Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0263: Great Dao Destruction Strike

Chapter 0263: Great Dao Destruction Strike

Regarding this, Wu Yu still felt that there were many questionable points.

If he had truly made a mistake, he would admit to it. However, he wouldn't allow Gu Hongming, who had been very opinionated against him, to scream and slander him.

At this moment, the group was probably pissed that Wu Yu had let Jiu Ying away. When Gu Hongming wanted to teach Wu Yu a lesson, no one attempted to stop him!

Even Ye Jingming simply shook his head helplessly and let out a sigh.

As for He Taozi, he was the leader. This incident had probably raised his annoyance of Wu Yu to above that of Gu Hongming. Therefore, Wu Yu held no hopes that he would step forward and stop Gu Hongming.

To him, he was already magnanimous for not teaching Wu Yu a lesson himself after allowing such an incident to happen.

Wu Yu was still immersed in his thoughts about the questionable points. Under everyone's attention, Gu Hongming pulled out his sword and charged over. He looked vicious as he roared, "Wu Yu! As I've said, you are just here to leech merit points! However, I did not expect you to even suggest your damned ideas to us! It is you who has let the demon go. The responsibility is yours! How dare you still behave proudly and arrogantly in front of us. I, Gu Hongming, will teach you a lesson today!"

Wu Yu looked at him silently and quickly descended to the ground.

When fighting on the sword, he had to also concentrate on controlling the sword. This wasn't the Battlefield of Swords and Immortals. Wu Yu was still more familiar with ground battles.

Since they had always doubted his strength, Wu Yu wanted to demonstrate it to them!

Without a second word, he held the Yin Yang Dao Sword on his left and right hand respectively. One was white, while the other was black. Two razor sharp and slim, narrow swords glowed in a different shine under the illumination of the sun.

Lifting his head and taking a glance, they were indeed watching a show. At this moment, Wu Yu felt that even Ye Jingming was just as such.


As Wu Yu snorted, Gu Hongming carried his broad blade sword and was charging towards Wu Yu. That broad blade sword had an electric snake circling it with various designs on it. At this moment, it was rotating in a frenzy. Instantly, the white clouds turned dark and lightning scampered across them. Dozens of electric snakes roarred and savagely struck down.

"Thunder-breaking Swordsmanship!"

Gu Hongming growled as he injected spiritual art into his circulating array on the sword. In that instant, the electric snake on the longsword exploded and shot out. Just as Gu Hongming swung his sword, a dense electric net fell in tandem. Everything within a radius of three miles were charred from the explosion of the sword-shaped thunderbolt. Several old trees ignited in flames and were burnt to ashes!

Ping, ping, ping!

Explosions followed everywhere it landed, illuminating the surroundings. This illustrated the "breaking" description of his spiritual art.

"The Jindan essence of a sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivator! Moreover, the quality of the Jindan essence is very high. Although the dao technique isn't amazing and might not be stronger than my Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art, just that dense Jindan essence alone is indeed sufficient to pin me down."

The strongest opponent Wu Yu had previously was Zhao Xuanxian, and he was only at the fourth tier.

However, Wu Yu wasn't fearful, despite knowing the strength of his opponent. He remained composed. When the Thunder-breaking Swordsmanship fell, his pupils shrank and he struck with both swords at almost the same instant!

With his Yin Yang Sword Wheel, Wu Yu could almost act with two minds in the aspect of sword dao.

"Killing God Void Sword!"

Previously, Wu Yu needed to place both swords together and rely on a complete yin-yang diagram to execute the Killing God Void Sword. However, after the explosive increase of his Jindan essence half a year later, he would no longer need to do so.

Whether it was the black sword in his left hand or the white sword in his right hand, he lunged into the void space at different angles. At that instant, the space shook. Two humongous sword shadows almost triggered the feeling of the sky collapsing. From the left and right, it clashed directly with that Thunder-breaking Swordsmanship. The two great dao techniques of sword cultivators varied constantly while clashing. Although Wu Yu's Killing God Void Sword didn't have the same scale, it had an advantage in that it was more skillful and sharp. Moreover, there were two strikes. Therefore, it flung the Thunder-breaking net away on impact!


With a loud chant from Wu Yu, the Thunder-breaking Swordsmanship dissipated instantly. Even Gu Hongming was sent flying back from the shockwave. He even staggered back when he landed on the ground.

This development truly shocked everyone.

Naturally, all of this happened in just an instant.

Wu Yu kept his Yin Yang Dao Sword out. At this point, a strong wind started blowing. Wu Yu was, after all, a young guy, and his anger arose at this moment. Looking at the shocked and pale expression on Gu Hongming, he remarked loudly, "Although Senior Brother Gu is a sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivator, it would be a vain attempt to try to bully me. Through this exchange, Senior Brother Gu only looks impressive but actually lacks real worth!"

Amidst the strong wind, the clothes of the young man were flattering. His eyes were sharp and filled with lofty ambition and passion. Every action and word of his exhibited his heroics.

Those who were around probably wouldn't forget this scene. The scene where this young cultivator was so arrogant and valiant!

Ye Jingming, Su Qing, Gong Yangxue, and He Taozi exchanged gazes. Unknowing to them, they started looking forward to what Wu Yu had to offer. Just as they had expected, Gu Hongming couldn't take this humiliation. He let out an angry roar and spewed thunderbolts from his mouth that shot through the skies and sealed the dark clouds above him. When he opened his mouth again, he sucked the dark clouds into his mouth!

