Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0476: Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle

Chapter 0476: Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle

After discovering the white-bone warship, Wu Yu's true form and his other clones hurried over.

His two clones had also pulled out their supreme immortal treasures, staring at the strongest Ecstasy Sect Father.

This Ecstasy Sect was actually run by the Ecstasy Sect Father and dozens of comely looking babes. These petite beauties were all close to the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!

This was the strongest batch of ghostly cultivators that Wu Yu had encountered since taking up the defense of Dong Yue Wu! If he was not here, and they had come ashore at Dong Yue Wu, there would definitely be nobody who could stop them!

Perhaps even 10 clones holding down the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation might not be enough.

"As expected, the ghostly cultivators' experts are gradually showing themselves!" But he did not know how many more savage and evil ghostly cultivator experts would follow behind this Ecstasy Sect Father.

Wu Yu's two clones met the gaze of the Ecstasy Sect Father. This Ecstasy Sect Father was the strongest ghostly cultivator that Wu Yu had seen to date! The stench of blood, the cadaverous soul, the wrath and ghostly qi - something that only committing countless murders could create.

The so-called Ecstasy Sect Father had to be a top-class devil of the East Sea!

"A martial cultivator? And a doppelganger?" The Ecstasy Sect Father's laughter suddenly ceased. He had not expected to meet a martial cultivator immediately after reaching the divine continent.

However, he thought that one was the real body, while the other was a clone.

The white-bone warship came to a halt at the seaside. The Ecstasy Sect Father, leading his harem of beauties, stood facing Wu Yu's clones. The Ecstasy Sect Father looked at Wu Yu with interest. "Which sect of the divine continent are you from? Do you know who I am?"

"In my eyes, you are just a dead man." Wu Yu had ascertained that these two clones were not the Ecstasy Sect Father's match, which was why his true body was rushing over. Playing for time was also a bonus.

Hearing these words, the Ecstasy Sect Father burst into laughter, and the sexy women by his side laughed until the trees shook.

"I already told you. The biggest problem with the divine continent’s martial cultivators is that they love to brag. Each one of them acts just, but their hearts are all crooked. Perhaps what's going through this kid's brain right now is to kill me and then dominate all you little honeys." The Ecstasy Sect Father sniggered.

"Sect Father, so naughty!" The girls giggled.

"Is the main force of the ghostly cultivators already here? The ragged band of dogs and cats that came before were too easy to deal with. Finally, someone with some sand," Wu Yu said indifferently, interrupting the Ecstasy Sect Father's laughter.

"What main force? We ghostly cultivators came out in force. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent's conquer is imminent. We are all strong. Right now, we're just waiting for the Ghostly Emperor to thoroughly wipe out all the experts of the divine continent! Once the experts of the divine continent are dead, no one will be able to stop us ghostly cultivators," the Ecstasy Sect Father said conceitedly.

"Cut off the head of the snake?" In the world of dao, this was indeed an effective move. But it was predicated on the Ghostly Emperor being strong enough! Wu Yu did not believe that the Yan Huang City Lord and his counterparts would crumble so easily.

"Babes, watch carefully. Today, Old Father will wield the first knife against this martial cultivator. He must have quite a few valuables on his person, and you can split them amongst yourselves. How does that sound?"

Wu Yu's clones were only second tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, quite a few tiers apart from the Ecstasy Sect Father. Naturally, he was not worried.

As he spoke, he pulled out a bangle. It was half black and half white, the yin and yang merging within. On it, there were many spirit designs that were tinged with the scent of blood.

Such an immortal treasure was definitely the ultimate harvester in the mortal world!

The Ecstasy Sect Father made his move with swift ferocity. The Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle descended on the heads of Wu Yu's two clones!

"Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique!" The two clones acted as one. Each raised a fist that began a series of swift punches, creating enormous formless beasts that charged at the Ecstasy Sect Father!

Seeing these formless beasts leap for him, the Ecstasy Sect Father's expression changed. He recognized it as a Heaven Earth Void technique, and hurriedly leapt to the skies!

He avoided it, but the two girls behind him were not so lucky. They were hit full-on by the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique. With a roll of their eyes, they collapsed to the ground, lifeless. Although these girls were beautiful, they were also members of the Ecstasy Sect, so there was a lot of blood on their hands. Right now, they had come to invade the divine continent, and their death was no great loss.

Seeing two of his pretties dead, the Ecstasy Sect Father flew into a rage. The remaining babes behind him hurriedly fled, and his face had lost some of its color. He was quivering with anger. The Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle descended again, shooting out blinding pillars of light. In an instant, both of Wu Yu's clones were drowned within the pillar. The wails of vengeful spirits sounded from within the pillars of light. The bangle revolved around the column of light, and the clones, which were already inherently weaker, were shattered. They reverted into difficult-to-see golden monkey hairs and vanished readily beyond the columns of light.

