Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0504: Life and Death Encounter

Chapter 0504: Life and Death Encounter

Wu Yu had been through several life and death moments.

However, this was the time when he felt the most helpless. This was because his opponent this time was so strong that even the elite experts of the divine continent whom he looked up to had no way of dealing with him.

Over 20 Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts were completely suppressed by this opponent. Among them, there were experts like the Taixu Sage Master and the Yan Huang City Lord.

Moreover, his opponent before him was the reincarnation of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was a creature that could only be dealt with by immortals who had descended into the world. How could Wu Yu possibly put up a resistance against him? It had been less than 10 years since he first dabbled into cultivation. How could he go against an existence that hadn't died after being locked up for three yuan?

Therefore, Wu Yu was clear that no matter what kind of resistance he put up at this moment, there wouldn't be any uncertainty if the Ghostly Emperor wanted to kill him.

The only thing he had not expected was that moments before his impending death, Nangong Wei would be on his left and Jiu Ying on his right. If he lost his life here, they would clearly not be spared.

When the Ghostly Emperor struck, Wu Yu couldn't help but turn to take another look at Nangong Wei. At this moment, this girl was as pale as snow. Now that they were facing each other without anyone to support them, Wu Yu could only see the horror in her heart. Perhaps she also wished to be able to lean on Wu Yu like the past, even if she was to die. However, with a sense of distance between them now, she could only tear up while being shrouded by the overcast of death. She couldn't possibly take a step towards Wu Yu.

Recalling the time when she was still young and meeting her in the Jindan Cave for the very first time... And looking at how stunningly beautiful she was now... It felt like an eternity had passed.

The son of her foe, Jiu Ying, was just right before her. However, she wasn't paying any attention to him at this juncture. Perhaps she did not hate Jiu Ying so deeply deep down in her heart. Perhaps the horror of the Ghostly Emperor had subdued all other feelings.

Perhaps if there was a chance for everything to go back to how it was, she wouldn't be that extreme on the Mortal Arena in Shushan. However, what passed had passed. There was no medicine for regret.

For them to die together in this lifetime, this was indeed a rare ending and liberation for them.

At this moment, greyish smoke erupted from the Ghostly Emperor once again. The smoke coalesced into the form of a giant beast which charged towards the Wu Yu and the other three and devoured them.

"No!" With the Mizar Sword Immortal taking the lead, the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts dared not to make a move initially. Now that the Ghostly Emperor had struck, they could only to attempt to stop him in a hurry.

At that instant, several restraining dao techniques were used on the Ghostly Emperor. These dao techniques were countless times stronger than Wu Yu's Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique and could even seal and restrict one's Primordial Spirit. However, the greyish mist from the Ghostly Emperor still broke through them, coalesced into a giant beast, and devoured the four of them directly.

Everything happened in a split of a second. Even Wu Yu's Swift Art wouldn't be able to stop it or escape. At this moment, he found it hard to even move when the Ghostly Emperor stared at him, let alone opening up his stride to escape. However, it wasn't that he didn't want to retaliate. It was just that the difference between them was too great.

Wu Yu's eyes widened. What exactly would the "devouring" of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord be like?

What would it be like to die?

At the very last moment, he suddenly felt someone grabbing his hand. Wu Yu knew whose hand that was. Her hand was trembling and she was clearly horrified and helpless at this moment. It was as though she had returned to the time when she was still young and left Shushan with Wu Yu to roam the world.

Wu Yu had not expected to have such an interaction with her at this juncture. He didn't know if he should be happy or something. Perhaps the barrier between them had decreased. However, it wouldn't mean anything when they were dead. Perhaps the only beneficial thing was that her decision to hold his hand had completely resolved the knot that he had left in her heart years ago. At the very least, Wu Yu wouldn't feel guilty anymore.

Ever since he had left Shushan on the previous occasion, she still hated him to the core. Although Wu Yu wasn't able to get together with her, he had never hoped she would hate him.

Perhaps the hatred had dissipated when they held hands. Perhaps she was just horrified. Nonetheless, before his impending death, Wu Yu felt a lot more at ease.

The truth was at the very core, becoming dao companions was about looking for someone who would experience life together to the very end. Although fate had resulted in them not becoming dao companions, they would at least meet their ends together.

Wu Yu saw the greyish mist shrouding him with his own eyes. The truth was that he felt that this impending death was lasting a little too long. He had received the best legacy but wasn't able to take a new step forward. He could only lament that his luck had run out.

From the very beginning, he had the option to escape. However, he did not do so. At this juncture, he wasn't regretting his decision. He would only have regretted if he discarded the divine continent and fled alone.

When everything became deathly silent, only the temperature of Nangong Wei's hand felt a little real.

Ming Long said in all earnestness, "Wu Yu, I knew that your bad temper would eventually lead to your death. However, I never expected it to happen so quickly. All I can say... I'm really glad to have known you, although you are a short-lived devil. Since you have made your decision, you have to accept the outcome. You can go now."

Towards the end, she seemed to be on the verge of crying. Perhaps, she wasn't willing to part with him. After all, they had been together for a long time.

"Screw your old mother! Foolish! If I were you, I would have ran long ago!" In the end, she finally couldn't help but blurt out an insult.

In the past, she had chosen not to escape too. It was also because of this that she died under siege. If she had chosen to escape in the past, she wouldn't have died and she wouldn't be related to Wu Yu in any manner now.

At the very last moment, the temperature of the world was dissipating. In the blink of an eye, the world was turning into a patch of grey. Time seemed to be moving extremely slowly. Various greyish gas flows circled around him before gradually diffusing into his body. However, the real circumstances weren't so. Rather, Wu Yu's body was assimilating into the greyish gas. This was what it truly meant by devouring.

