Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0475: Extreme Pleasure Sec

Chapter 0475: Extreme Pleasure Sec

Wu Yu's clones readily spread out throughout the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

He had 1,000 pairs of eyes. Within the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, not a single ghostly cultivator could escape his sight.

Although his doppelgangers did not have a mystique like the Eyes of Fire and Gold, which could see through all, since the original body had this mystique, they could capitalize on it as well.

There was a sinister aura oozing from the ghostly cultivators. They had killed too many people, and dark clouds would actually circle their heads. The noticeable stench of blood also made them stand out.

Fortunately, the ghostly cultivators that had arrived first at the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom were not that strong. Wu Yu combed through the entire Dong Yue Wu Kingdom in carpet style, and the strongest he killed was an eighth tier Jindan cultivator.

Within the day, all the ghostly cultivators within Dong Yue Wu had been cleansed by Wu Yu. Only then did the mortals' casualty rate finally peter off.

Compared to the surrounding kingdoms, Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's casualties were not even worth mentioning.

Wu Yu could not save everyone. Dong Yue Wu was his limit, the reach of his clones.

Besides, even if he had finished off all the ghostly cultivators within Dong Yue Wu's borders, ghostly cultivators continued to stream across the border. They killed and slaughtered dementedly without hesitation, and the ghostly cultivators that appeared from the east side, bordering the coastal zone of Dong Yue Wu, were by far the most!

These ghostly cultivators had just landed on the divine continent coast from the East Sea. They had not yet killed anyone on the divine continent, but they could not be let off! Wu Yu had left more than 100 clones here to form a defensive line. They completely killed all the ghostly cultivators that flew in.

Meanwhile, his true body was in the Heavenly Sword Sect making a formation.

Luo Pin had left him the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon. Back then, it had been the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon that had helped Wu Yu break through to the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

He had carefully analyzed the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon for a year, and now he was definitely the best amongst his peers. He even had a smattering of understanding regarding the most difficult Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs.

Feng Xueya and the others could still control the Million Swords Formation, but a stronger opponent - any Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator - could easily break it.

In order to help his sister, master, and brethren better, Wu Yu decided to add a Heaven and Earth Spirit Design around the perimeter of the Bipo Mountain Range.

This came from the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon.

Given Feng Xueya's ability, he was powerless to control such a formation, so Wu Yu's clones needed to be here.

Wu Yu chose the one he was most familiar with, one that he had experimented with many times: the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation.

This Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation was a top-class Heaven and Earth Spirit Design. Although it was a spirit design copy, its potency was terrifying. After all, this was the spirit design of a mystical dragon. It simply needed 10 of Wu Yu's clones to be present to be able to hold out against the Shushan Sword Sages for 15 minutes. If the Sword Sages or general-level fighters came and wanted to shatter the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation, they would have to go at it with wild destructive power.

Once the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation was set up, the safety of the Heavenly Sword Sect could basically be put out of mind.

Besides preparing the foundations of the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation, Wu Yu also set another formation: Confusing Clouds Formation. The Confusing Clouds Formation would call down clouds that concealed the Bipo Mountain Range. This would make it difficult for ghostly cultivators to even find the Bipo Mountain Range, as long as their cultivation level did not surpass Wu Yu's.

To set up the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation was indeed quite tricky. It required many rare materials. Luckily, Luo Pin had left him with enough suitable materials. Wu Yu firstly inscribed spirit designs onto the various treasures and set them at specially designated places within the Bipo Mountain Range. With his clones helping, this was quickly accomplished. In less than a quarter of an hour, the main materials had all been inscribed and set within the Bipo Mountain Range.

More than 1,000 types of materials were used. Wu Yu had also drawn more than 1,000 spirit designs. However, these were all components of the Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation. After the preparations were complete, they still had to be melded for the formation to succeed.

Afterwards, modifications would have to be made.

"The Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation has to be fashioned by a mystical dragon for it to be created easily. It's like climbing an uphill slope for me."

Although that was the case, the toll on him was not great. In truth, the copy spirit design he had fashioned was no less effective than if a mystical dragon had done it.

This practical application was also significant in helping his dao enlightenment!

Within the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon, more than 100 ancestors of the dragon tribe had left their understanding of this formation to him. If he prioritized it and absorbed the essence within the book, it would indeed be an entire school of study by itself. This was very taxing on the mind, requiring sustained and high concentration. Not the slightest mistake could be made in the process, and this made Wu Yu very tense. It was even more arduous than cultivation.

But eventually, Wu Yu succeeded.

After all, the danger posed by the East Sea ghostly cultivators was huge, so he could not afford to hold back. He would even put his life on the line! In these days, the ghostly cultivators continued to arrivee. His doppelgangers had killed more than 1,000 ghostly cultivators in total. Wu Yu had not been drenched in so much blood in a while now, but he did not feel the slightest tinge of regret.

