Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0474: The Daughter of the Eighth Emperor

Chapter 0474: The Daughter of the Eighth Emperor

"Ming Long, what's happening?" Wu Yu could only think of asking her.

At this moment, Ming Long was astonished too. She replied, "This isn't quite possible. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord should have long been dead. Even if it still existed, it would be the egg in your hands. How could it rely on someone else to revive?"

"However, why does this devouring method sound so much like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord as recorded in history?" Wu Yu's eyebrows knitted together.

"In this wide world, there are all kinds of mysterious things. This might just be a coincidence. Let's not make our conclusion now. And don't blame yourself for it. The most pressing thing now is to spread what you have just learned." Ming Long was still calm and composed when facing a major incident.

"Yeah." Wu Yu nodded his head.

What worried him the most was that if the Necro Lord was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, he would be the one most responsible for this catastrophe as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had only appeared after he entered the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

After giving it more thought, when Qin Fuyao left the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and returned to the world of ghostly cultivators, she might have brought something back. However, why wasn't Qin Fuyao the one who had become the Ghostly Emperor?

There were lots of suspicious points in this matter, and it was still uncertain if this incident was related to Wu Yu and Luo Pin entering the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

Moreover, if the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was really revived, he would have kept a low profile. What was his objective if he had chosen to cause such a huge ruckus?

This matter was hard to understand if one was simply thinking about it.

Wu Yu had asked all he wanted to know and the ghostly cultivators were waiting for Wu Yu to let them go. Wu Yu looked across them emotionlessly and pointed to one of them. "Your answers are the most detailed. I won't kill you."

The remaining ghostly cultivators were horrified and shivered in fear. The next moment, Wu Yu's doppelgangers exerted a little force and the golden flames from the doppelgangers shrouded and reduced the ghostly cultivators to ashes! Their hands were all stained with blood and therefore they should suffer such retribution.

The last ghostly cultivator heaved a sigh of relief as he thanked Wu Yu. "Thank you for not killing me. Thank you. If there is anything else you wish to know, you can just ask me. If you are done, can I leave?"

Wu Yu smiled faintly and waved his arm. The next moment, the Million Swords Formation below him stopped circulating. He grabbed towards the air and Lan Huayi flew towards him. Lan Huayi had now regained some vitality after resting, and her complexion had improved a little. Now that she was facing Wu Yu directly, she felt a little anxious despite being his senior.

"Kill him," Wu Yu said to Lan Huayi.

"YOU! How can you go back on your word?!" That ghostly cultivator was as pale as snow as he shrieked.

Wu Yu answered, "I'm really not going to kill you. However, I did not say anything about letting others kill you. You have killed countless of my countrymen from Dong Yue Wu. Killing you only once is already showing you compassion!"

There's no way Wu Yu would let a ghostly cultivator off!

Lan Huayi knew his intentions. Her hatred for this ghostly cultivator wouldn't be any less than Wu Yu's. Therefore, she was quick and decisive at this moment as she plunged her immortal treasure longsword into the body of that ghostly cultivator. A layer of frost shrouded over and the ghostly cultivator paled and struggled incessantly.

"We don't care who you are! Before the might of our Ghostly Emperor, all the cultivators like you shall die! The divine continent will be the world of us ghostly cultivators soon!

"There are billions and billions of mortals here. With such great cultivation resources, you guys are recklessly wasting them and don’t know how to use them. If we occupy this place, we will definitely make Dong Sheng Divine Continent even stronger and more prosperous!

"You will definitely not live for more than a month! Our ghostly cultivator army is coming in masses from the East Sea. The streets of a small country like this will soon be covered in corpses. All of you would go to hell! Argh!"

That ghostly cultivator cried pitifully and eventually died in the hands of Lan Huayi.

"Be a little more ruthless next time. It's annoying to hear him scream," Wu Yu said to Lan Huayi.

"Mm." Wu Yu had a solemn expression at this point, and Lan Huayi could only listen obediently as though she was Wu Yu’s subordinate.

Wu You was below them.

One of Wu Yu's doppelgangers couldn't wait and rushed down. Although they had not been separated for long since their last reunion, it was a perilous situation this time. It was especially so as countless citizens of Dong Yue Wu had suffered gruesome deaths. Wu You was currently at her weakest condition.

"Don't be afraid. I'm back." Wu Yu held her in his embrace.

"Yeah. I'm at ease now. You definitely have to take revenge for them. As the leader of the country, I can't say I'm not responsible for the gruesome deaths of so many people." Streams of tears flowed down Wu You's eyes as she spoke.

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "The mortals are affected in the quarrels of the immortals. There is nothing you could have done about this. You shouldn't be blaming yourself. From today onwards, I'll station myself here in Dong Yue Wu. Hurry over to the Heavenly Sword Sect right away. This is just a doppelganger of mine. My main body is right there."

Wu Yu had intended for his main body to be stationed in Heavenly Sword Sect and distribute his doppelgangers throughout the entire Dong Yue Wu. He wanted to round up and slaughter those ghostly cultivators that had infiltrated Dong Yue Wu's borders.


With this relocation, even the countless officials would be safe. At this moment, Wu Yu escorted Wu You and Lan Huayi to the Heavenly Sword Sect with 100 doppelgangers, while 30 other doppelgangers were left behind in Capital Wu to maintain the Million Swords Formation. The thirty Heaven sword rank equivalent doppelgangers wouldn't be defeated by ordinary ghostly cultivators.

As for the remaining doppelgangers, they separated under the control of Wu Yu and headed in all directions across the entire Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Wu Yu's vision broadened extensively as he could share the vision of all his doppelgangers.

