Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 438 - Devouring Cloud (2)  

Chapter 438: Devouring Cloud (2)

“Let’s go take a look!” Wang Lin brought his clansmen and slowly approached. Everyone held their breaths and focused, their breathing faintly discernible.

They were in no hurry to enter. Their gazes carefully identified the details, searching for anything unreasonable or strange.

“Everyone, be careful!” Wang Jiabao warned in a low voice.

As for Wang Lin, he frowned. After some careful observation, he felt that this place did not seem like an illusion. Furthermore, he suddenly realized that…

The surrounding mist seemed to have lost its hallucinatory effect.

“This should be the real place!” Wang Lin said.

In front of him was a beautiful mountain range. Green mountains and bamboo were surrounded by clouds.

Hearing Wang Lin’s words, everyone relaxed a little, but only a little.

He was still on guard, stopping to observe every distance.

However, just as everyone arrived near the mountain range…

A giant figure suddenly appeared out of thin air behind them, instantly enveloping everyone.

Everyone from the Wang family turned around in surprise and saw an enormous monster.

This monster did not look ferocious and even looked a little ferocious. However, the pressure it emitted made everyone’s faces sink.

Clearly, this was a fellow who could threaten them.

If Li Yu and the others were here, they would definitely be shocked to discover that the monster was identical to Changjiang No. 7.

Almost the moment this monster appeared, a terrifying devouring power swept out of its mouth.

It instantly enveloped the Wang family.

“Not good!” The expressions of the Wang family changed drastically. They immediately used all their strength to resist the devouring power and used their divine powers to counterattack.

However, two weaker members of the Wang family were pulled away by the devouring power and instantly devoured by the monster.

Seeing this, the rest of the Wang family immediately used their divine powers to attack the monster crazily, wanting to kill it and save their clansmen.

Facing the siege of the Wang family, the monster seemed to be at a loss. It suddenly transformed into a wisp of cloud and fled into the distance, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Damn it!” Wang Lin said indignantly.

“What is that guy?”

“It should be a living being from this Nether Cloud Void!”

“Bastard, if I see this guy again, I’ll kill him!” Everyone from the Wang family said angrily.

They were naturally heartbroken that their companion had died. It was a pity that that fellow had fled too quickly.

At the same time, it was not only the Wang family. The others in the Nether Cloud Void encountered the same thing one after another.

Some of them had seen Changjiang No. 7 before, so they were a little surprised when they saw the monster appear. Some were even caught off guard at the first moment, and they, unfortunately, became the monster’s food.

Fortunately, the monster fled immediately, allowing most to survive.

“What’s going on? Isn’t that monster Cultivator Li’s pet? Why did it suddenly attack us?!”

“Could it be that he was also disturbed by the illusion and attacked us!”

“That shouldn’t be the case. With Cultivator Li around, what kind of illusion can’t be broken?”

“Perhaps Cultivator Li isn’t by its side!” Some survivors who had seen Changjiang No. 7 speculated.

They could not understand why Changjiang No. 7 would suddenly attack them.

However, Li Yu and the others, who were near the Immortal Cloud Mystic Realm, encountered the same thing. Everyone was shocked when they saw the Changjiang No. 7 transformed from the Ghost Cloud rushing over.

However, the Ghost Cloud was slashed into thin air by Li Yu.

“It’s the Devouring Cloud stage. These Ghost Clouds have all become Devouring Clouds!” Zhong Yu said in a low voice.

“So that was the Devouring Cloud just now!” Ritian said.

Li Yu was not too affected by this. It was just that he could not understand why the Devouring Cloud would transform into Changjiang No. 7 to attack them.

“How strange. Even if they turn into Devouring Clouds, why would they turn into my appearance?” Changjiang No. 7 asked in confusion.

“Yeah, the Ghost Cloud this time is indeed strange!” Zhong Yu also had a strange expression.

“Everyone should be careful!” Great Immortal Mi Lu reminded.

