Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0050: Soul Summoning Banner

Chapter 0050: Soul Summoning Banner

Wu Yu glanced in the direction of Capital Wu. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian definitely would have heard the commotion and must’ve come to see. Yet he didn't show up at this moment. Clearly, he had acquiesced to this battle.

"He's probably only going to come after our match is decided or one of us is dead. After which, he will just claim that he was late."

Hao Tian was cunning and sly and couldn't wait for the Spectral Concubine to eliminate Wu Yu. After all, this was Wu Yu seeking his own death; it had nothing to do with him. Moreover, Wu Yu had slain Wan Qing, whom he had raised from young. He had to look for some ways to return an eye for an eye.

Therefore, there were only Wu Yu and the Spectral Concubine. Amidst the gazes of ten thousand spectators, they got closer and closer to each other. The Nine Regicides King gave out a loud roar and his group immediately surrounded the horse carriage Wu You was in and moved to the side.

Naturally, he knew clearly about a battle of this level. He couldn't interfere even if he wished.

"Princess Wu You, is there something about me that you aren't satisfied with?" At this moment, Wu You was looking very pale. Her eyes were staring straight at Wu Yu and the Spectral Concubine.

From her anxious expression, one could easily understand how much she cared about Wu Yu. Considering that she would either be alive or dead, she said, "Nine Regicides King, you are obsessed with the Spectral Concubine and not me; why do you need me to be satisfied with you?"

The Nine Regicides King was shocked and secretly impressed that Wu You was a smart enough woman to be able to tell.

"Now that you know so much, you are going to have a tough time when you reach my East God Nation." The Nine Regicides King smiled hideously. The truth was that he wanted to give two slaps to Wu You right away. However, this was the territory of Dong Yue Wu after all, and the citizens of Capital Wu were all watching, so he would have to show some respect to Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

No matter what he said, Wu You only had Wu Yu and the Spectral Concubine in her eyes now.

The nervous atmosphere had spread to the entirety of Capital Wu!

Facing the Spectral Concubine, Wu Yu truly could feel that lethal and dangerous vibe.

"Such a shame that I haven't truly understood A Staff to Ascension!"

This time, he wouldn't be as lucky as when he faced Situ Minglang.

Luck wouldn't occur every single time.

Over the past month, Wu Yu was struggling desperately. Yet he couldn't break through the main hurdle of the 10th tier of the Invincible Vajra Body!

However, no matter if he would die or live, he got to step onto the battlefield. This was because in the horse carriage in front of him sat the person that was the most important to him in this lifetime!

It was his blood kin!

For his biological sister, so what if he would die right here!?

Therefore, he was motivated and encouraged as he walked onto this battlefield, where his life was hanging by a thread!

The Demon Subduing Staff was glowing in golden light under the sunlight. The Fire Array on both ends were burning as though there were real fireballs!

As for the Spectral Concubine, she was like a chilling pond with a floating corpse.

A burning battlefield!

"Immortal treasure? I have one too. Soul Summoning Banner!"

At this moment, amidst the clear and crisp laughter of the Spectral Concubine, Wu Yu saw her taking out an immortal treasure from her Sumeru Pouch. That immortal treasure wasn't a knife, spear, sword, or trident. It was also not a staff, but a black banner. There was a bloody red monkey skull on the banner that looked just like it was alive. It was moving its teeth and giving out a creepy laughter. Its empty gaze would sent a chill down anyone's spine.

This was an immortal treasure of a ghostly cultivator.

As the Spectral Concubine waved the Soul Summoning Banner, she looked just like a messenger from hell.

When she took out the Soul Summoning Banner, souls started rampaging in the surroundings. Countless people from Capital Wu gasped once again and couldn't help but moved further back. In their hearts, they were feeling nervous for the newly arrived Immortal Protector.

"Sun Wudao, I'll be taking your soul!"

Spectral Concubine laughed relaxingly and started executing dao techniques while standing two 200 feet away. The dao techniques of ghostly cultivators were truly even more unbelievable!

She struck suddenly!

"The gods are silent and the shadows are heavy. Dragons and snakes retreat as the gates of the underworld open! Evil and vengeful spirits, listen to my command and come quickly!"

As the Spectral Concubine waved her Soul Summoning Banner, the ghostly aura strengthened. She was reciting some eery language that was terrifying and hair-raising. Although it was in the afternoon, the surrounding skies within a 10 kilometer radius started to dim like night had fallen. A blood-like smell was filling the atmosphere, and one could even hear the wails of ghosts.


As the Spectral Concubine shouted, the ground below her instantly started shaking. In the blink of an eye, the ground actually cracked! Evil aura filled the surroundings and the stench of corpses spread all over. Wu Yu focused his eyes and looked over. To his disbelief, a ghostly claw came out of the crack on the ground! With a loud bang followed by the floor shaking, a huge monster landed right in front of Wu Yu. The stench of the corpse immediately swept towards him!

That was a legendary evil ghost!

This evil ghost was seven feet tall and two heads taller than Wu Yu. He was lean, but his arms were as thick as one's thigh. On top of it, there were dagger-like sharp claws on its fingers. Its face was even more hideous and fierce. The surface of its body was of a dull green shade and it even had scales. Its hair was messy and was crawling with maggots.

Despite standing right here, the stench of the corpse could even reach Capital Wu!

An existence like this evil ghost was believed to originate from strong martial artists. When they died in agony and sorrow and no one was there to give them a proper burial, their bodies were subsequently devoured by the ground as the landscape changed. After immersing in the evil atmosphere underground for years and being bitten by evil creatures, huge amounts of evil energy would gather in the corpse. However, normally speaking, he was still a dead thing and typically wouldn't appear to kill and injure others. However, ghostly cultivators could make use of immortal treasures, like this Soul Summoning Banner, to summon evil ghosts for their own use.