Countless of his doppelgangers spoke at the same time and his voice reverberated across the entire Dong Yue Wu.

"To all citizens, I, Wu Yu, am back. Please do not leave the cities. Instead, try to make your way into the cities so it will be easier for me to protect all of you."

Hearing Wu Yu's voice, the mortals cried tears of joy. This was an immortal of Dong Yue Wu that was recorded in history and the former prince of Dong Yue Wu.

The chaotic Dong Yue Wu had finally regained a little peace.

At this moment, Wu Yu transmitted all the information he had learned to Shen Xingyao and the Imperial General with core-tail talismans. They could inform the Shushan Immortal Sect and Yan Huang Imperial City respectively. However, Wu Yu received a response soon after. Regarding the Necro Lord, the Imperial General and the rest had learnt about him before Wu Yu. At this moment, the orthodox sects were discussing how they would deal with the Necro Lord.

The Necro Lord was extremely intelligent. He had not shown his face at all and almost all the stronger ghostly cultivator experts had hidden themselves. This deprived the experts from the divine continent an opportunity to face them in a direct and open battle. When the Ghostly Emperor hid himself away, that would be the most dangerous moment.

However, Imperial General told Wu Yu about another matter too.

"The Taixu Sage Master once had a disciple named Qin Shengxue. He was an insanely talented disciple of the Shangyuan Dao Sect. As he secretly dabbled into the cultivation arts of the ghostly cultivators, his mind became contorted and he was eventually expelled out of the Shangyuan Dao Sect. He felt that he was wronged and harbored deep hatred for the Shangyuan Dao Sect. This made him constantly think about making them pay the price. 100 years ago, he headed for the East Sea and joined Emperor Yan's Hall. In the end, he became the Eighth Emperor of Emperor Yan's Hall and changed his name to Duomingshan Shengxue. Duomingshan Shengxue still practices the orthodox arts, but his heart is that of a ghostly cultivator. What is most important is that rumors say that Duomingshan Shengxue had a daughter that went missing from young. She has recently appeared again, and her name is Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas."

So Qin Fuyao was the daughter of the Eighth Emperor!

It was no longer surprising that she practiced the orthodox path and was arranged to be sent into Yan Huang Imperial City as an undercover spy. It would seem like everything had been planned a long time ago.

The Eighth Emperor... Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas... Necro Lord... Heaven Devouring Evil Residence... The appearances of these figures and creatures caused Wu Yu to pause in thought. He had not seen the Necro Lord, and before the truth was uncovered, nothing could be verified.

As such, he chose to guard Dong Yue Wu in the meantime.

When his 500 doppelgangers arrived at Capital Wu, the Heavenly Sword Sect was also under the attack of the ghostly cultivators. However, with Feng Xueya around, the situation wasn't as perilous. Wu Yu's doppelgangers finished off the ghostly cultivators easily and asked about the Necro Lord. The information he obtained here was basically identical.

After his main body rested for some time and his doppelgangers had finished off the ghostly cultivators, he arrived at the Heavenly Sword Sect. After leaving around 50 doppelgangers and the main body, the other doppelgangers separated and headed towards all corners of Dong Yue Wu. His vision now covered the entire Dong Yue Wu with at least 900 doppelgangers patrolling in the air. If there was any movement, nothing would escape his eyes.

At this moment, the 100 doppelgangers had taken Wu You and Lan Huayi back. After which, they also separated to protect Dong Yue Wu. His other doppelgangers were either at Capital Wu or distributed around the Bipo Mountain Range. Wu Yu met Feng Xueya, Wu You, and the rest with his main body.

"Are these all you? I can't even tell who among you guys is the real one..." Wu You chuckled bitterly.

"It's not just you. I can't differentiate at all. It's really a miracle!" Feng Xueya sighed emotionally.

The truth was that even the Imperial General couldn't tell, let alone them.

After recuperating for some time, Wu Yu's condition improved. Seeing how solemn he was, Feng Xueya couldn't hold himself back from asking, "What's really happening? Is it serious?"

Wu Yu explained everything clearly. When the rest heard him, the entire Heavenly Sword Sect seemed to have frozen. Everyone was flustered but were able to regain a little composure while looking at Wu Yu.

This was an unprecedented battle between the cultivators and ghostly cultivators.

Wu Yu pondered for some time before saying, "I will guard Dong Yue Wu and this place. As for the other areas, I'm afraid I'm helpless. I can only rely on the other cultivators in the divine continent. First, let me re-craft the spirit design around the Heavenly Sword Sect. The Million Swords Formation doesn't pack much punch. With me and my doppelgangers stationed around, this place will be the safest place along the East Coast, so rest assured. As for the entire Dong Yue Wu, I have 1,000 doppelgangers patrolling. It shouldn't be a grave issue."

"Alright. We shall not disturb you then. If there's anything we can help with, feel free to tell us," Wu You said.

Feng Xueya thought for a moment and said, "Now that this incident has become such a huge issue, escaping west is also a plausible option. It is just that we will forever lose the Bipo Mountain Range...."

Wu You shook her head and said, "I can't possibly shift all the people in Dong Yue Wu away. I can't leave...."

The Immortal Kingdoms of the mortals weren’t like the sects. Sects could give their territories up and start anew in another area. However, there were over 100,000,000 mortals who had taken roots in the Immortal Kingdoms. Their lives were very fragile, and migration was only a small possibility. Would they be able to escape the pursuit of the ghostly cultivators?

Wu Yu said, "There's nowhere to run. If we lose, there won't be a safe place in the entire divine continent. The only solution is to kill the ghostly cultivators."

He also wouldn't want his countrymen from Dong Yue Wu to be away from their homes and flee in desperation.

Protecting this place would be his mission.

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