Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0036: Sumeru Pouch

Chapter 0036: Sumeru Pouch


Unexpectedly, there was still a present!

First, it was Su Yanli. She took out an item out of nowhere, and Wu Yu took a closer look. It was a mask, and the thing about it was that it had the face of an ape. It looked rather similar to Wu Yu’s face after he used the Immortal Ape Transformation.

"This is the Demon Ape Mask. It is made of a special material and can defend against some types of attacks and provide some protection for your head. However, its biggest use is to hide your identity. After all, in order to make it more convenient for you to accomplish your goals, it would be better for you to not expose your identity right away when you return to Capital Wu."

Su Yanli was thoughtful and handed Wu Yu the cold Demon Ape Mask. The truth was that this aligned with what Wu Yu had thought of. He had intended to look for a way to hide his identity before heading back to Capital Wu.

With this Demon Ape Mask, he could now skip this step.

Wu Yu really liked this mask and immediately wore it over his face to block his appearance.

Compared to before, he was taller and stronger. His appearance would also be aptly hidden by this Demon Ape Mask. Coupled with the fact that his strength had improved greatly and his vitality was overflowing, he looked just like a giant beast in human form. Even if someone he was familiar with saw him, they would probably not be able to tell his true identity.

Now that Wu Yu had that Demon Ape Mask and was carrying a Demon Subduing Staff wrapped in cloth behind him, he sure looked a little like the unparalleled monkey king when he visualized the Inner Ape.

"So handsome. Let me take a few more looks at you. Even your Senior Brother can no longer hold back!" Mo Shishu teased.

As he spoke, he untied a small, dull yellow pouch from his waist and handed it over to Wu Yu. Wu Yu took a closer look and noticed that the material this pouch was made of wasn't any different from any other cloth. However, it had a word "na" embroidered on it. Every stroke of the word "na" seemed to have a hidden meaning within it that was hard to understand, and the word itself seemed to be "alive". Wu Yu thought to himself that perhaps this pouch was also a type of immortal treasure.

Naturally, this was an immortal treasure that was incapable of attacking.

"Junior Brother, do you know about arrays?" Mo Shishu asked.

Wu Yu shook his head quickly. He had heard that this was a truly profound dao technique.

Mo Shishu said, "Arrays are very profound. Rumor has it that only immortals and demons in the ancient times were well versed in them. We, who are still at the Qi Condensation Realm, definitely do not understand them at all. Even our respected master, a Jindan Immortal, can only emulate the arrays left behind from ancient times. Naturally, emulators don't truly understand the dao behind arrays; therefore, the strength of their arrays are limited.

"The uses of arrays are very broad. If they are used on weapons, the weapons would then become immortal treasures. If they are used on amulets, they would become strong and powerful talismans. Moreover, you can lay them directly on the skies and earth and on all kinds of living things to form all types of fighting and defensive arrays! The majority of immortal treasures and talismans we are using now were forged by immortals and demons in ancient times. As for those ordinary ones, they are created through emulation by people at the level of our respected master."

Wu Yu knew a little about what Mo Shishu had said. Considering that he hadn't even reached the Qi Condensation Realm, it wasn't useful for him even if he knew about them. As for the origins of immortal treasures and talismans, he did know a little about them. It was just that his knowledge wasn't as detailed as what Mo Shishu had said today.

After which, Mo Shishu's attention shifted to Wu Yu’s hands before saying, "Ordinary immortal treasures, including those in our respected master's Heavenly Palace, your Demon Subduing Rod, and the Sumeru Pouch in your hands, were all created in the last ten thousand years by Jindan Immortals who emulated ancient diagrams of arrays and replicated them on weapons, amulets, and cloths. For example, there is a fire array on your Demon Subduing Staff. On this Sumeru Pouch, there is a ‘na’ word array. Because of this, Demon Subduing Rod and the Sumeru Pouch have extraordinary effects that martial artists in the mortal realm imagined."

"So that's how it is!" Before this, Wu Yu only had a brief understanding on this matter. Thanks to the explanation by Mo Shishu, he finally knew how immortal treasures and talismans came about.

He looked at the Sumeru Pouch in his hands and could roughly guess its use.

"Because of the differences between the emulators and the strength of the word arrays, there are differences between them. Rumors have it that the best Sumeru Pouch could fit an entire mountain in it! Our Sumeru Pouch can only be considered ordinary. Even if we stuff it with things, it would probably only have a space of three by three feet. Now that your Senior Brother has gifted this little immortal treasure to you, you won't have to reveal everything you have on the outside."

Hearing Mo Shishu’s words, Wu Yu was truly shocked. The dao techniques behind arrays were truly magical. With just a na word array, one could actually fit a mountain in a pouch! Naturally, a Sumeru Pouch of that level was still just a myth for Mo Shishu....

Wu Yu followed his instructions and opened the pouch. He extended his hand into it and grabbed a handful of things out. There was quite an amount of gold and medicines inside, which Mo Shishu had prepared for him.

Wu Yu was going to bring quite a number of items, including books and spirit concentration pills, on his trip back to Capital Wu. As the Demon Subduing Staff was too heavy and the immortal crane wouldn't be able to take the weight, Mo Shishu gave a Heavenly Cloud Roc to Wu Yu. Initially, Wu Yu had to carry these miscellaneous items in his hands or hang them on the Heavenly Cloud Roc. He couldn't even bring some gold even if he wished to. Now that he had this Sumeru Pouch, it was a huge help for Wu Yu.

