Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0477: An Ally Appears

Chapter 0477: An Ally Appears

After the Ecstasy Sect Father, Wu Yu killed wave after wave of ghostly cultivators on the shores of Dong Yue Wu.

The ghostly cultivators, excited at reaching the Dong Sheng Divine Continent after tens of thousands of miles of sailing across the sea, met Wu Yu, and all died before even coming into contact with the hallowed ground of the divine continent, their corpses sinking into the sea.

There were too many ghostly cultivators, and Wu Yu was numb from the killing.

Without a single exception, the entirety of the ghostly cultivators were rotten to the core. That was a marvel in itself.

Of course, if they had good hearts, they would not have crossed the sea to come and invade the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

He had no idea when things would ever come to a head.

Dong Yue Wu was not the main battleground, but there were still many martial cultivators and ghostly cultivators clashing these days. Even with 1,000 clones, Wu Yu still could not hold back the flood.

The occasional ghostly cultivator that slipped through the seams would wreak great havoc on the mortals.

The martial cultivators of the divine continent were hell-bent on killing ghostly cultivators. Each encounter was a life or death battle, to the extent that they were heedless of mortal lives. Once they started fighting, they often implicated mortals as well.

The entire east side of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent had descended into chaos. The ghostly cultivators landed on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent in stupendous numbers, slipping in and even hiding. They were preparing to take up a long term fight against the martial cultivators! The ghostly cultivators specialized in killing from the shadows. They were experts at wicked and cruel methods, and did not hesitate to dish out their merciless cruelty. As a result, the martial cultivators came off worse more often than not. Fortunately, there were more martial cultivators than ghostly cultivators: otherwise, the ghostly cultivators would have permeated the depths of the divine continent even more thoroughly, and the casualties would have been astronomical.

The dozens of mortal kingdoms in the vicinity, with the exception of Dong Yue Wu, were littered with corpses everywhere. The mortal casualty rate was steep, and broken families were scattered everywhere. Wherever the martial cultivators went, they were confronted with such scenes, and they could not help but hate the ghostly cultivators all the more.

Even demons would not be so callously barbaric. In the world of the ghostly cultivators, survival of the fittest was the only law. Morals had no part in their world.

Wu Yu had visited a few neighboring countries and purged a considerable number of ghostly cultivators. But the more ghostly cultivators there were, the more they infested the lands, just like locusts. It was too difficult for a single person to hold them all back.

Seeing the fields of corpses, Wu Yu's anger rose to a boiling point. He was filled with rage. Mortal lives were already so ephemeral, falling short of a century. Wu Yu had once been a mortal as well, and knew how difficult it was. Their transient lives were plagued with all sorts of burdens. Even without superhuman strength or talent, many still found ways to realize their worth in one way or another.

Some buried themselves in books, striving to govern their country.

Some busied themselves with weapons, striving to defend their country.

Some honed their crafts to bring prosperity to all.

But in the eyes of the ghostly cultivators, mortals were as frail as ants. They not only killed humans, but also harvested their souls, and even their organs, such as their eyes and hearts. The scenes they left behind were so grisly that even Wu Yu found it hair-raising.

The enmity built on a sea of blood - this was the feeling!

Blood and gore had its place, even in the world of dao. Wu Yu understood this. But the martial cultivators were, by and large, straight of heart. They had a moral compass, something the ghostly cultivators were bereft of. Everything was measured by its power. That was why no method of growing stronger was off-limits for the ghostly cultivators.

"Ghostly cultivator filth of the East Sea, how can they be allowed to defile the majesty of the divine continent?"

Wu Yu was seething. As much as he was able, his 1,000 clones roamed the lands and combed. Any ghostly cultivator that met him was quickly dispatched of, with no survivors.

"I cannot leave Dong Yue Wu. If I could, I could help to repel even more ghostly cultivators."

Right now, he was conflicted. Because if he left, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom would be littered with corpses, no question. But this forced him to defend passively. Given his personality, he should be moving in response to the main force, going everywhere to seek battle and being a thorn in the ghostly cultivators' side!

He wanted to kill the enemy, but the most important things were by his side, and he had to protect these people. Such as Wu You, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli. Wu Yu was not willing to see them harmed.

The ghostly cultivators of the East Sea were truly unlimited. They proliferated like mice, and there was no end to the killing!

Wu Yu stood on the Bipo Mountain Range. The Bipo Mountain Range beneath his feet was obscured in the misty clouds. It was difficult even for ordinary martial cultivators to find it.

As long as his clones guarded it, this place would definitely be safe.

His gaze was set, but he raged inside. Before his eyes, grey clouds billowed upwards in the direction of the East Sea. Black smoke, eerie howls, the evil and bloody stench of the ghostly cultivators. All of it mingled and meshed, starting to infect the air of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. They were about to turn the Dong Sheng Divine Continent into a land of the dead, just like the Four Islands of the East Sun!

"Wu Yu."

While Wu Yu's 1,000 clones continued to guard Dong Yue Wu, a presence had suddenly entered Dong Yue Wu's border from the west.

Wu Yu had a clone nearby. Hearing the call, the clone flew over, breaking through the clouds to see a black-haired man with a pair of sturdy black wings. The man was slender and elegant. His features were clean and warm, his pupils as dark as ink.