Deathly silence. Amidst the deathly silence, images of his life were zooming past his mind constantly. He had a great mysterious encounter at the brink of death, and he had indeed gained much from it. The only shame was that he wasn't able to transform it into strength.

To sum it up, all he felt was indignance!

After all, he was someone who had inherited the legacy of an immortal! Now that his dream of becoming an immortal had not been fulfilled and he couldn't pursue the path of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, was he just going to lose his life here? The Ghostly Emperor was indeed not an opponent he could go against. It was so at least for the moment. However... he was still indignant about it! Indignant!

This was someone who had severed his path to immortality!

Wu Yu hated him!

Naturally, he wasn't hating the Ghostly Emperor. The Ghostly Emperor was just a puppet. The one whom he hated was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord! He had never appeared in this place, but everything here was definitely being manipulated by him!

Extreme hatred.

However, the saddest thing was that the hatred would amount to nothing. Once all signs of life left his body, the hatred wouldn't bring him back to life.

If he could make it through this catastrophe, Wu Yu would indeed have a mysterious transformation! At the boundary between life and death, the deep hatred brought his mental state along as he charged ahead towards the endless path to immortality! The more perilous a place was, the wider the path to immortality.

"If there's a next lifetime...."

At the thought of this, he couldn't help but smile sarcastically. This was because he knew that even if he had a next lifetime, he might not obtain the Ruyi Jingu Bang again.

As the greyish mist entered his body, his senses started to fade. It was probably the same for Nangong Wei. The force from her hand was getting minimal. She was just like a small animal on the brink of death, struggling amidst the endless grey mist.


Just as Wu Yu was feeling groggy, he suddenly perked up. He seemed to have entered a golden world. The world before his eyes was exceptionally huge, without any boundaries! Chanting could be heard from the surroundings. The chants seemed to be the scripture of the Vajra Buddha. It was majestic, spirit-lifting, and soul-shaking!


The scene before him seemed to have exploded!

A huge, golden column shot into the sky! Before Wu Yu's eyes, the golden column was bathing in flames. It had already reached the bottom of the sky and seemed to be shaking the entire sky palace!

"I, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, was born in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent!

"I have cultivated diligently, met a great mentor, mastered the arts of longevity, and cannot be killed and cannot be vanquished!

"I'm the creation of the natural world and the gods of this world! I live to defy and have escaped the three realms and gone beyond the Five Affinities. Sky palaces and the Buddhas of the heavens cannot restrain me!

"That's my dao! Reorganize the world and destroy any inequality!

"The heavenly rules and regulations cannot stop me! If the heavens suppress me, I'll break through the heavens! If the earth traps me, I'll smash through the ground!

"If that day arrives, I shall reorganize the laws of nature. All humans and creatures should have the opportunity to be enlightened. Everything in the world shall be equal and there shall be no oppression of the weak!"

It was as though there was a huge beast roaring furiously beside Wu Yu in the golden world. What followed was the trembling caused by that heaven-reaching column. At this moment, it was just like when Wu Yu first saw the Ruyi Jingu Bang. His heart was filled with shock and desire!

Everything the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had said was pointing him towards the path of his dao!

"From what he said, he appears to be wanting to disrupt the immortals and sky palaces. If he has left no traces behind other than his legacy, could it be that he failed?"

At the thought of this, Wu Yu couldn't help but feel pity. He didn't know what kind of world the Sky Palace would be like. However, he was in absolute agreement with the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. In fact, one could even say that Wu Yu admired him.

When he was at his most agitated moment, the golden world suddenly exploded. At that instant, Wu Yu felt a little giddy.

Vaguely, Wu Yu seemed to have heard Ming Long saying, "Gosh! The Ruyi Jingu Bang has shown its might! Wu Yu, you are saved!"

Shown its might?

Wu Yu couldn't remember how long it had been since the Ruyi Jingu Bang had reacted to something. He would have never expected it to react when he was being devoured by the Ghostly Emperor. Perhaps he recognized Wu Yu for his actions. When Ming Long was speaking, he gradually regained his consciousness. The explosion from before seemed to be followed closely by a blood-curdling scream from the Ghostly Emperor. Wu Yu was shrouded in golden light and appeared to have flown out. When the golden light before his eyes dissipated, he suddenly realized that he had left the Ghostly Emperor. The Ghostly Emperor, who was surrounded by the Taixu Sage Master and the rest, was right before his eyes. His face was pale and he was looking at Wu Yu in shock. One could tell that the stomach area where he was holding on to had been completely blown off. One could even see that the damaged intestines and fresh blood was splattered everywhere. Although he was recovering rapidly at this moment, it was clear to Wu Yu that he had escaped from the previous explosion!

He was not dead yet!

Moreover, it wasn't just him. Even Jiu Ying and the rest had not died because of Wu Yu's light. However, no matter how talented they might be, they were still scared out of their wits at this moment. They didn't know that they had survived because of Wu Yu.

Perhaps Nangong Wei might know about it. At this moment, she was still in a daze as she blankly looked at her surroundings. She had never expected to survive like this.

"Wei Er!" The Mizar Sword Immortal was tearing. Taking the opportunity, he pulled Nangong Wei away. The Taixu Sage Master also pulled Wu Yu and the rest away. They were equally astonished. Therefore, they had barely reacted to the current developments.

However, the Ghostly Emperor recovered soon after.

Moreover, he glowered at Wu Yu. This time, his gaze was even fiercer and more vicious!

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