Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0265: The Tragedy Of the Lan Ling Sec

Chapter 0265: The Tragedy Of the Lan Ling Sec

They were currently at the vicinity of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. Wu Yu just had to stay behind. As for the rest, they were preparing to move out based on the maps to the other eight forces.

Wu Yu helped treat the wounds of the sect leader of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. After recovering, the sect leader activated the Sect Protecting Spirit Design.

Since the Heavenly Sword Sect had a Sect Protecting Spirit Design, it was only natural that the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect had it too.

Just as the others were about to set off, the city lord of Qingsang City rushed over with a horrified expression. Previously, he had followed Wu Yu and the rest to the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. When Jiu Ying escaped, he did not give chase.

"What's the matter?" He Taozi had just finished giving his instructions when he noticed him.

"Oh various sword immortals, something bad has happened. My subordinates that I've left in Qingsang City just sent me a report! Just as we made our way towards the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect, they received a Message Talisman from the Lan Ling Sect. The demon that killed for human hearts is on a killing spree in the Lan Ling Sect!"


This piece of news greatly shocked the group.

This was beyond Wu Yu's expectations once again.

He quickly understood two things.

"First, the direction of the Lan Ling Sect is to the east of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect, while Jiu Ying had headed towards the west. Second, the Lan Ling Sect's Message Talisman reached Qingsang City before reaching us. In other words, when we headed towards the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect, the Lan Ling Sect was already under attack!"

From these two points, it was clear that the attack on the Lan Ling Sect wasn't by Jiu Ying.

"So this demon has an accomplice!" Gu Hongming growled angrily.

"Let's not waste any time and head there directly!" He Taozi took off on his sword directly. He was the fastest and therefore was at the front of the pack.

If he had waited for the five of them, his speed would be slower. In that case, he might as well head there first while waiting for Wu Yu and the rest to catch up.

If the Lan Ling Sect was in danger at this moment with multiple deaths and injuries, Wu Yu naturally wouldn't back away. He immediately accelerated and moved at full speed towards the Lan Ling Sect with the group. He couldn't worry about anything else at this moment. If they didn't make it in time, they didn't know what kind of tragic events would happen.

"It's beyond our expectations that this demon has an accomplice. We don't know the strength of his accomplice. Should we request for reinforcements?" Ye Jingming said worriedly.

Gu Hongming replied, "Nope. If more people come, we will have to further split the reward. Moreover, we might just be able to handle the two demons!"

"Let's see how it goes when we reach the Lan Ling Sect," Su Qing remarked.

Wu Yu followed behind them and didn't participate in their conversation. Instead, he was thinking.

"Jiu Ying's style is hugely different compared with the demon that massacred the city. However, he has so many heads, which makes him similar to what the city lord described. Can it really be his accomplice?

"In that case, what's their purpose of causing such a huge massacre?"

Massacring the city was an extremely brutal and bloody thing.

"We will need at least an hour to reach the Lan Ling Sect! If the Lan Ling Sect is similar to Qingsang City, they probably can't hold on for half an hour. We have to see if He Taozi can reach them in time."

Wu Yu lifted his head and looked ahead. He Taozi was fast and he could no longer see him.

For the following dash, as Wu Yu had a higher recovery speed for Jindan essence, he gradually moved ahead of the five-man group and was about to break free from the rest.

In less than an hour, he saw the Blue Dragon Mountain Range where the Lan Ling Sect was located. That spacious region was several times the size of the Bipo Mountain Range. Trees with blue leaves could be seen growing everywhere. Looking from afar, they looked just like several huge blue dragons hiding on earth.

The Lan Ling Sect was distributed within this mountain range.

When Wu Yu approached, he noticed a strong smell of blood rising from this beautiful place. Several river streams that ran through the mountain range had been dyed red with blood. There were even corpses floating on these river streams.

"Killing people and gouging their hearts out!"

Indeed, when Wu Yu saw the horrible state of these corpses, they were exactly the same as those in Qingsang City.

Clearly, this was the culprit behind the massacre of Qingsang City.

Wu Yu saw He Taozi standing on his sword at the core location above the Lan Ling Sect. When he approached, he noticed He Taozi's body shivering and his eyes blood-shot. He stood beside He Taozi and looked down at the surroundings. He immediately noticed that the current Lan Ling Sect was like a copy of Qingsang City. Blood had formed rivers, and corpses were everywhere. Looking across, there weren't any survivors.

He Taozi gritted his teeth and said, "We are too late."

"Did you notice anything when you arrived?" Wu Yu asked.

"I have looked around the vicinity within a hundred mile radius from here. I didn't find any trails. The opponent was too quick. Moreover, no one was able to escape this time."

"Aren't there any Sect Protecting Spirit Designs?"

"The most likely case is that the demon appeared so suddenly that they did not have the time to activate the Sect Protecting Spirit Design."

Wu Yu frowned deeply. The scent of blood was so strong that it was nauseating. Now that the accident had happened to the Lan Ling Sect, Wu Yu tried his best to calm himself. He then said to He Taozi, "I feel that the most important thing now is to report the findings to the sect. Clearly, the things that happened here have exceeded our control."

"No way. If we can't handle this, we will be looked down upon by others." At this moment, the rest had arrived too. The one who commented was Gong Yangxue.