"Vengeful spirit!"

It wasn't just an evil ghost. When the evil ghost blocked in front of Wu Yu, faint, white air was coalescing at the edge of the Soul Summoning Banner. In the end, an illusory ghostly figure was formed. It was a girl that was completely white. She had hair that reached her waist, and her lips were the only red color on her. Her eyes were empty, and she started wailing in agony once she appeared. Although Wu Yu was some distance away, he still could feel the overflowing vengeful vibes!

Vengeful spirits were people who had died with a grudge. As they held onto their grudge and were unwilling to leave, the grudge would accumulate over the years and make them a vengeful spirit that harmed the citizens. The ghosts that the mortals were most afraid of were none other than vengeful spirits.

This was truly seeing a ghost in broad daylight.

The vengeful spirit and evil ghost were circling around the Spectral Concubine. As the Spectral Concubine smiled and pointed her Soul Summoning Banner, the evil ghost let out a sad and shrill roar before rushing over rapidly. Every area that it came across was swept with its stench!

As for the vengeful spirit, it was wailing incessantly. It appeared and vanished from time to time and was hard to lock down.

Seeing this, even the generals on the walls of Capital Wu were scared out of their wits. They retreated and some even ran back to Capital Wu. There were still people trying to squeeze forward to take a look. At this instant, it was messy and chaotic.

"There's a ghost, there's a ghost!"

"That ghost is battling the Heavenly Immortal!"

Capital Wu was in a chaotic state.

It wasn't just them. This was also Wu Yu's first encounter with an evil ghost and vengeful spirit. He couldn't help but shudder all over! When he was in the Heavenly Sword Sect, there were only sword immortals all around him. He had never seen such a battle style!

The evil ghost summoned by the Soul Summoning Banner was still manageable as he could use the Demon Subduing Staff to expel it. However, that vengeful spirit was illusory. How was he going to deal with it? As for the Spectral Concubine, she had completely retreated to outside the battlefield. Clearly, she wouldn't allow Wu Yu to get close to her easily.

Wu Yu finally understood now that battles between martial artists had to be in close quarters. As for battles between martial cultivators, it wasn't necessary to get closer. In fact, there were people capable of killing the other party from 100 miles away. That was truly the most fearsome part of dao techniques!

In an instant, that evil ghost charged over for the kill!

"Looking at the flesh of this evil ghost, his strength is probably about the same as mine!"

Wu Yu wriggled his hand and the Demon Subduing Staff started homing. After practicing the Foundational Staff Techniques for a long time, he had basically integrated the Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art onto the Demon Subduing Staff.

"Sweeping Golden Inferno!"

In the instant when the evil ghost swung his giant claws down, Wu Yu held onto one edge of the Demon Subduing Staff. Exerting strength from his waist by twisting, the Demon Subduing Staff drew a line of golden flames that swept ruthlessly onto the shoulders of that evil ghost!


A huge sound.


Wu Yu was sent back several steps from the recoil and almost lost control of the Demon Subduing Staff.

"It's strength is so great!"

The evil ghost was even scarier than what Wu Yu had imagined. The key issue was that it was dead and wasn't afraid of death at all. After being swept aside by Wu Yu, he got up instantly and charged rapidly at Wu Yu like a gust of bloody storm.

"Ge ge!" Outside the battlefield, the Spectral Concubine was waving her Soul Summoning Banner and reciting some words. From time to time, she would also give out a crisp laughter.

"Sun Wudao, the evil ghost has its eyes on your flesh and blood. Just let it eat you up!" The Spectral Concubine was completely relaxed and looked like she had suppressed Wu Yu completely. This caused Wu You, who was in the horse carriage, to shiver in anxiety. Her soft and fair hands gripped tightly onto the edge of the horse carriage.


While keeping his guard against the vengeful spirit, he exchanged several blows with that evil ghost. Although it was an even match and no one managed to harm the other, the evil ghost probably wouldn't feel fatigue and could fight on for its entire lifetime. However, Wu Yu wouldn't be able to last that long!

"Spectral Concubine!"

He glanced at the Spectral Concubine angrily, but she was still full of smiles and looked like she had everything within her control.

As for the Nine Regicides King, he was sitting on the tall and strong black horse while looking down. His gaze was cold and seemed to be only waiting for the Spectral Concubine to finish toying with Wu Yu before heading off.

"Facing this difficulty, I have to first eliminate the evil ghost before killing the Spectral Concubine!"

He saw that Wu You was looking at him with worried eyes. That was a heartbreaking and nervous look! Perhaps they had already foreseen that they would be in such a perilous situation!


Wu Yu's anger was raging in his heart.

He wanted to protect her. When they were very young, Wu Yu promised her that he would protect her for a lifetime and not let anyone bully her!

And now if he lost, they would be separated by life and death.

Or perhaps they might be heading to the afterlife together.


Since there was only an opportunity if he survived, then he could only go all out.

“Immortal Ape Transformation!"

In this dull afternoon moment, following an angry roar by Wu Yu, the battlefield shook violently. Amidst the looks of disbelief on the faces of the citizens of Capital Wu, Wu Yu's body underwent a drastic change!

His body grew taller in the blink of an eye. He was now of the same height as the evil ghost, but he was more muscular!

He was surrounded by a body of golden hair that had golden flames flowing on it!

On his back, there was a glittering sauvastika symbol that was shining radiantly!

His eyes were just like two suns that were burning fiercely.

Together with his Demon Subduing Staff, he was even more alike the Inner Ape in his visualization!

This was the unparalleled immortal ape standing in front of the evil ghost. In comparison, that evil ghost was simply the dirt of this world.

"Heavenly Immortal Sun can turn into this ape form!"

In an instant, a huge uproar erupted.


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