Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0048: Life on a Thread

Chapter 0048: Life on a Thread

After that day, the Spectral Concubine indeed did not come out to “forage” anymore.

However, the Nine Regicides King had already said in Tian Wu Hall that he would allow Wu You a month for recuperation. Although the Spectral Concubine had already lost her entertainment in Capital Wu, they were in no hurry to leave.

Wu You had her own network of connections, and she was aware of exactly how many children there were in Capital Wu.

The Spectral Concubine could not cause mischief, and this was the perfect time for Wu Yu to put forth a burst of effort.

This was like back then, against Situ Minglang. It was a burst of effort for one deciding battle. However, the question was that he had fortuitously acquired the Savage Drop of Blood last time. This time around, he would not have such luck.

A Staff to Ascension required Wu Yu to expend tremendous amounts of energy.

"Going from the Vajra Forging Muscles to the Immortal Ape Transformation, what was required was perseverance, stamina, and opportunity. Only this 10th tier, A Staff to Ascension, requires a comprehensive revelation."

To Wu Yu, this was a first.

The level of difficulty was higher than all of the previous tiers combined.

After a period of intense cultivation, Wu Yu came to a conclusion.

"The martial way's spirit ascension, A Staff to Ascension... If fate wills it, or I gain enlightenment, I could accomplish it in a day. If neither comes to pass, then I could be stuck at this tier for a decade, or even a century."

A month's time could be said to be fairly risky.

"The path of dao has many challengers, but few emerge victorious. I am not special, and I cannot underestimate the Immortal Dao. If I do not respect the Immortal Dao, the Immortal Dao will not respect me. Then I will forever be unable to attain Spirit Ascension."

If he could not ascend his spirit, then the chances of defeating the Spectral Concubine were only about 20 percent.

And once he lost, the life of Princess Wu You would be consigned to endless hell. He did not dare to imagine....

It was precisely that which increased the pressure considerably for Wu Yu. If it were just for the sake of his own vendetta, then the pressure would not be so huge.

The pressure affected Wu Yu thoroughly, worming into his bones. As a result, when Wu Yu was training, he was unable to truly concentrate. Although he had more time now, he did not make a single bit of progress.

The more he willed himself to calm, the less he was calm.

Composure was not something that one could attain just because one willed it to be so.

Where it concerned Wu You, it was incredibly difficult to quieten his spirit and concentrate.

Wu Yu was counting the hours every day. Day by day passed by, and the window of opportunity shrank further and further.

Wu You's plan was well under way. In these days, the news of her marriage to the East God Nation had been protested rather vehemently amongst the people. Some had even gathered to demonstrate before the officials, congregating in the streets to shout and roam. They had caused quite a bit of unrest, and luckily there had been no casualties.

After all the stirring, roughly 80 percent of the people in Capital Wu alone were unwilling to see Princess Wu You married away to the East God Nation. Just in this month's time, the East God Nation guard encamped outside Capital Wu had been engaged in numerous conflicts with civilians. They had been cruel and had shown no mercy.

As a result, the reputation of the East God Nation fell further.

But Wu You knew that, in the end, it all came down to Wu Yu.

Although there were not many days remaining before the life and death battle, Wu You was still calm. Wu Yu had at least given her hope.

"Actually, knowing that you still live is already the best news to me. Whether I live or die is no longer consequential.” At night, Wu You had come to the tower, resting against the banister and looking out at the night view of Capital Wu.

"How many more days?" Wu Yu's voice was a little hoarse.

"Three days."

"Three days!" The Demon Subduing Staff clattered to the floor.

He had racked his brain but had not managed a single iota of success. How herculean the path of martial cultivation was!

Only three days remained. What would he fight Spectral Concubine with?

"Wu Yu, calm down and listen to me." Wu You turned around, her face serene. She held Wu Yu's hands and turned her beautiful eyes to gaze at Wu Yu. She spoke in a warm voice, "Little Brother, such things should not be forced. A month has almost passed. With just a 20 percent chance of success, there is no way that Sister will let you risk your life."


"Calm down. Let me ask you. Can you protect my maternal tribe?" Wu You asked.

"Of course." As long as Wu Yu was around, it would not be easy for Yuan Hao to exterminate Wu You's maternal tribe. Besides, Wu You's maternal tribe itself had some fighting capability.

Hearing this, Wu You smiled warmly and said, "Then all is well. If you have a breakthrough in these three days, then act on that day. If you are still at your current level, then you may not contend. It does you no good. You must be a bodyguard to my maternal tribe. As for me, I can die by poison once I am clear of Capital Wu, and let the East God Nation marry a corpse.

