Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0035: 10,000 Sword Stone Door

Chapter 0035: 10,000 Sword Stone Door

Soon, deep night fell.

The black night sky was specked with numerous small stars. The boundless Bipo Mountain Range was also filled with glorious lights. The countless immortal palaces were like sparkling jewels, akin to little stars embedded into the Bipo Mountain Range. As one swept their eyes across it, it looked just like the starry river in the sky.

Of course, only when one stood upon the Immortal's Battle Stage, which was high up amongst the mountains, could they see such a beautiful sight.

On the Immortal's Battle Stage stood two individuals. They were Wu Yu and his master, Feng Xueya, the Sect Leader. Feng Xueya's hands were clasped behind his back as he looked out at the numerous immortal mountains. He did not speak a single word; it was as though he was lost in his thoughts.

Wu Yu was fiddling with the dark gold rod. Dark red could be seen within the two ends of the rod. It was as though there was a faint, dark red flame that was circulating amongst the tips of the rod. It was clear that the tips were blazing hot. This was the Demon Subduing Staff.

The Demon Subduing Staff was over seven feet long. It was even longer than Wu Yu was tall. It weighed over 1,500 kg, and just waving it took strenuous effort on the part of Wu Yu. Yet Wu Yu loved the weapon and was unwilling to part with it. It was as though he had found his life's most appropriate weapon.

It was simple, direct, and explosively violent!

"I can see that you really love this immortal treasure. However, you are clearly not versed with staff arts. I have here a foundation manual known as The Foundational Staff Techniques. It documents this weapon's methods of attacking, techniques, and essence. Immortal treasures utilize the power of the dao. However, they will never abandon the fundamentals behind it. Although The Foundational Staff Techniques is a mortal manual, it is of incomparable importance to you. In order to utilize this weapon well and allow you to become one with your weapon, you need to temper yourself amidst tens of thousands of battles." Feng Xueya turned around and threw at Wu Yu a book over five fingers thick. Feng Xueya's long sleeves flapped amidst the night wind. His sword-like eyebrows and fierce eyes combined with his sword immortal bearing made him look exceptional and unparalleled. Wu Yu had difficulty just trying to face him.

Everyone else had already left. In a few days, Wu Yu would leave the Heavenly Sword Sect as well. Feng Xueya probably wanted to settle some things with him and hence had asked him to stay.

A teacher for a day, a father for life. Furthermore, this was a benefactor who had saved him thrice. A true Jindan Immortal. Wu Yu respectfully received the manual. "Everything is inseparably linked to its roots. The Foundational Staff Techniques is the source of my weapon. Disciple will single-mindedly cultivate it."

It was a pity that he would have to give up the 10 years of effort he had spent polishing his Sword Dao.

He was Feng Xueya's personal disciple and yet he did not cultivate the sword! Wu Yu's heart felt guilt towards Feng Xueya. Yet he could not find it in himself to give up on the staff in his hands.

Seeing Wu Yu's feverous gaze in his eyes, Feng Xueya dispelled his misgivings in his heart and instead grew even more appreciative of Wu Yu. "You have a yearning heart. This is the most important asset you have in your future path as a cultivator. You are willing to chase your own path and give up the wonderful prospects I could have given you. Wonderful!"

Even the aloof and arrogant Feng Xueya could recognize and appreciate Wu Yu's performance and his choice. His fierce eyes were affixed onto Wu Yu. There was a clear change from before. Admiration was clearly seen.

"Come over. I have to ask you a few things." As his master, he had to clarify the doubts he had of his disciple in his heart. It was not only him, everyone who had seen Wu Yu's performance today had been blinded by his mysterious strength.

"Please ask away, Master." Wu Yu temporarily set the Demon Subduing Staff down.

Feng Xueya asked, "As you are my disciple, I have to clearly understand your origins. Explain clearly what has and had happened"

There was nothing much to hide. Wu Yu spoke of his birth in Capital Wu and his subsequent set up by Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and his banishment. All of it was comprehensively explained. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian having cultivated a demon was also explained. It was truly an act which disgraced the Immortal Dao. However, Feng Xueya did not seem surprised.

"So that’s what happened. You wanting to return to Capital Wu must be due to wanting revenge. I will not stop you. The Immortal Dao is bumpy and full of frustrations. You have to rely on your own strength to carve out your own dao path. You can relax because as my personal disciple, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect will not go to war with us for the sake of a single disciple's death," Feng Xueya said indifferently.

This was completely different from what Su Yanli had said. Su Yanli had wanted Wu Yu to take his revenge discreetly and in the dark. However, Feng Xueya was not concerned with all this. With that sentence, it had dispelled even more of Wu Yu's worries. He would not have any significant misgivings when he returned to Capital Wu.

If he wanted to kill someone, he would definitely do so.

It was clear that after becoming the Sect Leader's personal disciple, many things had changed.

"The second question lies with regards to the legacy you have inherited." To Feng Xueya, the first question was not very important or significant. However, when it came to the second question, his abstruse gaze was affixed onto Wu Yu. The feeling it gave Wu Yu was as though Feng Xueya had entered his body and completely had him in his grasp.

"I understand. It is likely that the servant known as Sun Wudao gave you an item that elicited this change. It should be a Body Refining Realm technique that allows you to possess tyrannical strength. It even allows you to transform into a Golden Ape. It seems almost demonic!" These words which Feng Xueya spoke completely shocked Wu Yu.

"Respected Master..."

