Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0032: Indomitable Immortal Ape

Chapter 0032: Indomitable Immortal Ape


Situ Minglang simply struck with his sword, and an explosive lightning charge sizzled a long, black gash on the earth!

Wu Yu narrowly avoided it and escaped unharmed.

"This simple attack is already almost equal in power to the lightning snake he summoned before. This forbidden dao technique is indeed powerful," Wu Yu thought to himself. At this moment, he was just being endlessly chased by Situ Minglang. That horrifying destructive power turned their surroundings to ash. To the spectators, Wu Yu was like a rat trying to escape.

A few times, the lightning strikes exploded beside him, and these were blows to him. But in the end, Wu Yu could not find any window for attack, while he himself was about to be destroyed by Situ Minglang!

Nearby, Su Yanli had already left, probably to call Feng Xueya. But from the look in Lan Huayi's eyes, Feng Xueya would not make it in time.

"Wu Yu...." Seeing Wu Yu being completely suppressed, Qing Mang's face was ashen. She knew that forbidden dao techniques were prohibited in these battles, and she was so furious that she was crying.

All of the disciples lapsed gloomily. Lan Huayi had allowed her disciple to use a forbidden dao technique to kill Wu Yu. That was too obvious…. A few of the elders present had been restrained under her power, and their faces were grave.

"Wu Yu!"

As Wu Yu escaped, Situ Minglang turned into a bolt of lightning and gave chase. Even while he was completely encased in electricity, one could still make out his cold and sinister smile.


An even more destructive attack was unleashed!

To Situ Minglang, this was the conclusion to Wu Yu's life.

However, he had not noticed Wu Yu's expression, which had been calm. Until now, he suddenly gave a frustrated smile, thinking to himself, "It's come to this then. I'll have to pit myself. I thought I could hide this and only use it at Capital Wu."

Ever since he had reached the Immortal Transformation tier, he had a huge ace up his sleeve.

At present, under Situ Minglang's Lightning Demon onslaught, he pulled out this ace! Before the lightning could reach him, Wu Yu's transformation began from the eyes!

"Immortal Ape Transformation!"

His eyes were originally black, although they had a golden glimmer. Suddenly, they shot out a blinding, golden light and changed to completely golden eyes! The pupils still burned with golden flames, like a pair of twin suns within his sockets!

And then, beginning from his eyes, a golden wave rippled out, wrapping his body!

Everyone watched this startling transformation.

Firstly, with loud cracks, his skeletal structure coarsened and expanded. In a trice, Wu Yu stood taller by a foot. His chest, legs, waist, back, and other parts of the body were at least twice as thick. He had almost transformed into a huge beast!

Even his face began to change into that of an ape. Although it was much more elegant compared to a real ape, compared to a human, it was very primal. Especially the razor-sharp teeth, and even those dripped with golden light!

What was even more obvious was the emergence of golden hair that covered his entire body, besides the face, hands, and feet. Basically, he was completely covered in golden fur!

Luckily, the trousers that Wu Yu was wearing were elastic enough and had not yet been shred at this point, but his shirt had been completely ripped. One could vaguely make out the golden sauvastika character on his back, which was the core of Wu Yu's current body. This symbol was connected with everything in existence.

At this moment, Wu Yu was like a real monkey. An upright, ramrod-straight ape! The body of golden fur shimmered with light under the evening sun. Although it was very impressive and intimidating, it did not lack for beauty. This was an ape that was even more handsome than a human.

Burly, intimidating, dominating, and bursting with resplendent and beautiful power! Just one look set one's heart beating wildly, let alone staring into those eyes like twin suns!

Before Wu Yu, the Lightning Demon metamorphosed Wu Yu was like a small child. He was not even half Wu Yu's height.

"How fearsome!"

This was the Immortal Ape Transformation.

Wu Yu could feel his own power expanding. In terms of physical power, he had grown from 5,000 warhorses worth of power to at least 7,000 warhorses worth of power!

His body was coursing with strength that could match 7,500 warhorses or more!

It was not just an explosion of power. His mental will after the Immortal Ape Transformation had also undergone a huge change. He became even more savage, and bloodthirsty. His entire body felt like it was on the verge of exploding. This was a bloodline transformation. No matter how calm Wu Yu was, he could not control himself at this point. Although this was not the first time that he had undergone the Immortal Ape Transformation, that impulsive, savage feeling still gave him some doubts.

Before, when he had changed into an Immortal Ape in the practice room of his residence, he had barely been able to control himself and had almost destroyed the entire residence.

The best part of showing off this Immortal Ape Transformation was such: might. Of course, there were drawbacks as well. Firstly, the energy expenditure was enormous, and he would quickly tire. After the Immortal Ape Transformation diminished, he would need some time to recuperate before he could reach full strength again. Secondly, it was the mental aggression. If he grew savage beyond a point, there was a possibility that Wu Yu could no longer control himself, and then things he did not wish to happen might happen.