Who would have expected to see him here? Jiu Ying.

Jiu Ying flew forth upon spotting him. He sized Wu Yu up and said, "Is this your clone? I heard that you can create 1,000 now. How unexpected. Back when we parted, I did not expect you to reach where you are at today. A pleasure and my respect."

It was indeed a clone, but it had some limited ability to employ the Eyes of Fire and Gold. A closer look revealed that Jiu Ying had actually reached the sixth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. This shocked him beyond comparison. After all, this level was even higher than Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo. Back when Wu Yu first met him, he was still at the Jindan Dao Realm.

"I am a demon, and different from martial cultivators. My cultivation level grows with my years. Besides, my father has arranged much arduous training for me recently. After toughing through torturous times, I arrived where I am today. And still it is lacking when set beside your own improvement."

Jiu Ying said, abashed.

Since he had come here, he was likely here to seek Wu Yu out.

That made sense. He was of the king's line amongst the demons. The son of Ying Huang, with the demonic bloodline of kings, in addition to his unlimited resources.

With those resources concentrated on Jiu Ying, it was not difficult for Jiu Ying to reach Beishan Mo's level. And there might be a training ground amidst demon territory that was even better than the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

Wu Yu's clone led him back to the Bipo Mountain Range. Along the way, Jiu Ying's face was grave. "I heard that after I left, you were cast out from Shushan. And I heard of your subsequent exploits at Yan Huang Imperial City as well. Wu Yu, I am not clear on the details of my father killing the dao companion of the Mizar Sword Immortal. I am sorry...."

Wu Yu shook his head, saying, "You can't do anything regarding this matter. It isn't really tied to you."

Jiu Ying was still very apologetic. "Because of me, your relationship with Nangong Wei fractured, and so many things even resulted from that. I was struck with guilt after learning about it, and also gained more respect for you. Right now, the entire matter is over, and nothing I say matters. All I can say is that I, Jiu Ying, will do justice to how much you stand firm and treasure your brotherhood. This time, I came to tell you that if you ever need any help, count my strength with yours. In any matter, Jiu Ying will never reject you."

He said this solemnly and seriously.

Seeing how serious he was, Wu Yu could not help but smile. "About that, that matter doesn't involve you. It was about the destiny between Wei Er and I. Our personalities did not match. It was not just this matter - forcing the issue would only have led to more conflict later on."

Jiu Ying gave a laugh as well.

However, he had still made up his mind that Wu Yu was someone worth associating with. His various deeds had earned Jiu Ying's respect.

"That's right. Why have you come here?" Wu Yu asked.

Jiu Ying said, "I actually knew about your three-year promise. When you fought with Beishan Mo, I was at the foot of Shushan, only I was unable to enter. Afterwards, this incident of the East Sea transpired, and you flew like you had wings on your feet. I went seeking news of your whereabouts, and finally arrived here from the Shushan Immortal Sect. I was in seclusion before, and your three-year promise was a good occasion to break it. But it seems like I couldn't be of much help. Then I heard that the East Sea’s ghostly cultivators had come to cause trouble on the divine continent and thought you might need the help, so I came uninvited."

Perhaps he still felt apologetic that Wu Yu had been cast out.

But it was apparent just how much he valued this sense of duty! He had virtually no friends in the Endless Demon Seas. Although he and Wu Yu belonged to different factions, their daos were truly similar.

At this time, Wu Yu's clone had brought him to the Bipo Mountain Range, and Wu Yu's true body had been waiting here for a while. After they arrived, his clone departed for its original position.

"A miracle. I can't tell clone from real body." Jiu Ying marveled.

Jiu Ying said that he had come to help, but he was still a demon. Wu Yu believed him, but he still had to clarify things. He said, "Jiu Ying. I will get straight to the point and ask you directly. How do the demons view the ghostly cultivators' invasion of the divine continent?"

He believed that this was a worry that even the Yan Huang City Lord and his counterparts were concerned with - that when they were locked in a life and death battle with the East Sea’s ghostly cultivators, the demons would stab them in the back. That would truly result in devastating casualties for the martial cultivators of the divine continent.

Jiu Ying was quiet for a while. He said cautiously, "I will tell you all I know. Firstly, on this matter, the demons are mainly divided into two factions. One faction follows Zhu Huang, and the agents of Emperor Yan's Hall have been in contact with her. They wish to divide the divine continent with him, and Zhu Huang is naturally willing to support this endeavor and rid the divine continent of martial cultivators. The other faction revolves around my father, Ying Huang. My father feels that the Necro Lord is a perversion. If the demons actually help the ghostly cultivators purge the divine continent, then the demons will be the next target of the Necro Lord. And given the news of the horror that is the Necro Lord, the demons will definitely not be able to stand against him. For now, the demons supporting Zhu Huang have a slight edge in numbers. They feel that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Their sentiment has robbed my father of his confidence in his decision."

So that was how it was.

This detail could be conveyed to the Yan Huang City Lord.

He then asked, "What do you think?"

Jiu Ying said, "I do not care about the demons. I hope that they can play the part of silent spectators and refrain from interfering. But for myself, I am willing to help you beat back the ghostly cultivators."

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