"You don’t have to worry. What you have achieved is your own mysterious encounter. The reason I have raised this point today is to tell you something."

"Master, please speak." Wu Yu had thought that his master was planning to force him to hand over the Invincible Vajra Body technique. It wasn't surprising considering the heaven-defying strength he had demonstrated. However, it was clear that Feng Xueya was not that kind of person.

He spoke strictly. "You have to understand that our Dong Sheng Divine Continent possesses an endless history. Since time immemorial, there have appeared numerous immortals and demons. Amidst the lands below, there have also been countless wars that have occurred between immortals, demons, and devils. Even today, there are numerous cultivators killing each other. In the midst of our endless history, demonic geniuses are as common as sand on the ground. Amongst these exceptional individuals who have comprehended the dao, some would even leave behind legacies before they die. Just the Bipo Mountain Range alone possesses innumerous legacies. Yet, even I did not discover..."

As he reached this point, Wu Yu understood his meaning.

"It is as Master said. There are innumerous legacies, and I have received just one of them. Perhaps I may be exceptional in the Heavenly Sword Sect, but amidst the heavens, I am only a speck of dust. I will not become arrogant because of this one mysterious encounter. Am I right to say that the most important quality needed to walk the immortal path is to be cautiously move forward?"

"You are very sharp." Feng Xueya, knowing that Wu Yu was able to understand the intent behind his words, felt extremely relieved.

From where Feng Xueya was standing, Wu Yu's Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment Art was not that exceptional. He had seen similar arts before.

In these numerous years, he had also seen numerous individuals become overly elated over obtaining a legacy and become overly confident evildoers, yet die prematurely.

Wu Yu thought in his heart, "It seems like the my Immortal Ape Transformation is not much in the eyes of a Jindan Immortal. I was even worried that he would want to take my legacy for his own. It looks like I was overthinking things."

He was fully trusting of Feng Xueya. However, as the Immortal Dao was tough and cruel, there were very few who would not be moved but such treasured arts. If Wu Yu was in his position, if his disciple was in possession of such an envied treasure, he would definitely "help to protect" the art from the hands of less savory individuals...

"That is all. Now go and walk your own dao." Feng Xueya waved his hand, signalling Wu Yu to leave. It was as though he was still planning to stay on the Immortal's Battle Stage.

Wu Yu was unable to repay this favor to his master, and he etched this grace onto his heart as well before leaving. His aim was Capital Wu. His heart blazed with fire. Everything he had done was for the sake of returning!

That blood debt, that humiliation, that set up. All of them would be repaid in kind!

In the eyes of the people, even till they day they died, they would never have expected that the Crown Prince of Dong Yue Wu would actually not have died in the stomach of a snake demon but had instead stepped onto the Immortal Dao!


10,000 Swors Gate

This was the Heavenly Sword Sect's Southern Gate. Crossing through this gate would mean leaving the territory of the sect. However, he would still have to pass through countless large mountains before he would see any semblance of human presence.

Looking from afar, the 10,000 Sword Gate was made out of countless huge swords, each one longer than 10 Zhang in length. The gate was formed by stabbing these swords into a mountain. However, none of these swords were real swords. They were all stones that had been shaped into swords by the Sect Leader himself.

As Wu Yu passed through the forest made out of stone swords, he was able to see the flat and clean sword scars that had been left behind. In his mind, he could imagine Feng Xueya flying through the skies, utilizing his immortal treasures to carve out these swords from massive rocks. His heart felt incomparable respect and shock towards the Sect Leader's strength.

These stone swords also held innumerable traces of the erosion caused by rain and the marks left by the sun, all of it demonstrating how long the sect had lasted.

"All of this was a work of art created by the Sect Leader. To be able to become his personal disciple is the greatest fortune I have received in my life." Su Yanli sighed as she reminisced.

Mo Shishu smacked his lips as he replied, "Don’t say that. Although Old Geezer Feng seems quite tough, he’s actually a good person. He has been helping us disciples from the shadows with numerous things."

Wu Yu was following them, listening to Mo Shishu talk about Feng Xueya's legend. He was the sword immortal renowned in the numerous mortal kingdoms that surrounded the sect. When his longsword flew forth, demons and devils of all shapes and forms would be vanquished into grey ash. With him at the post, the Heavenly Sword Sect was able to enjoy the benefits of the Bipo Mountain Range's spiritual qi.

In the blink of an eye, the group had passed by the giant stone swords, essentially passing through the 10,000 Sword Gate. Glancing outwards, the endless mountains in the surroundings were shrouded in yellow fog. At the edge of their vision, a mortal dwelling could be seen.

"Junior Brother, we will only escort you this far." Su Yanli turned around and prepared to leave. In the sword forest, her gaze was soft and was completely different from the first time Wu Yu had met her. At this point in time, she had already accepted Wu Yu as a fellow brother.

Feng Xueya's personal disciples all possessed a close relationship.

"Many thanks, Senior Brother, Senior Sister." As he was about to leave for the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, these two had opted to send him off. All of it was due to their friendship. In just a few months, Feng Xueya's other disciples had given Wu Yu a sense of family.

Whether it was the outwardly cold but genuinely kind Su Yanli, or the rowdy but deeply righteous Mo Shishu...

"Don’t rush to leave just yet. We have a few treasures for you!"

Just as Wu Yu prepared to leave, Mo Shishu waved his fan and spoke mysteriously.

1. TL Note: 1 Zhang is 3.33 metres

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