Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0033: Wu Yu Pays Respects to Master

Chapter 0033: Wu Yu Pays Respects to Master

It was said that Lan Huayi was a Jindan Immortal. Jindan Immortals were above all. Those such as Su Yanli or Mo Shishu were like ants before them.

In the entire Heavenly Sword Sect, only Feng Xueya could hold her in check.

Wu Yu had gone through a supernatural change over the last year, and his rise had incited surprise throughout the entire Heavenly Sword Sect. It made others curious, and even respectful. But if Lan Huayi were to destroy him here, that was also something they would accept, because he had slain Lan Huayi's personal disciple. And his current status was only that of an external disciple.


In an instant, Lan Huayi stood up from her Esteemed Throne of 10,000 Swords.

When Wu Yu met her eyes, he was shocked to feel as though he was drowning miles deep at the bottom of the sea. The seawater had a terrifyingly prodigious pressure that crushed his body, making it difficult to breathe. Under this immortal's pressure, in an instant, Wu Yu felt like he was being crushed to death!

"Lan Huayi, how terrifying!"

Because of his uncommon improvement in this last year, Wu Yu had started to feel a sense of superiority, especially after defeating Situ Minglang. But now the terror that was Lan Huayi made him eat his words!

"I now see that my accomplishments were modest, and there is a long way to go. There are still many in this world who can crush me. I should never be like the frog in the well!"

As he bore the pressure of an endless sea, Wu Yu berated himself sternly.

He would remember the sheer terror that Lan Huayi had inflicted on him today. That woman's ocean-blue eyes, and her long tresses that flowed like a waterfall, and her elegant nose. She was elegant and untouchable. As for resistance, even the Wu Yu of today could only feel a sense of shame before such a heavenly immortal.

"Wu Yu, you broke the sect’s rules and killed my personal disciple on the Immortal's Battle Stage. I sentence you to death!"

Lan Huayi's stern and cold voice echoed throughout the place. It was decisive and compelling. It firmly captured the hearts of all who were present.

Wu Yu felt like he was at the gates of hell. The terrible pressure on his body told him that a few more steps forward and he would reach the underworld.

"I will die here?" Wu Yu was very discontented. He had finally defeated Situ Minglang after much difficulty and earned the chance to return to Capital Wu for revenge. How could he die here!?

Within his body, the blood of the Immortal Ape bubbled, affecting his will. He clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth, unwilling to die.

Passing through the deep ocean, Wu Yu saw that woman high above him. He was aloof, proud, and defensive. In the eyes of an immortal who could deliver all living creatures from suffering, Wu Yu was nothing more than a demon.

A thought was suddenly born in Wu Yu's heart. He had to fight his best today, even if he was about to be taught a lesson. Having such thoughts about the Sect Protector was blasphemy in itself. But Wu Yu was brazen by nature. In addition, he had the Invincible Vajra Body, which was invaluable and made him unafraid to challenge anything.

Wu Yu knew that he could not die today.

"Wu Yu, from this moment on, this very moment, you are the fifth disciple of I, Feng Xueya!"

Suddenly, a beam of golden light materialized above the sea, as though a huge, golden sword had cut through it, parting the sea. The seawater boiled within the golden light, turning into mist that reached for the skies. And the pressure that had been crushing Wu Yu vanished.

At this moment, Wu Yu discovered that he was still standing on the Immortal's Battle Stage, and before him was a black-haired immortal, whose back was facing Wu Yu. His hands were clasped, and he was facing off against Lan Huayi on the Esteemed Throne of 10,000 Swords. One high and one low. It looked calm, but only they knew how many attacks had passed.

"Wu Yu, on your knees!" At this time, Mo Shishu and Su Yanli had flown over with quick steps. They reached Wu Yu's side and secretly signaled to him. Only then did Wu Yu respond. His wish for the last year had finally come true. And, today included, Feng Xueya had saved his life three times now.

To repay his grace was Wu Yu's goal.

He acknowledged Feng Xueya's ability and person. He would acknowledge Feng Xueya as his master for life. It was a blessing for him, especially before this crowd.

He quickly reacted, getting on his knees and kowtowing. Loudly, he cried, "Disciple Wu Yu greets Master!"

And it was done.

Just by today's events, Situ Minglang had been the first to use a forbidden dao technique after he had lost. As for Wu Yu's kill, things had already completely spiralled out of control; therefore, he was not deemed to have violated the sect’s rules. Rather, Situ Minglang's execution was justified, and Lan Huayi was also guilty of trying to cover it up. If the issue was pressed, Lan Huayi would definitely lose to Feng Xueya.

Therefore, she had wanted to kill Wu Yu while Feng Xueya was absent.

But now it was too late. Feng Xueya had already accepted Wu Yu as his disciple, and Wu Yu becoming his personal disciple meant a huge elevation in his status. Lan Huayi could not bully him at will now.

After Wu Yu had finished kowtowing, everyone was as quiet as death. He raised his head and looked past Feng Xueya, whose back was still facing him. He saw that Lan Huayi and Feng Xueya were staring at each other. He could make out that her frame was shaking, and she must’ve still been angry.


