Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0031: Lightning Demon Metamorphosis

Chapter 0031: Lightning Demon Metamorphosis

Situ Minglang's immortality art that could manipulate nature's electricity itself - that was the real essence of the Art of Lightning Control!

Over the past year, Situ Minglang had spent at least eight months on the Art of Lightning Control. He had already reached the point of perfection, and under the admiring and revering gazes of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, he extended his longsword. In the instant that the Lightning Rod Blade pointed at Wu Yu, Wu Yu felt a sense of danger, as though he had been targeted by a viper or a demon!


Situ Minglang laughed loudly within the crackling electricity. His longsword gathered the lightning. In the instant that he pointed it at Wu Yu, the sky rang with an explosion. As he lifted his head, an electric snake could be seen lunging out from the clouds. The brilliant light was frightening, and it was at a speed that could not be dodged. It reached Wu Yu's head!


True elite dao techniques were being displayed here, and the crowd was stunned! They truly believed that no matter how much the Body Refining Realm strengthened one's body, it was no match for dao techniques. At this moment, Situ Minglang was proving this to them.

Before Wu Yu's eyes, that explosive electric snake had already reached speeds that could not be sensed. The speed of his dodge was far from this electric snake's swimming speed. In that split second, all he could do was block his head with the Demon Banishing Blade!

If this lightning bolt connected with his skull, then it would be a complete disaster!


The lightning snake clashed with the Demon Banishing Blade. Just as everyone expected, the lightning snake was conducted through the Demon Banishing Blade to Wu Yu's body. There was an explosion, and the lightning engulfed Wu Yu, wrecking his pristine body. Instantly, he was charred black and fell to the ground stiffly, knocking up a puff of dust.

"As expected, burnt to a crisp, haha!" When they saw the fallen Wu Yu, body still smoldering with green smoke, many of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples actually burst into laughter. They were led by the disciples of Heaven's Lament.

"It's over so quickly. That Wu Yu is really a joke. He didn't know the power of dao techniques."

From then on, Wu Yu would definitely become the after-meal laughing stock of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples.

Outside the battle, Su Yanli frowned. Just as she was about to move forward, Mo Shishu held her back. He spoke in a low voice, "Don't panic. His body still has a very strong vitality surging within!"

Just as the crowd was laughing and Mo Shishu said that, two things happened simultaneously!

Firstly, Situ Minglang's look was cruel. There was a terrible look on his face. He still recited his dao techniques, his hand still extended. From the way it seemed, he was about to call another lightning snake to completely destroy Wu Yu. He would really reduce him to ash and dust!

The disciples thought that Wu Yu was already dead, and Situ Minglang's actions seemed to be breaking the rules of battle. But his master was there...

And the second thing was even more unimaginable.

That was, just as Situ Minglang's second attack was in preparation, the fallen Wu Yu suddenly flew up, becoming a shadow. With terrifying speed, he attacked Situ Minglang!

Both happened in an instant.

The speed was extreme.

That's right. The mystical lightning had indeed wounded Wu Yu, but it was far from being able to kill him. His Invincible Vajra Body had prodigious defenses and regeneration. That mystical lightning could kill any other opponent who had yet to condense their qi, but it could not take Wu Yu's life.

"Dao techniques are indeed powerful, but to fully utilize them requires time!

"That is enough time for me to send you to the next world."

Gripping the Demon Banishing Blade in hand, Wu Yu's power and energy returned anew! Today, he was a top fighter, and he attacked decisively. The ground rang and then exploded. In the instant that he lifted his sword, the Demon Banishing Blade seemed to have a golden dragon circling it!

"Heaven-Defying Dragon Slayer!"

Sword and dragon combined perfectly in Wu Yu's hand. With a flash of golden light, that sharp and powerful killing stroke, packed with heaven-defying will, reached Situ Minglang before anyone even realized!

"Not dead!" Situ Minglang had thought him dead and was about to deal a supplementary move. Who would have known that he would be delivering a killing blow! And Wu Yu's overwhelming, no-way-back will had sprung a tinge of doubt in his heart. Calling the lightning snake needed time. He hurriedly changed his skill to protect himself!

"Lightning Gatherer Shield!"

This dao technique was very fast. Just one chant could call forth a wall of electricity, building a protecting lightning shield before him. Situ Minglang only used a bare hand to defend himself, while the other still wielded the Lightning Rod Blade to call lightning.

Time to go crazy!


Impossible penetrative power, Heaven-Defying Dragon Slayer! It was an equal will. Compounded with Wu Yu's horrifying physical power, that blow shattered the Lightning Gatherer Shield at an unbelievable speed. The Demon Banishing Blade cut through, throwing Situ Minglang off. The hand holding the Lightning Rod Blade flew askew. Along with it was the Lightning Rod Blade itself!


Wu Yu still capitalized by throwing in an additional kick that caught Situ Minglang squarely on the chest. With a crack, his ribs snapped. Situ Minglang flew backwards, falling into the crowd punishingly. The crowd was naturally stunned and hurriedly made way, causing Situ Minglang to fall on the floor. His fresh blood mixed with mud, and he looked like a pathetic picture.

"That guy really disdains me. He actually dared to block with the lightning shield while holding on to his lightning attack till the last." Wu Yu could not resist letting out a cold laugh. Situ Minglang was so arrogant. Now that he had lost badly, that was his just desserts. When he lifted his head, he could see the clouds in the sky already dispersing. Just like Situ Minglang, the presence was gone.