Gu Hongming also added, "Let's not panic first. Don't be intimidated by the demon."

In the end, everyone waited for He Taozi's decision. He Taozi waved his hand and said, "The Lan Ling Sect was one of the sects that I was supposed to protect previously. I'll head to the neighbouring three sects right now and inform them to activate their Sect Protecting Spirit Design. I'll also be stationed at these three locations. As for the five of you, head to the pre-arranged locations and assist them in activating the Sect Protecting Spirit Design. Once the demon appears, delay it and wait for others to arrive. With the Sect Protecting Spirit Design, I believe everyone will be able to buy time for others."

As for whether to inform Shushan, it was clear that he wasn't willing to do so, as he did not mention anything about it. Since he was the leader right now, everyone naturally took orders from him.

Wu Yu felt that the matter wasn't as simple as they had imagined and therefore had reminded the rest about informing Shushan once again.

He Taozi replied, "If others are here, are you going to split your merit points with them?"

For them, those lives below their feet didn't seem to be as important as merit points.

Before waiting for Wu Yu's answer, He Taozi waved his hand and said, "Get back to the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect right away. If something happens to it, it will be on you."

Although Wu Yu felt depressed, he couldn't influence the thoughts of the other five people. Therefore, he could only return to the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect quickly. As for the corpses of the Lan Ling Sect, it was a dreadful scene. Everyone had died in desperation and despair.

Within Wu Yu's sumeru pouch, he still had a talisman that could contact Shen Xingyu. He was thinking if he should inform Shen Xingyu of this incident.

However, this was the first time he was out on a mission that faced off with a demon directly. The truth was, he did not have a good reference point. Therefore, he didn't know if the current situation was considered grave. If this wasn't considered grave and was actually something common, he would be making a big fuss out of nothing by informing Shen Xingyu.

However, when Wu Yu recalled the corpses and the absolute looks of despair, his heart wavered.

After an hour, he finally reached the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect again. After learning that the tragic scene that struck Qingsang City had occurred to the Lan Ling Sect, the sect leader of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect and several elders cooperated with Wu Yu in all aspects.

It just so happened that Wu Yu had made some immortal medicines for treating injuries. Therefore, he gave them to the few experts from the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. The truth was that their injuries weren't as bad as they looked. They had roughly recovered after four to six hours of recuperation.

After which, they assisted Wu Yu and activated the Wind and Thunder Spirit Design that had been passed down for several generations. Almost the entire sect of several thousand disciples provided their strength for the spirit design through day and night.

The tragedy that struck Qingsang City and the Lan Ling Sect had truly intimidated them.

Wu Yu remained outside the spirit design and sat on the cliff by the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. He was observing his surroundings while checking if there were any Message Talismans that were approaching their tail talisman.

Two to three days passed quickly. Although there weren't any new developments, Wu Yu didn't dare to slack off. This matter concerned the lives of too many people.

"Sword immortal, will that demon appear again?" Within the Wind and Thunder Spirit Design, the sect leader of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect would look for Wu Yu from time to time. He was probably very anxious about it.

It wasn't just him. Everyone in the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect was fearful. Some had even escaped out of the Wind and Thunder Spirit Design and fled.

"The danger still exists. Don't lessen your guard." That was the only answer Wu Yu could give.

However, he felt like the other party was hidden in the dark while the opponent crept around them. Such feelings weren't great.

The night befell.

Wu Yu took off on his sword and hovered around the skies of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. The wind and rain were strong tonight and the skies were filled with tumultuous clouds. Lightning flashed across the skies, casting shadows that overlapped with one another. The thunder made it hard for the cultivators of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect to eat and rest well.

Suddenly, Wu Yu was jerked awake. He stood up and lifted his head to look at the skies. Amidst the dark clouds, a black shadow shimmered. In that instant, Wu Yu saw a nine-headed snake or dragon-like huge beast with horns appear in front of his eyes suddenly.

He emerged from within the clouds and all eighteen eyes were staring at Wu Yu. Each head had a different power, which included black flames, grey wind storm, bloody filth, purple lightning...

He was none other than Jiu Ying!

Wu Yu placed his hands on the Message Talismans he had hidden within his arms and was prepared to ignite the five core talismans.

"Wu Yu, don't be in a hurry to call the rest. I'm Jiu Ying and I would like to have a chat with you."

Just as Wu Yu had wanted to activate the core-tail talismans, the nine-headed huge beast turned into his human form in front of Wu Yu. He was still that demon-like young man with long hair, black robe, snow-white skin, tall and skinny stature, and looked malnourished.

In his eyes, nine little dots were circulating. Looking at them sent a chill down others’ spine.

Wu Yu was daring and had lots of doubts in mind. He wasn't in a hurry to activate the core-tail talismans and asked, "You can speak first, I'll be listening. If things aren't right, my senior brothers and senior sisters will be here right away to take your life."

"You won't." Jiu Ying smiled faintly and seemed confident.

Amidst the strong wind and rain, his black robe flattered loudly. The young man that walked out of the darkness had demon-like features. His entire body gave off an eerie vibem but his gaze was extremely pure.

Under Wu Yu's supervision, he remarked seriously, "I had nothing to do with killing others and gouging their hearts out. However, I could vaguely sense an evil energy wreaking havoc in the surrounding areas."

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