"Wu Yu, since you are courting death, Senior Brother Gu will fulfil your wish. Even if I'm questioned when I return to Shushan, I'll also have their support!"

Gu Hongming shouted loudly. Lightning circled him as he lifted his broadsword. Flipping his right palm upwards, dark clouds started gathering, forming a small world of its own to the astonishment of Wu Yu. The palm was like the earth and the dark clouds that he devoured previously had all appeared above his palm at this moment. It was just that these clouds seemed to have undergone a mysterious change. Vaguely, Wu Yu could see a design. However, the symbols on it weren't those of a design. They looked more like ancient words and were written over Gu Hongming’s palm.

This was a power completely different from a dao technique!

Without having Gu Hongming to explain, Wu Yu knew what it was!

Indeed, Ye Jingming exclaimed, "Senior Brother Gu is going to use his Great Dao Mystique..."

Su Qing smirked and said, "It's because he was triggered by the arrogance of that brat. This child is a little too disrespectful to his seniors. He truly deserves a lesson. Otherwise, he will continue to believe that he is above the laws and rules."

Gong Yangxue remarked coldly, "He is already so arrogant to us even though the Galaxy Sword Sage didn't take him in as a disciple. If the Galaxy Sword Sage had done otherwise, he would have been running amok all over us!"

Ye Jingming mumbled, "A Great Dao Mystique isn't easy to control. Gu Hongming is probably thinking of killing Wu Yu with his Great Dao Destruction Strike. He might be severely punished subsequently. After all, the punishment of killing fellow disciples is very severe..."

Despite his words, He Taozi didn't attempt to stop the fight. Why would he take the risk to stop the fight when he might just offend the triggered Gu Hongming?

"Great Dao Mystique?"

Wu Yu once saw the Natural Mystique of a fox demon. It was just that he didn't understand it well at that moment. However, this was his first time seeing a Great Dao Mystique so clearly. This experience alone made the battle today all worthwhile. Even if he lost in the end, he had still gained something from it.

After all, Wu Yu had a strong attraction towards the Great Dao Mystique.

Just the mystique and the profoundness of the ancient symbols within were enough to make Wu Yu exclaim emotionally, "So that's a Great Dao Mystique. I had not expected it to be so powerful. Jindan Dao is the realm of the Jindan and to seek the dao. The Great Dao Mystique of the Jindan Dao Realm is similar to the immortal roots of the Qi Condensation Realm."

Just as he was in awe, Ming Long, who hadn't appeared in a long time, laughed mockingly. "It’s just a lousy Great Dao Mystique and yet you are in awe. When you reach the fifth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm and gain the qualifications to carve your Great Dao Mystique, you will then know that the Great Dao Mystique of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is truly frightening. I once mastered it. Can you guess what it can do? When I was at my peak, your granny, I, could release 5,000 copies of myself! Each and every one of them was as beautiful as I am. Countless cultivators were beaten to death by this technique of mine!"

Wu Yu shivered upon hearing Ming Long. He roughly understood the idea of copies. However, he still couldn't imagine 5,000 copies of Ming Long densely packed within his vision. If he could practice this Great Dao Mystique, that would be simply...

Who would have expected the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal to have these Great Dao Mystiques on top of his 72 Transformations?

What was the level of the Great Dao Mystique of an immortal?

Wu Yu was still immersed in his excitement and shock. Suddenly, Gu Hongming gave a merciless look. He let out an angry roar, lifted his palm, and flipped it down. In that instant, countless clouds gathered on his arm and coalesced with the strange and mysterious symbols into a giant palm. A finger of the palm was already several times the size of Wu Yu and was made with lightning and dark clouds. When the two fused, they gave off destructive vibes!

This was Gu Hongming's Great Dao Destruction Strike!

When the Great Dao Destruction Strike smashed towards Wu Yu, everything along its path was blazed into smoke!

Gu Hongming's eyes seemed to have appeared within the giant palm that was staring harshly at Wu Yu.


In that instant, the surroundings shook. Countless people from the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect, which was a long distance away, were attracted by the commotion of the battle.

Wu Yu knew clearly that he couldn't counter the Great Dao Mystique with brute strength if he relied on his understanding of sword dao and an absolute disadvantage in Jindan essence.

However, he still wanted to win.

Therefore, he did not hesitate at this moment.

While under the huge palm, he calmed himself and gathered his thoughts. Flipping his hand, he untied a Sumeru Pouch. From within the Sumeru Pouch, nine golden Dragon Ascension Columns arranged accordingly to the positions of the Nine Palaces flew out.

Soon, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns enlarged to over two zhang tall and as thick as one's waist. It glowed in a blinding golden light and surrounded Wu Yu. The divine dragons engraved on the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns seemed to have been awakened.

When this spiritual immortal treasure appeared, it was shocking to the group. Although no one had used the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns previously, it had been in the Immortal Treasures Central Hall for a long time. Basically, anyone who visited the Immortal Treasures Central Hall would have known about the origins of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column!

"Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column!"

Wu Yu leaped into the air with both his palms facing up. Lifting his palms slowly, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns also followed. Above them, the Nine Palaces Dragon Design was projected and Wu Yu was standing right in the middle.

At that instant, Wu Yu opened his eyes abruptly, pushed his hands up, and directed the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Columns forward from nine different directions. He avoided the Great Dao Destruction Strike and went straight for Gu Hongming!

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