Victory neared.

Situ Minglang had a broken arm and had taken a kick. He did not have much fight left in him. And now he could only pick himself up from the ground painfully, his face pale.


This scene was hard to take in, and many spectators were shocked. All of the disciples, Su Yanli and the rest, and even the elders themselves. At this moment, even Lan Huayi's expression was ugly.

"Wow!" Within the hushed silence, only Qing Mang, the little girl, whooped and cried, "Wu Yu has won! Situ Minglang is vanquished!"

To some, this was a very painful thing to hear.

Wu Yu surveyed his surroundings. He saw the resolute look in the eyes of Su Yanli and the others, and the profound respect in the eyes of the other disciples. When he lifted his head, he could see the cold expression of Lan Huayi. This was a good thing. Before he defeated Situ Minglang, her expression had been disdainful. At that time, Wu Yu had not even been worthy of her attention.

And finally, the berserk look of Situ Minglang, tormented with pain. His gaze was already stained with the red of blood. Before the crowd, he silently walked over to the Lightning Rod Blade and picked it up.

Wu Yu was still very alert. He had previously fallen prey to Ye Guyu's Golden Flame Talisman, which had come from Situ Minglang. Although this was a battle where talismans and other consumable immortal treasures were prohibited, given Situ Minglang's nature, such violations would not be a surprise. Which was why Wu Yu would still be on the watch against a sneak attack even if Mu Ge declared him the winner.

After all, what he wanted was not victory, but Wu Yu's life.

Within the dead silence, Mu Ge finally understood the real reason why Feng Xueya had nurtured Wu Yu. He cleared his throat in purpose, announcing, "Last battle, the result is clear. The victor is......"


Situ Minglang had actually interrupted Mu Ge. To do this to an elder was discourteous to say the least. But who had made him Lan Huayi's disciple?

The crowd looked again at Situ Minglang.

"I haven't lost yet!"

Situ Minglang tried to stem the huge flow of blood with one hand, the other hand holding the Lightning Rod Blade aloft. As he said this, his face twisted and his voice quavered with a wail. He had evidently entered some sort of berserk state. At this moment, he would ignore everything to turn the tables! Wu Yu could sense his killing intent!

But Sect Protector Lan Huayi said nothing. Clearly, no one would stop Situ Minglang! This tightened the heartstrings of the crowd, which had been relaxed just a moment ago. This was even more tense than the previous battle. What they were wondering was: what on earth was Situ Minglang up to?

"Wu Yu, I will eat your flesh and drink your blood!"

Forget that Wu Yu had killed his two elder brothers. The way he had brought the Situ Minglang of today so low - that in itself was a death sentence! All of his hatred gathered and drowned out his reason.

"Minglang, he has already become a demon in your heart. If you don't kill him, you will never transcend this stage. That is why, go and destroy him without fear. Master will handle all other matters for you.”

No one else could hear Lan Huayi's words. She was using an advanced skill to project her voice only to Situ Minglang.

When he heard this, all the doubt in Situ Minglang's heart vanished into smoke. All that was left was the mania of his hatred! At that moment, he did something which nobody expected. With a loud pop, he pierced his own heart with the Lightning Rod Blade!

In that instant, electricity exploded, and Situ Minglang was quickly engulfed in lightning. His body had taken a humanoid electric form. One could barely make out hands, legs, and a brain!

"Forbidden dao technique, Lightning Demon Metamorphosis!"

This forbidden dao technique had changed Situ Minglang enormously. His body seemed to have fused with countless electric currents, which made his entire body into an attack.

That awesome electric power caused everyone to retreat several steps. In everybody's eyes you could see lightning snakes everywhere.

And the Situ Minglang now was naturally very terrifying!

"Forbidden dao technique!" Su Yanli and Mo Shishu exchanged a look, seeing the anger in each other's eyes. Both took to the air and flew towards Wu Yu. Mo Shishu said: "Situ Minglang, you actually dare to use a forbidden dao technique on the Immortal's Battle Stage? You have broken the rules. According to the sect’s rules, you are disqualified from competing. Back down immediately!"

Wu Yu had also seen the Sect Rules, and among the recorded dao techniques, some were too cruel and too powerful in terms of the casualty effect. They were taboo to disciples, and the only time they could be used was against demons, and only as a last resort. Therefore, Situ Minglang had broken the rules.

Wu Yu would remember and be grateful toward Mo Shishu and the others had come to protect him, but he felt that it was useless. As expected, Lan Huayi waved a hand, and both were sucked back like a vortex, forcibly held to their original spot. Lan Huayi stared at them from up high but did not speak a single word. For some reason, she, Lan Huayi, was being unreasonable, but she would insist nonetheless.

Why did Feng Xueya choose today of all days to be absent?

At this time, Situ Minglang had already grasped the chance that Lan Huayi had given him. Under the protests of the crowd, his ability had elevated by another level, and he had changed into a lightning demon, killing and slaying madly. All the nearby rubble exploded and the soil blackened. Many lightning snakes writhed and rolled in all directions. All of this created the picture of armageddon before Wu Yu's eyes. The Situ Minglang now indeed looked much stronger than before!

He was afraid that in Lan Huayi's eyes, Wu Yu had to die without question.

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