Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0034: Demon Subduing Golden Staff

Chapter 0034: Demon Subduing Golden Staff

They were all swords!

Evidently, Su Yanli and Mo Shishu had both experienced a similar array before in the past, which was why they would give Wu Yu suggestions. One had to know that these were all Feng Xueya's immortal treasures, and his precious treasures were amongst them.

"Wu Yu, amongst these 81 immortal treasures, there are superior and inferior ones. You can only choose one. Even your seniors admire the good ones, but as for the inferior ones, they are mediocre, not even as good as the Lightning Rod Blade. You only have one chance to choose. Whatever you choose depends on your fate." Feng Xueya commanded all the immortal treasures to move before Wu Yu.

"It's said that this ability to move immortal treasures is called the Art of Sword Control. One needs to have the spiritual power of the Qi Condensation Realm in order to move them. Before, Situ Minglang moved the Lightning Rod Blade. And the Sect Leader is much stronger, able to move tens of swords at once. After becoming a Jindan Immortal, one can even use the Art of Sword Flight. Throughout the entire Heavenly Sword Sect, perhaps only Sect Leader and Sect Protector could make swords fly..."

Wu Yu was still musing about the Art of Sword Control.

Actually, Feng Xueya was letting him choose by himself in order to test him. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. He hoped that his own disciples would not need to be sheltered by him. Only by enduring countless hardships would they become truly talented.

"Wu Yu!"

Su Yanli urged him to choose his immortal treasure.


Fortune had come too quickly, and Wu Yu was a little taken aback. With so many immortal treasures displayed before him, which should he choose? He would take Mo Shishu's advice. He cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body, so metal and fire were probably more suitable types for him. So within his choices, he would focus on these two.

"Sword of Blue Flames, Purple Flame Heart Sword, Killing Sword of Nine Layers......"

The immortal treasures' names were mostly carved on the sword hilts, and Wu Yu was dazzled. After making a few rounds, he still found it difficult to make a choice among a few types because they all had attractive points.

"Which should I choose......"

The usually decisive Wu Yu was hesitating at this point.

"Wu Yu." Feng Xueya was unsatisfied that he was taking so long to choose. His previous four disciples had been very decisive in this selection process. Usually, being hesitant here meant that Wu Yu could not find an immortal treasure that matched the manifestation of his powers. This was not the showing of an ultimate genius.

But Wu Yu simply could not decide!

Seeing the few immortal treasure longswords he had put aside, he was still conflicted and unable to make a decision. If it was Su Yanli and the others, they would basically know at one glance which was the most suitable for them. They would not hesitate at all.

"Choose your immortal treasure," Feng Xueya prompted.

Because of the pressure that Feng Xueya now put on him, Wu Yu had to choose one of them. But as he walked towards that immortal treasure, he realized that he was completely devoid of interest.

"I'm actually getting an immortal treasure. Why does it seem like my excitement pales in comparison to when I got the Demon Banishing Blade?"

Wu Yu agonized.

He furiously turned towards another sword. When he moved towards another immortal treasure longsword, his heart sank again. He still felt no sense of accomplishment.

"Wu Yu?" Feng Xueya felt like he was conflicted.

"What's going on?" Wu Yu backed off a few steps, leaving the surrounding immortal treasures, and then looked in confusion towards Feng Xueya. Feng Xueya was slightly exasperated now, saying, "Why are you so wishy-washy? These 81 immortal treasures have basically covered all affinities. How is it possible that none of them suit you?"

Actually, he knew that one or two were very suited towards Wu Yu. Those two were the ones that Wu Yu had chosen previously, but he had given up on them.

But Feng Xueya's words shook Wu Yu to his senses.

The thought that none of the immortal treasures suited him had not crossed his mind. But thinking it through, it was exactly because none of them called out to him that he would be indecisive amongst the rest. A struggle....

The shock made Wu Yu suddenly recall that dream!

That huge pillar that reached for the skies and crushed the earth!

That Ruyi Jingu Bang!

When he used Visualizing the Inner Ape, the Inner Ape had indeed been holding a staff. It was black in the middle, with two golden ends. If he was not wrong, it was the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Just now, when he had undergone Immortal Ape Transformation and fought with Situ Minglang, the Demon Banishing Blade had felt off in Wu Yu's hands. Because after he had this transformation, his 10 years of sword training was not suited to his weapon!

Out of these 81 longsword immortal treasures, it was not that the affinity did not suit him, but... the sword was not inherently suited to Wu Yu. This was the first immortal treasure of his life. Inexorably, he could not bring himself to choose a sword.

He was suited to the staff, just like that pillar of the heavens. That was what Wu Yu was suited to. Swords were agile and versatile, while the staff was straightforward but exactly suited to Wu Yu's style. It was simple and direct. Just a smashing and stabbing weapon, but it firmly gripped Wu Yu's heart.

In the ways of the world, the rod was a blunt weapon, with less killing power than a sword, knife, or spear. It was not a common choice, but Wu Yu was different. Ever since the Jingu Bang entered his body, the rod was all that he lived for!

This notion steeled his heart like never before.

He chose the staff. Simple and direct.

In the face of Feng Xueya's accusing looks, he raised his head and said with conviction, "Master, you are right. Out of these 81 immortal treasure longswords, none of them are my first choice."