She turned and stepped on a water-blue longsword, pressed on through the cloud layer, and was lost to their eyes.

Her struggle with Feng Xueya was not just a matter that had been around for a day or two. Today, Lan Huayi had lost, and lingering would only prolong her shame. Therefore, she had left promptly, and the conflict between the two had exacerbated even more.

"Good on you, Wu Yu. You really hid your strength. Today, you brought honor and pride to Old Feng." Mo Shishu nudged Wu Yu with his elbow and waggled his eyebrows as he spoke.

"Senior Brother, shut up." Su Yanli was speechless in the face of his antics.

He had finally struggled to this point. Wu Yu was extremely moved.

Feng Xueya turned around and his pair of fathomless, black eyes trained on Wu Yu. It was difficult to read the emotions in them. The Sect Leader had personally appeared, and the disciples were also hushed in fear. After all, the Sect Leader appearing was relatively rare.

"Wu Yu, you have truly made your mark."

"Who would have thought that he would be the winner today."

"Poor Situ Minglang. He had just condensed his qi and was a monster of his generation. His future was unlimited, but now he passed prematurely here."

"If Wu Yu had shown mercy, our Heavenly Sword Sect would have another world-class expert."

A pity that Situ Minglang had already passed.

As for Wu Yu, he had become the target of envy and reverence for all the disciples in the Heavenly Sword Sect, including a majority of the core disciples. Logically, his future would be brighter than Situ Minglang's.

And now, the disciples turned their worshipping gazes towards his master.

The Sect Leader's disciple. This status was the dream of all the disciples in the Heavenly Sword Sect! No matter how strong a core disciple was, they still would not have this chance!

Wu Yu thought of the first time that he had met Feng Xueya. Back then, he had already wanted to be his disciple, but reality had thrown him into a fathomless abyss.

But now, the thing that seemed like an impossibly faraway dream had become reality....

Wu Yu's heart was blank.

Even Feng Xueya looked upon him with a conflicted heart!

But he did not show this, instead adopting a solemn face and walking forward a few paces to stand before Wu Yu. He said, "Wu Yu, becoming a disciple of I, Feng Xueya, not only requires you to have supernatural potential, but also asks you to have an indomitable will. Most importantly, you will uphold virtue and condemn evil, and banish demons with a righteous heart! First, you must understand that if I come to know that you have committed any unforgivable crimes, I will not only kick you out, I will personally kill you. Do you understand?"


This was Feng Xueya's temperament. He was righteous and could not stand black tricks.

Wu Yu's change in status had been witnessed by an audience of thousands.

"According to my rules, you have not yet condensed your qi, and so I will not bestow on you your own mountain, nor will I accord you the same resources as your senior brothers and sisters, because those resources can only be used after you condense your qi. All will wait until you have condensed your qi. It is just nice that you have become the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. When you return, as long as you have condensed your qi, I will give you your mountain and resources for martial cultivation."

Wu Yu understood this. Feng Xueya hoped that he would focus on condensing his qi and properly embark on the path of immortals. And then he would give him great help. But the most important thing for Wu Yu now was his roots.

For Wu Yu, the most important thing was revenge back at Capital Wu. Things like his own mountain were not as critical to him. Martial cultivators were very protective of their territory, but Wu Yu did not have such notions as of yet.

"However, I can give you an immortal treasure!"

At this time, Feng Xueya had said something moving that was worthy of envy. Wu Yu was still unable to train dao techniques, but with an immortal treasure, he would still be stronger than with a normal weapon, though the Body Refining Realm would be unable to bring out its full potential. As for the Demon Banishing Blade, if it were not wielded by Wu Yu, then it could not have broken the Lightning Rod Blade.

At this time, Feng Xueya gestured.

Instantly, from the faraway Heavenly Palace, came ringing sounds. It was the sound of immortal treasures. As the sound grew louder, the disciples raised their heads in surprise. From the direction of Heavenly Peak, one could make out tens of light beams in the distance, piercing the clouds of dusk. The sky seemed to be filled with rainbows in the night, a kaleidoscope of colors!

Ding! Ding!

In an instant, the colorful lights converged above Feng Xueya's head with a sharp screech. It was tens of swords, long and short, broad and thin. Some were huge and some were small. They came in all sorts of colors, with different natures and abilities. Some were wreathed in flames, while others crackled with electricity like the Lightning Rod Blade. Some were concealed in darkness, like a line of blood. Some were as heavy as a mountain!

Immortal treasures filled the sky!

A majority of the disciples present had no immortal treasures. Seeing the appearance of so many immortal treasures was the most beautiful sight in the world to them!

Wu Yu was also reeling from the bonanza of immortal treasures.

Feng Xueya really had a generous hand.

"Wu Yu, upon entering the martial cultivators' world, one’s first immortal treasure is of paramount importance. Many people only use one type of immortal treasure for their whole life. For our Heavenly Sword Sect, we use the sword. Given your situation, I recommend you choose an immortal treasure that is a longsword of either the metal or fire type."

Mo Shishu said beside Wu Yu's ear.


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