But since the opponent had already used his Lightning Demon Metamorphosis, Wu Yu had no choice.

"What is that!?"

It was not only Situ Minglang that was rooted with fright. All who were watching were astonished. If it were not for the fact that Wu Yu had no demonic aura, they would have imagined that this was Wu Yu's true form.

In truth, this Immortal Ape's countenance was the Inner Ape that Wu Yu visualized. It was like that invincible monkey king, only without the armor and helmet.

"Wu Yu, what move is that?"

"No idea!"

To the normal disciples, this was unthinkable. Even the worried Mo Shishu was stunned at this moment. He looked blankly at Wu Yu, musing, "From the archives, such transformations indeed exist in this world, but they must at least be dao techniques... How could he execute it from nothing? He must have had some ape blood...."

Mo Shishu was already very learned, but he still could not understand it fully.

And Lan Huayi's face had also changed very quickly. It was apparent that even she was caught off guard by Wu Yu's move. This was definitely not a dao technique, and definitely not a forbidden dao technique. It was a bloodline transformation.

No matter what their guesses were, Wu Yu was charging at Situ Minglang at this point. Kill!

Immortal Ape against Lightning Demon!

The Demon Banishing Blade seemed a bit short in Wu Yu's hands.


The Demon Banishing Blade that Wu Yu wielded struck directly, still imbued with the Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art. While Situ Minglang's lightning strike came cleaving with explosive power. Both clashed head on, accelerating from a distance until they came into contact.

"Wu Yu, you're really a beast! Haha!" Situ Minglang's Lightning Demon Metamorphosis was in no better mental condition than Wu Yu. He was even more maniacal than Wu Yu!

"Roar!" Wu Yu only replied with a grunt. The tremendous energy from his chest was articulated in the sound of a large beast.

He was worked up, and in a frenzy.

One stroke, Heaven-Defying Dragon Slayer!

Explosive cleave!

The two weapons clashed!


The crowd witnessed Wu Yu's Demon Banishing Blade actually cleave an immortal treasure in two. From the Lightning Rod Blade, thousands of electric currents jumped onto Wu Yu's body. They swam along the golden fur, clinging and piercing Wu Yu's skin like little needles, destroying his internal organs!

But after the Immortal Ape Transformation, Wu Yu's corporeal body was unbelievably strong and resistant. Only a small portion of the electricity penetrated it, and that small portion was quickly quenched by the golden battle blood. Situ Minglang's attack only caused light wounds to Wu Yu!


Situ Minglang's immortal treasure was snapped under Wu Yu's mad onslaught. Situ Minglang hadn’t at all expected his own immortal treasure to be broken, and he directly crashed onto Wu Yu's sword. He was cleft into two from head to toe by Wu Yu's sword!


The lightning demon split into two, flying to either side of Wu Yu. Situ Minglang's anguished cries only persisted for a few more moments, then the two halves of his corpse vaporized into ash within the lightning, even before they could land on the floor. When they landed, they were just two blocks of charred wood, completely devoid of any human shape.


After killing him, Wu Yu had became even more savage, but now the situation was not serious. He controlled himself, willing his heart to calm. He finally shed himself of the Immortal Ape Transformation and reverted back to human form, although his torso was now bare. All he was left with was a pair of trousers. This was a pair of trousers that Wu Yu had specially chosen for the Immortal Ape Transformation.

On the Immortal's Battle Stage, the evening sun had already set, descending into the mountains. The evening had begun to dim as well, and the light would disappear before long. Night was about to fall on the Bipo Mountain Range, and the gloom was like a beast that crept through the sky. Shadows were already starting to form on the Immortal's Battle Stage.

Wu Yu's body shrank along with the changes in the sky. His bones and internal organs shrank, and his face reverted from ape to man. The fur on his body retracted, his skin becoming clean again. It was hard to imagine that fur had once covered such skin.

This image would forever be locked in the hearts of all those present!

The setting sun, the golden monkey, the two halves of the charred corpse, and the scattered rubble... And then the countless pairs of shocked eyes.

All were silent.

"Damn, have I gone blind?" The fan in Mo Shishu's hand had fallen to the floor and his eyes were about to pop out.

There were many who were as doubtful as he was, but none who looked as comical.....

Looking around, all were filled with respect, fear, and adoration. It testified that, from this moment on, Wu Yu would progress at fearsome speed through the Heavenly Sword Sect. Situ Minglang had not eliminated the stumbling block that was Wu Yu, and instead had become Wu Yu's stepping stone.

That charred corpse had drowned the myth and glory that he had created. A demon of the generations, fallen on this spot. However, an even more fearsome demon was born right here.

Immortal's Battle Stage, where an Immortal had triumphed.

Of course, Wu Yu still had to survive Lan Huayi!

"Wretch, you dare to kill my disciple!?" The shrill cry of the Sect Protector raised goosebumps.

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