“Alright, let’s continue to take a look at this mountain range!” Li Yu did not think too much about it and looked at the beautiful mountain range in front of him.

According to Zhong Yu, she had lived here for a long time. The Immortal Cloud Mystic Realm might be here.

Li Yu’s motive for this trip was not to find the Immortal Cloud Mystic Realm. However, since he had encountered it, he naturally had to enter and take a look in case there was a surprise.

“When I lived here back then, it was lively. Many powerful creatures lived here, and some human experts!” Zhong Yu continued to talk about the matters here.

Her words made Li Yu’s eyes flash as he looked at her in surprise. “Human experts?”

“That’s right. Many human and demon experts have always lived in the Nether Cloud Void. Furthermore, their cultivation system is somewhat different from the humans of the outside world. However, many human experts I’ve encountered in the past should not be inferior to the Heavenly Venerables of the outside world!”

Upon hearing this, Li Yu frowned slightly as if he had a new understanding of this place.

A human expert with a cultivation system different from the outside world piqued his curiosity.

However, since there were many experts here whose strength was inferior to a Heavenly Venerable,

Why was it that no one from the Nether Cloud Void was on the Divine Power Rankings, Bloodline Rankings, Physique Rankings, and so on?

Furthermore, the Heavenly Dao Rankings could not be seen here.

Was it because of the special laws of heaven and earth here that even the Heavenly Dao Rankings could not interfere?

Why were the two hidden grotto-heavens on the rankings then?

This contradiction did not make sense.

Experience told Li Yu that something was wrong. The Nether Cloud Void was strange to begin with. Many signs now seemed to prove that this place was similar to the Burial Earth World and was far from what it seemed.

When Li Yu and the others arrived at the hinterland of the mountain range, they saw the valley that was like a paradise. The scenery was breathtaking.

The immortal energy and Dao runes were rich. Although it was still inferior to the current Nine-tailed Mountain, it could be considered a treasure land.

Many extraordinary creatures and human experts were indeed resting in the valley. Many human buildings and cave abodes were protected by various complicated array formations.

Many of them were in seclusion. Their auras were indeed extraordinary.

“The people here don’t hate outsiders, nor do they mind others coming here to cultivate. However, if someone has designs on their cave abode, it’s a different story!

“However, when I lived here, most people adhered to morality and rules. Those who did not follow the rules were basically expelled from here.”

“I wonder if those old friends still live here?” Zhong Yu asked with a slightly excited expression.

The time she lived here back then was unforgettable, and she had many friends here.

It was a pity that she wanted to leave the Nether Cloud Void and see the wider world, so she left this place.

It had been almost a hundred years since they last met.

Now, she seemed to feel honored to have returned home, and she was eager to catch up with her friends from the past.

However, when Zhong Yu and the others arrived in the valley, they realized that the living beings resting here were like birds startled by the twang of a bow. They quickly dispersed and hid.

Most of them looked hostile, and the rest had complicated expressions.

The entire valley no longer seemed as peaceful as before. Instead, it was filled with tension.

Fortunately, she was familiar with some faces.

Upon seeing this, Zhong Yu immediately guessed that this was no longer the home he was familiar with. Something had happened here while he was away.

“Who are you?” A few men with cold gazes flew over from afar and asked coldly.

Zhong Yu looked at the unfamiliar men in front of her and frowned slightly. Then, she looked at someone she knew not far away and immediately flew over.

“Uncle Mu Han, do you remember me?” Zhong Yu asked.

“You’re… Little Yu?” The middle-aged man called Mu Han recognized Zhong Yu.

“Is Uncle Li still around?” Zhong Yu asked. Uncle Li was once the strongest person here and could be considered the commander, but he was not the ruler.

It was just that everyone respected him and some of the rules here were set by him. It was also because of him that this place was so harmonious.

“Uncle Li is dead. The situation here has long changed. This place is already under the control of Hong Zun…” The man called Mu Han whispered.

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