Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0264: Core-Tail Talisman

Chapter 0264: Core-Tail Talisman

"Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column!" Gu Hongming was stunned and shaken. In that instant, he relaxed himself substantially.

Wu Yu was a sword cultivator and yet had used a different spiritual immortal treasure all of a sudden. Moreover, it was a close range weapon type. Therefore, he was a little surprised.

People like them followed the path of swords for the entire lifetimes and wouldn't wish to be distracted at all.

The key was that everyone knew how expensive the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was. It cost around 1,300 merit points. Even if one had that many merit points, he would have used them to trade for other types of spiritual immortal treasures.

Where did Wu Yu get his merit points?

Clearly, he couldn't have stolen it. No one could possibly steal anything from the Immortal Treasures Hall.

"I don't care anymore, smash him!" The more Gu Hongming looked at Wu Yu, the more annoyed he got. At this moment, he was like an arrow on a drawn bow. He naturally wouldn't hesitate. Using the Great Dao Destruction Strike as the focal point, he smashed towards the Wu Yu’s head!

At this instant, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns that was protecting Wu Yu suddenly flew out and went past the Great Dao Destruction Strike!

The truth was, Gu Hongming had just picked up this Great Dao Mystique recently. Typically, a Great Dao Mystique required a long time of practice. Therefore, his control over it wasn't great and he couldn't fully control his Great Dao Destruction Strike. However, its destructive force was still sufficient.

Therefore, he did not defend against that Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns at that instant. Just as the Great Dao Destruction Strike was about to smash Wu Yu into smithereens, Wu Yu suddenly smiled. Twisting his body a little, he turned into a golden buddha of six zhang tall. He looked impregnable, like an asteroid from outer space that couldn't be split.

"Break!" Gu Hongming shouted loudly, wanting to break through Wu Yu's defense!

Suddenly, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns appeared around him in the arrangement of the Nine Palaces. The Nine Golden Dragon Ascension Columns were, in fact, one single body. When the layout was completed, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns activated immediately. Under Wu Yu's control, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns released exceptional restrictive pressure. This restrictive pressure was meant for suppressing demons. However, when used on humans, its effects weren't weak either.

The key was that the design severed Gu Hongming from his Great Dao Destruction Strike and isolated Gu Hongming in a suppressed, enclosed world.


Golden rays illuminated the skies. In that instant, the Great Dao Destruction Strike that was almost certain to hit Wu Yu dissipated into thin air!

In the next instant, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns smashed into the ground loudly. Gu Hongming, who was surrounded by the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns, was also pinned to the ground. His head was bleeding, but he couldn't move at all!

At this moment, Gu Hongming roared frenzily and attempted to break free from the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment using his raging Jindan essence in vain. The Demon Imprisonment Columns shook upon collision with Gu Hongming's Jindan essence, but Gu Hongming was unable to truly shake the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns up till the very end.

Anyone would be able to tell that Gu Hongming had been suppressed by the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns. The current him was like a piece of flesh that was pinned onto a chopping block.

When the Great Dao Destruction Strike dissipated, Wu Yu released his Golden Buddha form and charged to the side of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns immediately. Gu Hongming and Wu Yu were within and outside of the Imprisonment Column respectively. One was bleeding profusely from the head, while the other had his hands behind him and was acting calmly. It was clear who had won the battle.

Separated by the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns, Gu Hongming and Wu Yu exchanged gazes. Gu Hongming got even more pissed and his face turned entirely black. He gritted his teeth, growled, and moved his limbs frenziedly in an attempt to charge through the suppression. However, it was a futile attempt, at least in the short term.

As for Wu Yu, he walked within the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns easily. He lifted one of his legs and stepped on Gu Hongming’s face. Wearing a smile, he iterated each word slowly, "Senior Brother He, killing you now would be as easy as flipping my palm. I have said previously that you aren't a match for me, but you refused to believe me. You should believe it now. Rest assured, I won't touch you. We are on the same side after all. However, I will also advise you not to pick on me in the future. How can I not be angry if you always look down on me? If there's a next time, I won't let you be so comfortable."

"YOU!" Gu Hongming shook violently in anger. He stared harshly at him, but under the gaze of Wu Yu, he felt completely defeated. He truly found himself unable to break free from the suppression of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns.

Wu Yu knew when to stop. He lifted his head and indeed found the eyes of the four people similar to Gu Hongming's. It was especially so for the two ladies; they looked a little pale at this moment. This was because they knew that Gu Hongming was the strongest among them after He Taozi. If Wu Yu could roll over him so easily, this would only mean that the young man before their eyes was stronger than they had imagined.

In that case, he wasn't being arrogant but had the strength to back it.

Moreover, he was young and was only in the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. Based on these factors, they realized that Wu Yu was much more terrifying than they had imagined previously. And their preconceived notion that Wu Yu would screw things up had dissipated instantly.

One could say that through this battle, Wu Yu had corrected their mindset. They had to truly be respectful when treating Wu Yu.

Ye Jingming was the first to smile and say, "Senior Brother Gu was indeed a little rash. However, we did not expect Junior Brother Wu to be so strong. Our chances of capturing the demon are also higher now."

