of cultivators remaining.

At this point, several tens of thousands of cultivators had already escaped.

After the death of the eight Emperors, most of the ghostly cultivators had also escaped.

Despite numerous cultivators frenziedly escaping, this could not affect Wu Yu's state of mind.

"Wu Yu!" The Taixu Sage Master's words were transmitted directly to him.

"Sneakily leave! Escape the divine continent! I will use the Shangyuan Eight Trigram to teleport the egg into your Sumeru Pouch. Take the egg and leave the divine continent. The further you go, the better! Don't let the Ghostly Emperor find you! If we defeat him, we will give you a sign to return."

Wu Yu had never imagined that the Taixu Sage Master was already making final preparations. Even if they died, the egg would not fall into the hands of the Ghostly Emperor.

However, why had they chosen him to be the one to escape?

The Shangyuan Dao Sect was riddled with heaven-bestowed geniuses. Take Ji Lingshuang for example. She was the Taixu Sage Master's personal disciple. Her name resounded across the continent and was even more famous than Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo’s. It was almost foreordained that she would succeed the Taixu Sage Master. She was also amidst the cultivators supporting the attack and could even rebuild the Shangyuan Dao Sect if needed. Just why had the Taixu Sage Master chosen him instead?

"This egg is something that you obtained and found. It is your destiny. We cannot destroy the egg, we can only hide it. You are the most suitable one for this role amongst the younger generation. If you don't mind, take Ji Lingshuang away with you as well. If the divine continent is eradicated today, we need someone to rebuild things from the ashes." Truthfully, Wu Yu had already proven his resourcefulness, bravery, and strength time and time again. This was an innate skill of his. In this aspect, he far surpassed the likes of Beishan Mo and friends. This would also likely have something to do with his situation, ascending from amongst the mortals into the powerhouse he was today.

However, Wu Yu was unable to do so...

"Sage Master, you've said it yourself. The divine continent might very well crumble into ashes. How can I leave? Please find someone else..." To escape at such a point in time, to give up on all of his friends and family and even his home. Just who could do so? Wu Yu was unable to go against his conscience. He was firmly rooted here. Yet he was powerless to change the situation.

"Wu Yu, don't be a fool. Everyone has to do their part to escape this crisis. Our role here is to defeat the Ghostly Emperor. You are the most precious genius of the entire divine continent. You are our most promising seed and also a likely future leader amongst dragons. I had even wanted to nurture you into the next Yan Huang City Lord. Remember, even if the divine continent is no more, you have to carry the hopes and obligations of Yan Huang Imperial City. Our homeland will never be eradicated!" the Yan Huang City Lord said bluntly.

The Imperial General also chimed in. "Wu Yu, if you're a man of character, don't tarry and waste time! You have the opportunity to rebuild everything. All of us believe in you, especially seeing that you even managed to devastate Emperor Yan's Hall!" But the crux of the matter lay amidst the fact that Wu Yu wasn't trying to waste time. He simply could not bring himself to escape alone and bear all this enmity and live on his feet. He could not simply sit aside and watch this devastation unfold.

Beside, Jiu Ying was extremely anxious. He had already relayed all the information to Ying Huang. Zhu Huang's plans had fallen apart as the Ghostly Emperor would never cooperate with them. He would only become feed. At this point, the two mighty demons who possessed incomparable battle strength were unable to help. They were simply too far. They could only bring all the demons under them away from the divine continent. They might even be able to retain their own foundations.

"Wu Yu, please take Wei Er away! I look down upon you and can't bear the sight of you. But in this moment of crisis, you must stand out! You and I have a grudge, but I hope that you will look past it and help her." Even the Mizar Sword Immortal had acquiesced in this situation.

They wanted Wu Yu to take the lead and bring the geniuses of the divine continent away. Wu Yu possessed a tenaciousness unseen amongst the geniuses with his antics. And with him as a leader, it was likely that their chances of survival would increase. However, not everyone could escape, or the chances of them slipping away would lessen.

Everyone told themselves this.

The short span of these few days had forced him into too many significant decisions.

"Ultimately, it's because I'm not strong enough. That is why I'm forced to make these choices. If I truly possessed might, then there would have been no need at all to run into exile. I could directly depose of this Ghostly Emperor!"

At this point, Nangong Wei had been informed of the situation by someone. Although she was unwilling, she came over to Wu Yu's side. Ji Lingshuang from the Shangyuan Dao Sect had also come over. She was one who had already entered the seventh tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. It was said that she had the strength of a Yan Huang Imperial City General. Before Wu Yu had appeared, she was the strongest amongst the younger generation. She was rumored to possess a dao treasure and had also received a prized legacy.

She was exceptional even amongst geniuses. Nangong Wei, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas, and the like were not the same. She possessed a demeanor that belonged only to those of the Shangyuan Dao Sect. This was the air of an immortal: peaceful, natural, and free. When she exploded forth, she was also extremely frightening. She gave off an air of someone incomprehensible.

If they had met under normal terms, Wu Yu would definitely have paid more attention to her. Yet Wu Yu was now completely engrossed in making a decision under unparalleled pressure. At this point, he felt a sudden movement in his Sumeru Pouch. He knew that the Taixu Sage Master had already teleported the egg into it.

Could the Taixu Sage Master also take things from other's Sumeru Pouches?

"Go!" The Taixu Sage Master immediately chided Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu, this is my one request of you," the Yan Huang City Lord added on.

The group thus dispersed, preparing to make their last stand.

All of these heroes were resolute. It has to be said that this brought about even greater stress upon Wu Yu. He knew the arrow had already been loosened at this point that. He turned to leave.

Yet he could not bring himself to take another step.

Both of his eyes were bloodshot as he glared at the distant Ghostly Emperor. The Heaven Devouring Evil Residence had a close relationship to him. He couldn't help but think of who had caused this situation to occur despite the Yan Huang City Lord tightly sealing the location.

"Wu Yu, forget it. I don't want to leave. I live and die with the divine continent. Who would want to escape at this juncture? The days and years are endless. How will I ever be at peace?" Ji Lingshuang suddenly piped up. She too was resolute as she spoke those few words. She had let Wu Yu understand her character in a flash.

Nangong Wei was more ignorant. The two had a love affair, but considering the gravity of the situation, she chose to let go of her existing hatred before replying, "I don't want to go." The three of them had been specially chosen to leave, but now they had let the Taixu Sage Master down. None of them could convince themselves to leave, and the Taixu Sage Master had no time to personally chase them off, as right at this point, the Ghostly Emperor gave a huge, unsettling laugh before rushing into battle!

The final battle had exploded forth!

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