Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 437 - Devouring Cloud (1)  

Chapter 437: Devouring Cloud (1)

After Changjiang No. 7 killed the black dragon, he quickly collected the black dragon meat that had exploded into countless pieces.

Everyone looked at him in surprise, wondering what he was up to.

He said, “Although this black dragon is a little ugly, the meat is really good. Master will definitely like it!”

Everyone came to a realization and could not help but laugh.

At this moment, the light on the altar lit up again, and two figures walked out of it.

They were Li Yu and Long Chuan.

“This is… that Little Ancestral Dragon?”

Everyone’s gazes gathered on Long Chuan, who was beside Li Yu, and they immediately guessed his identity.

Li Yu waved his hand and kept the Eight-Divisional Pagoda in the system space again. Then, he looked at the giant floating rocks in the surroundings in surprise.

There were also fragments of the corpses of some unknown creatures.

Clearly, a battle had occurred here not long ago.

“Master, Master, let me prepare dragon meat for you!” Changjiang No. 7 ran over eagerly.

“What happened?” Li Yu asked in confusion.

Changjiang No. 7 explained what had just happened casually, and Tai Ri added a few words.

“It should be the natural enemy of our Ancestral Dragon Race, Black Ferocious Dragon!” Long Chuan said after hearing Tai Ri’s description.

The Black Ferocious Dragon was a variant born from heaven and earth. It was extremely powerful, and not many people in the Ancestral Dragon Race were its match back then.

This fellow had always coveted the Ancestral Dragon Pool in the Ancestral Dragon Treasury and liked to eat the Ancestral Dragon Race. At least a dozen Ancestral Dragons had died in his hands.

This number did not sound like much.

However, in the heyday of the Ancestral Dragon Race, there were only more than 20 pure-blooded Ancestral Dragons.

“Master, have a taste. This black dragon meat is not bad, but it’s a little troublesome to eat!” Changjiang No. 7 said with a grin.

Li Yu looked at the dragon meat that Changjiang No. 7 brought over and smiled. He flipped his palm, and the Heaven and Earth Cauldron was taken out before it rapidly enlarged.

In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a giant cauldron that stood on the altar.

A smile surfaced in everyone’s eyes. They knew what Li Yu wanted to do by taking out the Heaven and Earth Cauldron.

This supreme-grade supreme artifact, the Heaven and Earth Cauldron, that could refine sacred medicines had long become Li Yu’s barbecue stove.

The Life Spirit True Flame became an outstanding barbecue chef under Li Yu’s guidance.

Every time Li Yu threw the meat and seasonings into the cauldron, the Life Spirit True Flame would roast the meat until it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, giving it a delicious appearance.

“Hehe, another treat!” Ritian said with a smile.

The last time he ate Li Yu’s roasted meat, he really savored it every day. He did not expect to eat Li Yu’s roasted dragon meat today.

This was really a joyous occasion.

After the black dragon meat was roasted, Long Chuan enjoyed it. Thinking of his companions who had been eaten by the Black Ferocious Dragon, he felt that every bite was revenge for his clansmen.

After the dragon meat feast, Li Yu and the others set off again to find the location of Emperor Yu Mountain.

However, about an hour after Li Yu and the others left, space suddenly twisted into a vortex, and an extraordinary figure flew out.

This person was tall, and his long green hair was like silk. His jade-like face was handsome, and his eyes were like stars that flickered with a dark blue light. There was no expression on his face.

His entire body was enveloped in countless mysterious golden runes. With every step he took, a circle of golden ripples would appear under his feet, and many strange golden runes flickered inside.

He looked at his surroundings and frowned slightly.

Then, he waved his hand and picked up a small piece of Black Ferocious Dragon meat.

At the same time, a dark light flashed in his palm. The dragon meat immediately transformed into smoke that condensed into a strange totem in his palm.

He formed hand seals and tapped the air in front of him. With a buzz, circles of ripples appeared in the air like water.

The ripples instantly swept through the surroundings, and the entire space seemed to have stopped.

Immediately, the surrounding scene began to change.

It was as if time had reversed, and the surrounding scene became the moment the black ferocious dragon saw it before it died.

On the screen was the figure of Changjiang No. 7, and a few blurry figures at the side.

At this point, a cold glint flashed through the man’s eyes. Then, he waved his hand, and the surrounding void returned to normal.

Then, he suddenly stretched out his palm. Circles of profound totems surfaced around his arm, turning into countless symbols that silently fused into the void.

His figure disappeared on the spot.

At the same time, somewhere in the Nether Cloud Void, the Wang family was carefully advancing.

They were also disturbed by the fog and the Illusory Cloud along the way. Fortunately, the Wang family’s secret technique was effective against various illusions.

Therefore, after falling into the illusion a few times, they successfully escaped danger.

“Father, look, there seems to be land in the distance again!” Wang Jiabao suddenly said with a grave expression.

They had encountered such a scene several times in the past. They thought that it was the location of the grotto-heaven, but they realized that it was an illusion.

The Wang family, who had suffered a few times, felt fear when they saw the mountains.

However, they were here to find the Immortal Cloud Mystic Realm and Emperor Yu Mountain. They could not ignore it.

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