Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0049: The Next Life

Chapter 0049: The Next Life

The convoy of the East God Nation, under the respectful escort of the Dong Yue Wu royalty and the aristocrats, left the palace and set foot on East Sea Street.

Amongst the aristocrats were Prince Qin and Wu Yuanshuai, who had seen Wu Yu before in person. They were all smiles as they watched the East God Nation leave.

"From now on, the mighty name of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom will shake the earth in the east!" Emperor Yuan Hao declared with deep emotion.

The ministers took up cheers, hailing Yuan Hao as foresighted and brilliant.

From the side, Empress Dowager Yuan Xi was smiling warmly, basking in her son's glory.

"With Wu You gone, the only troublesome one left in Capital Wu is Sun Wudao." Yuan Xi looked all over. She had not seen Sun Wudao these few days.

At this time, the convoy of the East God Nation passed by East Sea Street. More than 100,000 citizens thronged the street. If not for the imperial guard holding them back, they would have overwhelmed the street.


"Princess Wu You!"

From the crowd, there were frequent shouts of anger.

Many could only hold back their tears and protest in silence as they watched the convoy leave.

At the head of the convoy was the Nine Regicides King, bringing his eight highest leaders of the navy. They rode on black steeds as tall of shoulder as elephants. They swept past majestically. As his gaze swept over them, no one dared to look the Nine Regicides King in the eye.

At the back were two carriages. One was crimson and decorated with dragons and phoenixes. It was delicately gorgeous, and Wu You would be inside. The other carriage was completely black, and a little sinister. It caused much alarm.

"Capital Wu, those bastards. They don't want to give me Princess Wu You's hand in marriage." Nine Regicides King laughed from his horse. As he lifted his head, the city gates were just ahead.

But suddenly, there was a commotion.

From within the carriage, Wu You was holding her breath, her hands trembling and her heart in her throat.

"Nine Regicides King, you have committed manslaughter and many other heinous crimes! Your sins are numerous, and you are as ugly as a pig! You're not worthy of our Princess Wu You!"

"Nine Regicides King, give back Princess Wu You!"

All at once, it seemed like hundreds of martial artists cried out, swarming to East Sea Street from the surrounding rooftops. Quickly, they surrounded the convoy of the East God Nation.

They had all come of their own volition.

"Not worthy?" Nine Regicides King could not resist laughing loudly. He was in a good mood today. All these warriors before him were like tumbling clowns.

Presently, the blinds on Wu You's carriage were down. It would be unseemly to reveal herself, but she was worried for the safety of these brave citizens. She could not resist; she hurriedly drew the curtains aside, saying, "Wu You thanks all you gentlemen for your good intentions. But I have chosen marriage to the Nine Regicides King of my own accord. I beg all of you to leave quickly."

She was very clear that this bunch of people would meet their deaths against the likes of the Nine Regicides King and the Spectral Concubine.

"Princess Wu You, you!"

Their expressions were ugly. They had hot-headedly rushed forward to save Wu You, but they had not expected that she would say such a thing. Or perhaps only a few amongst them knew that Wu You was protecting their lives!

"Leave quickly!" Wu You said worriedly, looking back at the jet-black carriage behind her.

"Since they have passed the gates of hell, how can they go back?"

Just at this moment, a voice like an immortal's sounded from the black carriage. But it made Wu You's hair stand on its end.

It was too late for anything!

"Ghost Shadow Formation."


Just at this moment, a black shadow sprung from the carriage. To the mortals, it was at an unbelievable speed. It sped past the warriors. Amongst them, the strongest was at the fifth tier of the martial way. Many were roughly at the third tier of martial way. As the black shadow sped past them, they could not even see it clearly!

Pa, pa, pa!

In an instant, the black shadow returned to the jet-black carriage.

After, more than 100 corpses littered East Sea Street. All were dry husks, their corpses completely drained of blood and flesh. All that was left were skin and bones. They looked extremely horrible in their state of death.


Seeing the emaciated state of the bodies, the citizens of Capital Wu were overwhelmed with fear, so frightened that they peed themselves, falling to the floor and wailing, their faces devoid of color. They were so frightened that mass hysteria broke out. In the ensuing chaos, many were being trampled alive.

Today was a nightmare for Capital Wu.

More than 100 martial braves - all reduced to dry corpses!

"Kekeke." In the chaos, only the person in the jet-black carriage still laughed happily.

"Continue onwards!" The Nine Regicides King was unperturbed, and announced their continuation.


Wu You was thrown back against the carriage. Her face was ashen. She hugged herself tightly as she breathed heavily.

"The Spectral Concubine is so terrifying...."

No matter how calm she was, she could not stop herself from crumbling at this time. Not just her, but even Mi Chang, who was accompanying her, had swooned in the carriage after seeing what had happened.

"No way. I cannot let Wu Yu face her...."