"Little Brother, to me, this is a very good conclusion. At least you still live. At least I have the right to take my own life and not be so helpless that even that option is denied to me. At least you can protect my maternal tribe...." Wu You's eyes were brimming with tears, although she was content.

Wu Yu was in a frenzy. He shook his head, saying, "Sister, no matter what happens, I will appear before you in three days' time."

"Wu Yu, are you disobeying me now?" Wu You made a fierce face. She wanted to appear stern, but her tears were on the verge of bursting forth and she could hold it no longer.

Wu Yu was resolute, and spoke with conviction, "I obey you in all things but this one."

"You! ...Let me tell you this: if you appear without the odds in your favor, I will die before your very eyes." To Wu You, the most important thing now was Wu Yu's life. She did not understand martial cultivation and had thought that a month was enough time. But martial cultivation was not that simple.

This was the first time that they had argued like this....

Wu Yu's mental state was in a mess. He carefully pondered for a while. It was no use bickering with Wu You here. He took a deep breath and said, "Sister, in the remaining three days, just follow whatever they have planned for you. I have my own discernment. I will not put you in a difficult spot. Believe me."

Arguing on would be pointless. Neither could convince the other. Wu You choked on her sobs, but she knew Wu Yu's character, and that he would continue to act as he saw fit, regardless of how she threatened him.

"Alright, then I'll leave first. Take care."

She left.

Seeing her frail silhouette depart, Wu Yu clenched his fist tightly. Hatred, anger, rashness. All of these raged on within his body.

"Life hangs by a thread. This is the Immortal Dao!"

It was not only his life on the line. Princess Wu You's life also hung by a thread.

Wu Yu could see the endless brambles that lay along this path.

"I cannot care about all this now. If I cannot even protect my own sister, then what kind of immortal am I?! What dao can I cultivate?!

"In three days, no matter whether I make it or break it, I will fight until heaven and earth are turned upside down!"

He did not stay at the practice room in Carefree Palace but instead went to Heavenly Immortal Peak, which was empty and vast. Because reality was too cruel, because of his frustrating exchange with Wu You, because he had accumulated too much anger and agony in his heart!

Within this space, he destroyed with wild abandon. Just like he had vowed, he turned heaven and earth upside down, making everything ring from his blows.

However, that was not what A Staff to Ascension was.

When he tired, Wu Yu lay down on the rubble and looked up into the sky.

"I wonder if the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, had times when he felt so powerless.

"I wonder how he overcame them."

Wu Yu stood up and turned to look back at Capital Wu, his blood afire.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

This was an important day for Capital Wu. Although the East God Nation contingent would only leave at noon, the streets of Capital Wu were thronged with people from early morning.

Capital Wu's main thoroughfare, known as East Sea Street.

From the wee hours of the morning, the Capital Wu imperial guard was already posted there to maintain order. They would prevent reckless citizens from affecting the departure of the East God Nation contingent.

In this month, the Dong Yue Wu royalty had learned that Princess Wu You's marriage had caused much dissent amongst the populace. There was even a group of martial artists who had gathered at Capital Wu and planned to attack the Nine Regicides King and protect Princess Wu You.

Amongst them was Hao Jie, whose martial cultivation had surpassed the fifth tier.

Capital Wu's weather today was grey, and a drizzle had begun to fall. People stood in the biting wind, teeth chattering from the cold. They could only huddle together. But that did not make them falter in their determination to stay.

They craned their necks in the direction of the palace.

A few martial artists were armed and standing on the roofs, their expressions cold.

Upon seeing these martial artists, the imperial guard on East Sea Street could not help but feel a little nervous. After all, many of these were famous presences. In the cold rain, the atmosphere became heavier and heavier.

Carefree Palace in the east was also very solemn. Among the guards and ladies-in-waiting, there was no celebratory mood. Instead, gloomy faces abounded. They had heard the news as well, and knew that their kind and beautiful princess would spend the rest of her days in hell.

Within the bedchamber of Princess Wu You, more than 10 women were rushing back and forth, combing and dressing Wu You. She was helped into her bridal clothes, and Mi Chang was combing her hair while crying.

Wu You sat primly in front of the copper mirror and looked at herself.

"Wu Yu has been absent these three days...."

Because of that, she became even more anxious. She had a premonition that today would not be a peaceful day.

"If only he could recognize the difficulty and back down," Wu You wished......

However, when she called forth Wu Yu in her memory, Wu You could not imagine that this resolute youth would choose to give up!

Before long, a guard rushed in. "Princess, the convoy from the East God Nation is already waiting outside. The Nine Regicides King has personally come."

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