"Completely dead?" The Ecstasy Sect Father was astonished. He had not expected Wu Yu's defenses to be so weak. The Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique had actually put a real scare into him. It was truly rare that any Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator could execute an attack that made him feel threatened. He had been cultivating for close to 300 years, and was at the seventh tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Within the Four Islands of the East Sun, he was one of the influential cultivators!

Although he had destroyed Wu Yu, he had lost two of his girls, and this was a loss that was difficult to bear. The main thing was that he had lost face, and this wound him up. Returning to the white-bone warship, he raged. "Damn martial cultivator, he actually killed two members of my Ecstasy Sect! I will send a million mortal souls down in tribute for their lives!"

"Ecstasy Sect Father, so cool!" The pretty girls had recovered from their shock. Hearing these words from the Ecstasy Sect Father, they had regained their enthusiasm.

"To the divine continent!"

The Ecstasy Sect Father looked out at the divine continent and smacked his lips. He had been looking forward to this for a very long time, and now he finally had his chance! The chance that the Ghostly Emperor, the Necro Lord, had brought!

He was just preparing to steer his white-bone warship to fly over the skies of the divine continent.

At this moment, another person appeared on the coast of the divine continent. The Ecstasy Sect Father looked again and did a double take of shock. Wasn't this the same person as the two that he had just killed?

The other beauties were shocked as well, retreating in panicked dismay.

One was bad enough, but while the Ecstasy Sect Father was still reeling from shock, more and more Wu Yus began to appear. In short order, a dozen Wu Yus had gathered on the coast. They looked and dressed exactly the same, and even their expressions were the same.

"What is going on with the divine continent? Is there only one type of person?!" The Ecstasy Sect Father was dismayed. He had not even made landfall on the divine continent, but all the people he had seen looked exactly the same.

"Go to hell!" The Ecstasy Sect Father would not give Wu Yu his chance now. He acted immediately, wielding his Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle as he came charging through the sky.

From within the dozen doppelgangers, one walked out. This was Wu Yu’s true body, which had not been far. During the time that the clones had been slain, he had already arrived.

Ever since he had started to defend Dong Yue Wu, this was the first time a clone had been killed!

The opponent was a seventh tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator! Five tiers higher than Wu Yu.

An old devil of the world of dao. The vengeful spirits in his control were truly tricky!

In a head-on fight against this caliber of opponent, Wu Yu knew that he had to strike before the opponent had fully grasped his measure. Kill him immediately!

That was why golden symbols appeared in his eyes at the same time as he used the Immortal Ape Transformation and pulled out the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff! The Eyes of Fire and Gold's second tier, Purgatory Chains, activated! Even Beishan Mo had been helpless before this Great Dao Mystique. Although this Ecstasy Sect Father's soul was more mature and powerful, this was his first time encountering the Purgatory Chains. Under its burn, he momentarily lost control over the Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle, and the agonizing pain rooted him on the spot, struggling with a grimace. No one knew what had happened to him!

And Wu Yu capitalized on this chance. He immediately used the Violent Art, increasing his physical strength to its limit. He activated the Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design on the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and smashed it down on the Ecstasy Sect Father, who was still struggling against Purgatory Chains. He was smashed to smithereens!

The power of that single staff strike was chaotic and potent!

Until the point of his death, the Ecstasy Sect Father must not have imagined that he would be killed by Wu Yu before he even set foot on the divine continent!

His final moment was a bewildered look directed Wu Yu's way.

Given his few centuries of experience, he knew that Wu Yu was the most startling youth in the entire divine continent. A miraculous existence.

And yet he did not even have time to speak.

Immediate, painful death!

After the Ecstasy Sect Father was exterminated, the scantily-clad girls of breathtaking beauty were left on the white-bone warship. Their faces froze in disbelief. One of them finally reacted, spurring the rest to fall to their knees in a neat row. They prostrated themselves, arching their butts up as they coyly declared, "We greet our new master, and beg our new master to spare our lives. His wish will be our command. We will be subservient and do whatever our master pleases."

Their voices sounded out in unison, as though it was not the first time they had said this.

Wu Yu did not understand their lives. All he knew was that the blood of many mortals was on their hands. Perhaps they had been helpless in their lives in the ghostly cultivators' world. But they had already become devils. Sparing them would only spell disaster for the divine continent. Since the Immortal Dao had already come to war, then a moment of merciful weakness could result in a thousandfold regret.

"You have erred in this life. Walk the right path in the next. The world of cultivation brings death unexpectedly."

Wu Yu's single Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique swept out, and the deck of the white-bone warship was suddenly silent.

He had killed the Ecstasy Sect Father with swift and accurate savagery. If the next opponent knew Wu Yu's ability, they would not be so easy to deal with.

But far in the distance, on the edge of the East Sea, ghostly qi roiled. Wu Yu sensed that this life and death battle had just begun....

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