"Thank you, Senior Brother!"

Wu Yu quickly placed all the miscellaneous things he had on him into the Sumeru Pouch. For example, The Basic Book of Rods, The Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art, and other similar items.

Mo Shishu sniggled and said, "What a shame that you decided to choose this Demon Subduing Rod. If you had chosen an ordinary sword-type immortal treasure, it wouldn't be a problem to squeeze it into the Sumeru Pouch. Your Demon Subduing Rod is too long and therefore definitely can't fit. I guess it would be better for you to just carry it."

Mo Shishu and Su Yanli did not carry any swords or sabers on them. Clearly, they were keeping theirs in their Sumeru Pouch.

Even so, Wu Yu was still very satisfied. After all, this was an immortal treasure. In fact, there were a lot of disciples at the Qi Condensation Realm who still hadn't gotten a Sumeru Pouch.

"Wu Yu, you have just entered the Immortal Dao, so you might not know how ruthless the conflicts in this path are. Many demons would especially like to steal the Sumeru Pouch of martial cultivators. Although the Sumeru Pouch is convenient, you will be left with nothing if it is stolen. You must definitely be careful," Su Yanli reminded.

Wu Yu could understand what she was trying to say.

As the saying goes: killing and robbing one's goods. All one had to do now was steal the Sumeru Pouch of the other party.

Following which, Mo Shishu explained some of the things Wu Yu should take note of when using the Sumeru Pouch. For example, he couldn't store living things, and he couldn't put a Sumeru Pouch in another Sumeru Pouch. Otherwise, the “na” word array would collapse and the Sumeru Pouch would explode.

"Lastly, this is the most important thing: the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order!"

After handing the Demon Ape Mask and Sumeru Pouch to Wu Yu, Mo Shishu took out one last item. It was a token that looked just like a broad-blade dagger. On one side, there was the word "heaven," and on the other side, there was the word "sky".

"You have to show the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order to the disciple of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect to chase him away. If other immortals enter the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, seeing this token would be equivalent to seeing the Heavenly Sword Sect. If the other party ignores the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order and does as he wishes, that would be going against our Heavenly Sword Sect!"

Wu Yu took the token. The surface was cold, but Mo Shishu's words made him feel warmth. That's right. That was the feeling of having an immortal sect taking care of you. Wu Yu was now closely tied to the Heavenly Sword Sect.

"Our respected master has worked over several nights to craft a nameless small array on this token. If you encounter a life-threatening situation, crush this Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order in advance and Master will know about it immediately. However... if this really happens, we will still need some time before we can reach the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. You will still have to rely on yourself for the majority of the time." Su Yanli knew that Wu Yu's trip was, in fact, equivalent to going to war. Naturally, she was a little worried for him.

"Little Junior Brother, Geezer Feng is being really nice to you. When we went on to become Immortal Kingdom Supervisors, he didn't prepare any arrays for us," commented Mo Shishu from the side, with envy.

While holding on to this cold token, Wu Yu could truly feel the attention Feng Xueya had given him. Perhaps it was his personality and his vision of the future that made Feng Xueya approve of his actions. Nonetheless, these were all gratitudes.

"Go! Once you are gone, no one will bother me when I pursue your little senior sister!" laughed Mo Shishu.

"Shut up." Su Yanli stared at him as though she was used to it. After which, she said to Wu Yu, "Take care."


Wu Yu stuck the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order in his Sumeru Pouch and carried the Demon Subduing Staff behind him before jumping onto that huge, snow-white Heavenly Cloud Roc. The roc headed towards to the east and shot through the skies in an instant into the radiant, morning sun.

Looking back, Mo Shishu was waving his folded fan casually and saying goodbyes to him at the 10,000 Sword Gate. As for Su Yanli, she revealed a faint smile. She was a little worried and was feeling a little unwilling to part, but she recognized Wu Yu for who he was and had high expectations for him.

After going to the Heavenly Sword Sect, Wu Yu was returning home loaded with honors and riches!

"Uncle Sun gave me a strange encounter. Master, Senior Brother, and Senior Sister have also given me a number of items that allowed me to make a complete change and return to Capital Wu! All of them have high expectations of me. Even though the Immortal Dao is savage, they are willing to get close to me, nurture me, and give me a future."

This good will, Wu Yu would remember it vividly in his heart. In his heart, good will and hatred were clearly defined. Now that he was cruising towards the morning sun, the place behind him was the place that had shown him immense good will, while the place in front of him was a sea of hatred to him!

In the past, Spirit Severing Powder, abolishing him from his throne, sending him to exile!

In the past, sending a snake demon to kill him and leave him with no way of surviving!

And the death of his father and the thousands of innocent lives of the people in Capital Wu!

Currently, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was still enjoying his prestigious status, and Imperial Concubine Xi was still not punished for her crimes!

If it wasn't for the Heavenly Sword Sect, Feng Xueya, and Sun Wudao, Wu Yu might just become Wan Qing’s droppings and would probably not leave anything behind!

After encountering a hopeless situation, he was reborn!

Wu Yu was just like a ball of golden flames that cruised amidst the countless mountain ranges. He was heading to the far east, towards the prosperous, mortal Capital Wu.

"I'm almost there...... Almost there......

"The misery you have given me in the past, I will return it back ten thousandfold.

"Capital Wu!"

That day, Wu Yu saw Capital Wu under the morning light.

He had finally arrived.


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