This was the first time he had addressed him as “Master.” Of course, Wu Yu had the right.

"Oh?" Feng Xueya was curious. He could tolerate how special Wu Yu was, but not how painfully average he might be. Wu Yu had been painfully average just now, but now he was showing how special he was. He asked, "If that's so, what kind of immortal treasure do you want? As long as I can find it, I will give it to you."

He was both confident and arrogant. He evidently did not believe that he could not acquire anything that Wu Yu would ask for.

If that was the case, then Wu Yu would not hold back. He said, "What I want is very simple. It would be best if it was of golden fire or a similar affinity. Most importantly, it should not be a longsword, but... a staff."

"A Staff?"

When these last two words were uttered, everyone felt like they had just been slapped. This was the Heavenly Sword Sect. And the Sect Leader's personal disciple actually wanted a staff as his first immortal treasure...

"Damn me, have I gone deaf?" Mo Shishu almost choked on his own spit.

Su Yanli chewed her lip, evidently worried for Wu Yu. She knew Feng Xueya's temper. Wu Yu had actually asked for a staff. That was... not at all Feng Xueya's legacy.

Luckily, Feng Xueya was quite calm. Perhaps because he was in a great mood, but he actually laughed, "You want a staff as an immortal treasure? You want to be a monkey?"

As he said this, he suddenly recalled Wu Yu's Immortal Ape Transformation. It was a golden monkey. Given Wu Yu's talent, even if he used a sword, it would be a broadsword. Something huge.

Wu Yu knew that it would be troublesome, but he was not afraid, because he had made up his mind. He calmly replied, "Master, I have thought this through very seriously. Today, my body went through some changes. Just like the Immortal Ape Transformation just now, my blood and mental energy have gone through some changes. It clearly told me that my lifelong weapon is the rod. I know that this is the Heavenly Sword Sect, and you are the Sect Leader. It has a legacy of specializing in the sword. If I choose something else, it will be a more modest legacy. But I feel like this is my destiny, and I cannot refuse it."

Wu Yu spoke with utmost sincerity.

After all, Feng Xueya's specialization in the sword was not just about technique, but about the spirit of the sword. He was a sword saint! He had accepted Wu Yu as a disciple in order to further his legacy, but Wu Yu had actually chosen another path. That meant that Feng Xueya would not be imparting much to him.

Feng Xueya was a prideful senior. Wu Yu's choice indeed displeased him.

But just as Wu Yu had said, this might be his destiny.

Feng Xueya believed in fate, and he was someone who enjoyed unusual characters. His legacy was already succeeded by four disciples, and he could spare Wu Yu. But he thought it was a pity, because Wu Yu would probably have to find his own path in the future.

"Forget it. It's your choice. As your master, I respect your choice!" Feng Xueya's heart had changed. Given his personality, although Wu Yu's choice had irked him, he was clear in his heart that Wu Yu had the prerogative to make his choice on the basis of his own situation. His annoyance was all personal.

At this point, besides a small minority who understood Wu Yu, the majority thought that Wu Yu was a fool. Having just been initiated, he had basically rejected the legacy that Feng Xueya was willing to impart him in the future, including his experience and dao techniques. To be in the Heavenly Sword Sect but not train the sword was indeed strange.

But Feng Xueya's words allowed Wu Yu heave a sigh of relief. He understood that he was a good mentor, because even this most fundamental of things was not begrudged to him.

Wu Yu knew how much his choice frustrated his seniors. It was just like how he had consulted a governance mentor back in the Dong Yue Wu palace but had chosen to learn about economics. It was the same thing.

"However, I don't have that kind of immortal treasure. Whoever has one can exchange it for one of my immortal treasures." Feng Xueya looked around. Out of the great Heavenly Sword Sect, there must be someone who had one.

"I do!" At this moment, Elder Mu Ge hurriedly leapt up, landing before the Sect Leader. "Sect Leader, I have a Demon Subduing Staff, which is hidden on my Woodgrove Mountain. Its body is gold and is made out of Redheart Gold. It weighs 1,500 kg and has a fire array. It will be suitable for Wu Yu for a decade."

"Go and retrieve it quickly." Feng Xueya gestured. Evidently, this treasure was of not much use to Elder Mu Ge, and giving it to Wu Yu was a favor to Wu Yu.

Elder Mu Ge mounted his snow white Heavenly Cloud Roc and departed with speed. The Heavenly Cloud Roc was a spiritual beast that was also rumored to be a descendant of immortal beasts. It was stronger than Immortal Cranes, and faster.

Before long, Elder Mu Ge returned, and he held a staff in his hand. It looked about three fingers thick and was about seven feet long. When it stood upright on the ground, it was slightly more than a foot taller than Wu Yu. If Wu Yu entered the Inner Ape state, then this Demon Subduing Staff would be just nice.

"Mu Ge, you take a sword." Feng Xueya took the Demon Subduing Staff and twirled it around a few times, extremely satisfied.

"Sect Leader, that is of no matter. This Demon Subduing Staff of mine is not doing anything. I'll simply give it to Wu Yu," Mu Ge said respectfully.

"Cut the nonsense. I'm giving my disciple a welcoming gift. Must it be at your expense? Cut the crap and take one with you."

At this moment, Wu Yu's attention was only focused on the Demon Subduing Staff. He was already hyped and could not care about what they were saying.

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