Su Qing also said coquettishly, "Yeah. As long as we work together, finishing that demon won't be difficult. However, that demon is too cunning. The truth is that it wasn’t only Junior Brother Wu - even we were conned. Otherwise, we wouldn't have let the demon go just because of Junior Brother Wu's claim. Do you guys agree?"

Gong Yangxue smiled awkwardly and didn't comment. However, her expression had changed.

In the end, everyone looked to He Taozi. He was the leader after all, and his attitude to the incident was also the most important.

Wu Yu clasped his right fist with his left arm and said, "Senior Brother He, Senior Brother Gu has targeted me time after time. He even wanted to take my life this time and I was forced to react. Please forgive me."

He Taozi took a glance at him and waved his hand. "It's natural that there are some tensions in the team after letting the demon go. However, what's most important is still that demon. I hope you guys can emerge from the fight with a better relationship and become friends. Focus your energy on the demon from here onwards and not on internal fights. I won't be courteous to whoever instigates from now on."

Indeed, even He Taozi didn't dare to target and penalize Wu Yu.

Upon hearing He Taozi, Gu Hongming knew that he was completely defeated. He no longer struggled and endured the boundless anger and embarrassment. "Indeed, I was too rash in this incident. Junior Brother Wu, I sincerely apologize to you."

Wu Yu smiled and said, "I was the one who injured Senior Brother Gu. I should be the one apologizing to you."

Everyone was being hypocritical just for the merit points. Wu Yu had managed to prove himself but didn't get carried away. He released Gu Hongming and kept the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns out. He chatted joyously with the group and acted like nothing had happened previously.

"Oh, right, Junior Brother Wu, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns are expensive. I did not expect you to have such a spiritual immortal treasure. Can you tell us how you gathered that amount of merit points?" Su Qing leaned over on Wu Yu and initiated substantial body contact.

Wu Yu replied plainly, "I don't have that many merit points. It was a gift from someone."

His reply further shocked the group. After all, unless the person was of high ranking, no one would possibly give something so precious as a gift!

"Is it from the Galaxy Sword Sage?" Therefore, they suspected it was from the Galaxy Sword Sage. They assumed that he was still paying attention to Wu Yu. If that was the case, Wu Yu would be truly horrifying. Towards the end, they would probably be more reserved and even see Wu Yu as their main member.

Wu Yu smiled and diverted the topic. Naturally, this was seen as tacit agreement. Therefore, the group exchanged glances and were stunned. They started to exchange pleasantries with Wu Yu. Even Gong Yangxue joined in the conversation, acting flirtatiously from time to time to draw Wu Yu's attention.

The relationship within the team was corrected. However, what Wu Yu was most concerned about was the demon. He looked to He Taozi and asked, "Let's get to business. Senior Brother He, what do you think we should do next?"

He Taozi was, in fact, thinking about this issue. At this moment, he replied, "Since the demon was loitering around, he definitely has other objectives. Our only worry is the safety of the fellow cultivators in the vicinity. This was a place protected by Shushan, so we cannot allow such a tragedy to happen again. Therefore, we have to inform the surrounding powers and request them to activate their sect-protecting spirit designs. Once the demon appears, they will be able to stop him. As for the six of us, we should be stationed at separate locations to pin down the demon. Once the demon appears, the others will be informed. This will require the use of Message Talismans. Although Message Talismans are expensive, they are nothing compared to the merit points we will be getting in the end."

For this mission, He Taozi had prepared a large number of Message Talismans.

One type of Message Talisman could only be sent to a fixed location. This type of Message Talisman was cheaper.

There was another type that could be separated into a core and tail talisman. For example, if Wu Yu held the tail talisman and He Taozi took away the core talisman, He Taozi could send a message automatically to Wu Yu by sending a message through the core talisman. No matter where Wu Yu was, he would be able to receive the message.

However, such Message Talismans were more expensive and cost 15 merit points. For this mission, as the area they covered might be too big, He Taozi had only bought Message Talismans with core and tail segments.

"Remember, don't use it unless you really encounter the demon. We don't have many supplies after all. If we use these Message Talismans, their cost will be deducted from the final reward. Naturally, the cost will also be split evenly. If we have any left, we can sell them in the Yi Treasure Vault."

Everyone understood their instructions.

Everyone had five tail talismans and five core talismans. Once anyone spotted the demon, one would send out all five core talismans. Although the group had brought over thirty core-tail talismans, they would likely only use five in the end. Summing them up, it would be 75 merit points. If the cost was split evenly, it wouldn't be too extravagant.

For the last part, it would be the allocation of stationed locations.

There was a total of nine powers. He Taozi would be stationing himself among the four forces that were relatively close to one another. He would at most take seven or eight minutes to reach one force from the other.

Wu Yu didn't know what He Taozi had in mind when he assigned Wu Yu to be stationed at the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect.

What he said was, "That demon has just visited the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect and is unlikely to return. You will be safer there. You are someone the Galaxy Sword Sage pays attention to. If you encounter any accidents, Shushan will lose a talent."

However, those who could help in the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect were already injured. In other words, if the demon came back, Wu Yu probably have to face him alone without any help.

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