Her heart was beating wildly, her face so pale it did not seem to contain a single drop of blood. It felt like she would not be able to bear it at any moment.

"Brother, please don't come...."

Wu You could only pray. She concealed a red pill in her palm. At this time, the sweat from her palm mixed with the pill. She could feel a sharp pain on her palm, and it was exactly this pain that brought Wu You back to her senses.

Clack, clack.

The wooden carriage wheels rolled on the ground, making a rhythmic sound.

Back when Wu Yu was trapped in the prison car, he had also left Capital Wu along East Sea Street.

And now, basically everyone had fled, and all was deathly quiet now. There was only the sound of the wheels and hooves. Wu You opened the curtain. She lifted her head and saw the city gates just in front. They were about to leave Capital Wu.

"Given his personality, if he was going to appear, he would already have appeared long ago.

"Well done. You've really grown up, to be able to make the right choice. Sister's only wish is for you to live well."

Wu You's hot tears brimmed over.

She did not want to die in Capital Wu. After they left the city gates, she was prepared to swallow the pill in her hand.

As for the maternal tribe that she worried about, she could leave it to Wu Yu to take care of.

"Last time, it was you that left Capital Wu. This time, it is my turn."

Wu You wiped away her crystalline tears and smiled slightly. She recalled each and every detail of the times they had together growing up. When Wu Yu was young and mischievous, the only one he was afraid of was a stern Wu You.

"In the next life, I'll be your sister again."


The carriage rolled past the city gates, indicating that Capital Wu had been left behind.

Wu You shut her eyes. It was as she had planned. She lifted the red pill before her eyes. It was a poison that she had prepared herself. Given her constitution, it would send her into death in no time.

"Sun Wudao?"

Just at this moment, the voice of the Nine Regicides King came from ahead. It made the pill slip from Wu You's hand. The carriage jerked, and the spherical pill quickly rolled out to the ground. Wu You had no fate with this pill.

"Oh no...."

She had lost her chance even at death. However, Wu You was not paying attention to the pill anymore. She wrenched the curtains aside. The convoy had already ground to a halt.

As her gaze passed the Nine Regicides King and the others, she saw a tall figure ahead on the golden sand. He was wearing a Demon Ape Mask, with a staff of dark, burnished gold on the ground. He had been waiting for them for a long time!

"Wu Yu!"

He had come.

But Wu You was hoping that he would not appear. And she understood well that she had no way to change Wu Yu's mind. At such a time, all she could do was pray.

Under the intense, midday sunlight, he seemed especially awesome today. His eyes seemed capable of ruling the world.

"He chose to stand outside Capital Wu, perhaps because he might endanger Capital Wu’s citizens if he fought inside!"

From the start, Wu You had not considered this. She had almost taken her own life.

Her body in the carriage, her gaze collided with Wu Yu's. All she saw was resolution and courage.

Martial cultivators, the bravest.

"Heavenly Immortal Sun Wudao, why do you obstruct my path?" the Nine Regicides King asked in a neutral tone.

The news that Wu Yu was blocking the path was quickly spread throughout Capital Wu from the soldiers on the wall and reached the palace. When they heard this news, Hao Tian and Imperial Concubine Xi exchanged a laugh. It was as they had expected.

"Let's go and take a look at how Sun Wudao has chosen to die."

In terms of the dao, ghostly cultivators were not as good as martial cultivator disciples. But in terms of killing people, ghostly cultivators were far stronger than the righteous disciples.

Before all the spectators, Wu Yu's gaze was cold. He extended the Demon Subduing Staff and said in an inexorable voice that echoed all around, "Nine Regicides King, Spectral Concubine, as well as Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. Let me tell you all that the girl in the carriage is mine, Sun Wudao's. That's right. I love Princess Wu You. Today, you must leave her behind."


A powerful voice rippled throughout Capital Wu.

The new Immortal Protector actually loved a mortal princess! Besides, he had not hesitated to intercept the East God Nation....

All throughout history, there were many legends of love between immortals and mortals. Although a majority had not ended well, they were eulogized and passed down. It was like the birth of a new legend!

A mystical Immortal Protector and a kind, beautiful princess.

Paired together, it was a love that made everyone envious.

In a trice, many Capital Wu citizens headed for the walls. They had seen new hope and were going to witness it for themselves. No matter what, Wu Yu was an infinitely better choice than the Nine Regicides King!

"What did you say!?" The Nine Regicides King was not the decent type. Now that his anger had been roused, he seemed like a beast, although his ability was average. He looked capable indeed.

"Pa! "

Spectral Concubine had been waiting for this moment for a long time. At this time, her carriage exploded. She leapt down and threw down her cloak. There was an inscrutable smile on her face as she walked step by step towards Wu Yu. Her crimson tongue licked her lips lightly, saying, "When I was 10 years old, I slaughtered a disciple of the righteous path. Sun Wudao, you will be the 363rd."

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