Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 436 - Such Loyalty (3)  

Chapter 436: Such Loyalty (3)

As expected of Li Yu’s pet, it was equally decisive in killing.

“There’s a world in No. 7’s stomach!” Tai Ri was also shocked.

It was against common sense to return to its original appearance after devouring such a large head.

They did not expect Changjiang No. 7 to be so impressive. They felt that if it really used its full strength, it could devour a planet.

After the torture of the black dragon and Changjiang No. 7, the meteors wrapped around the altar completely collapsed into countless gravel that scattered in the surroundings.

The enormous altar was also exposed.

In the Ancestral Dragon Treasury, Li Yu flipped through all the books and could not help but discover some unexpected information.

In the history of the Ancestral Dragon Race, the ancestors of the Ancestral Dragon Race had once mentioned that his master, Emperor Yu, was going to find Hongmeng and sent him to guard the Human Race’s Holy Mountain.

Through this information, Li Yu could basically confirm that the Ancestral Dragon Race’s Patriarch seemed to be Emperor Yu’s pet.

Furthermore, it mentioned that Emperor Yu was going to find the Primordial Chaos. It was similar to what No. 7 and Huang had mentioned back then.

He did not expect to be a pet lover in his previous life. He had many pets, and all of them were ridiculously strong.

Just as Li Yu put away all the ancient books and prepared to leave the hall that he had emptied…

A deafening dragon roar suddenly sounded outside, and a powerful aura reverberated through the surrounding space along with the sound wave.

Li Yu walked out of the hall and saw a mountain range that seemed to be cast from gold. It rose and fell, entrenched in the sky above the altar. It was the Little Ancestral Dragon that had reconstructed its body.

The nine complete Ancestral Dragon skeletons that were originally entrenched around the altar became incomplete.

Many bones were missing from each skeleton. Clearly, Long Chuan’s body was reconstructed through those bones.

“Looks like you’ve succeeded!” Li Yu flew over from the direction of the hall with a smile.

Seeing Li Yu fly over, Long Chuan immediately transformed into his human form. Then, he knelt in the air and kowtowed respectfully. “Long Chuan greets Master!”

Li Yu was slightly surprised when he heard Long Chuan’s words, wondering if this fellow was the ancestor of the Ancestral Dragon Race.

However, thinking back to the history of the Ancestral Dragon Race, their ancestor was not called Long Chuan, and Long Chuan should be the 18th Patriarch.

“Why do you call me Master?” Li Yu asked the question in his heart.

“Because you’re the master of our Ancestral Dragon Race. As the Patriarch, when we accept the baptism of the Dragon Pool, we will obtain some of our ancestors’ memories, and the most important one is related to you.”

“Our ancestors told us to remember that you are the savior of our Ancestral Dragon Race and our eternal master. You are the ruler of this world and the emperor who rules over all races.”

“Although Master had once left, our ancestors had always believed that you would return. We ordered our descendants to not forget their roots and honor you as our master for generations!”

Long Chuan said with a pious gaze. He had already recovered most of his memories.

Hearing Long Chuan’s words, Li Yu understood and could not help but feel a little touched. He did not expect the Ancestral Dragon Race to be so loyal. It seemed that his predecessor had a way with pets.

He made these pets so loyal, that even if he died, they had to remember his appearance.

However, on second thought, Li Yu felt that the Ancestral Dragon Ancestor was not only loyal but also intelligent. He was also worried that after he died, his heir would not recognize his master and offend him.

Then, what awaited their race was probably destruction.

Well done!

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