These ghostly cultivators were cackling and quabbling as they rushed towards the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. To rush here so frantically - that just belied that each and every one of them was rotten to the core!

The Nine Heavenward Dragons Formation was completed! The nine mystical dragons' likenesses were the foundation of the spirit design. On each one stood a clone of Wu Yu. His clones sat there, ready to activate the spirit design at any time.

The entire Bipo Mountain Range was concealed, and as it was hidden, it seemed like a mystical dragon was flying above. One could hear the roar of a mystical dragon echoing all around the plains. This awesome voice was especially reassuring to the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

On this foundation, Wu Yu again laid on the Confusing Clouds Formation. Another clone sat protecting this one. A total of 10 clones were holding down the two major spirit designs. From now on, unless a ghostly cultivator of the Shushan Sword Sages' level appeared, the threat was basically neutralized.

"If they're just going to hold the spirit design, and no complicated control is required, your true form might even be able to go a bit further," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu discovered that the further his clones were from him, the weaker his control over them. If he went too far, he might even lose connection with the clone. Once that happened, the clone would simply stand rooted on the spot. If he was not that far, Wu Yu could still exact some basic control over it, such as guarding the spirit design. It was simply using Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to fuel the spirit design. That was not too complex.

And if he had to fight the ghostly cultivators, patrol, and engage them, it required finer control. Wu Yu could only do this if his clones did not stray out of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

Right now, if his clones were simply guarding the spirit design, then he could probably extend his range to one or two more kingdoms, and perhaps even to the sea region towards the East Sea.

"If I actually have to leave, then I will just get a few of the brethren of the Heaven's Equal Camp to come and help." After all, scrounging together six or seven Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators from the Heaven's Equal Camp was not a problem.

The two spirit designs had just succeeded.

Wu Yu had much confidence in these spirit designs. That was why his main body did not need to stay at the Heavenly Sword Sect, but instead entered the fray against the ghostly cultivators, especially in the region that bordered the East Sea.

Right now, the battle between the ghostly cultivators and the divine continent's martial cultivators was proceeding with heat. It was said that the major sects had all sent their people to roam the coast of the East Sea and kill ghostly cultivators. Even the martial cultivators of the smaller sects had come forth to assist in the protection of the divine continent and exact justice! This was a fight that involved the entire world of dao, and no one could act alone.

People of other sects had also come to the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. But after learning that the famous Wu Yu was protecting it, they hurried away to assist other places.

It was said that the true strength of the ghostly cultivators had yet to show itself. A majority of the ghostly cultivators had come here to try to claim a piece of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Right now, they were only the small fry who could destroy mortals and those smaller sects.

On this day, two of Wu Yu's clones were patrolling the Dong Yue Wu coast. To the east of where he was lay the vast sea. The blue sky and white clouds made for a picturesque view.

But just at this moment, a grey warship of white bone was breaking through the waves far to the east. Behind this warship of white bone was a trail of blood on the sea that extended for a very long distance. Beneath it were fish, cut into gory pieces. A few mortal bodies were meshed into the mix.

On top of the huge, looming, white-bone warship, song and dance could actually be heard. Feminine laughter, coquettish and teasing, that stirred the heart. The white-bone warship was draped with colors. Although made of white bone, it was in the guise of a flowery boat, bustling and gay as could be.

Wu Yu's two clones squinted, looking over. Soon enough, the white-bone warship arrived before them, and more than 10 scantily dressed women were on board. A majority were only wearing some sashes, revealing large patches of snow-white skin. Their faces were heavily rogued, and they were all alluring and foxy characters. It was difficult for ordinary men to catch their breath.

Within this tittering crowd was a throne of white bone, carved out of an enormous demonic beast's corpse. It was very sinister and cold. On it sat a wizened elder of short stature. He was a full head shorter than these beauties, and looked extremely frail and shrunken, though he had a mean and cold manner to him. He was laughing loudly in a very chilling way. Although his legs were short, two ample girls were resting on them. The old man was running his hands up and down their bodies to tease them. Things were very lively.

"Dao Ancestor, we've reached the divine continent." A babe simpered, sashaying forth with an exaggerated twist to her hips. She knelt before the elder, batting her eyes.

"We’ve arrived?" The old man pushed the two beauties off his lap, standing up. The two girls were not at all angry, but instead seemed to treat it as an honor. They immediately stood up to plaster themselves to the old man.

"Indeed we are here. My dear beauties, the time to begin the carnage has come. With the Ghostly Emperor leading us, don't hold back. This old man has long wanted to come to the divine continent. Use our Extreme Pleasure Sect's Ecstasy Arts to show the female martial cultivators on this divine continent a good time!”

On the white-bone warship, the girls tittered and laughed.

Until they spotted the two Wu Yus on the shore.

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