Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 31 - : Annihilation

Chapter 31: Annihilation

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The captured members of the Jade Pure Dao Sect were imprisoned in the Netherworld Demon Sect’s underground dungeon.

The dungeon was filled with restrictions. Any attempts to break it with magic power were practically impossible.

Not to mention, everyone was severely injured and suppressed by the restriction, making it difficult for them to breathe.

They had messy hair and dirty faces. Their bodies lacked vitality, and their eyes were filled with despair and emptiness.

This was especially apparent for Elder Xu and Elder Chu, who lay paralyzed on the ground like mud.

There was no luster in their eyes.

The two of them had their cultivation crippled and all of their meridians shattered by Mo Lin, and they were now powerless.

Although they were still alive, they were already dead inside. Pain and despair overwhelmed them.


A loud noise shook the earth and mountains. The dungeon trembled too.

A few young disciples looked up slightly with surprise in their eyes.

Then, there was another rumble as the ground shook again. All the disciples seemed to have thought of something as they looked at each other with glee.

“Could it be… our Grandmaster has come to save us?” A disciple remarked.

They were still young and filled with a strong desire to live.

Even if it was just a tiny sliver of hope, it was enough to let them regain their zest.

“It should be, judging from the commotion. This is great. The sect master hasn’t abandoned us after all!”

“Elder Chu, Elder Xu, the sect master is here to save us. We can get out of here!” the group of disciples shouted excitedly.


However, Elder Chu’s eyes were still lifeless, and he did not say a word.

He felt as if his heart had died. So what if he made it out alive? He was already a crippled man.

“Kill them. Kill all these bastards!” Elder Xu shouted through gritted teeth.

His eyes were red and filled with hatred.

His cultivation that he had cultivated for hundreds of years was destroyed just like that. This was more painful than death.

Hence, he simply hated those from the Netherworld Demon Sect to the bone. He could only be happy after killing them.

Above the Netherworld Demon Sect, a spherical purple light screen was constantly shrinking.

A bolt of violet lightning condensed and slashed down at Li Yu. But it was dispersed by his sword with ease.

Outside the light screen, all the elders and hundreds of disciples of the Netherworld Demon Sect were arranged in a strange formation while they formed hand seals in unison.

Strange runes surfaced in front of them, connecting with each other.

Purple light gathered around them and slowly fused with the light screen of the grand array formation.

According to Li Qingyun, they were executing a human formation to support the Protective Mountain Array formation, allowing them to become one with the array.

It was similar to becoming one with the sword.

This was entirely different from relying on magic power to augment the array.

One needed to fuse their vital energies into the formation to become a part of it.

Furthermore, everyone was connected through a unique array formation, allowing everyone to become one.

It allowed everyone’s power to be focused and unleash its greatest power.

It was like ten people pushing a heavy box.

Each person taking turns could push the box forward, but if their strength could be fully focused and synchronized, they could move it faster and further.

If wheels were added to the bottom of the box and leverage was applied, everyone’s strength could be amplified. Thus, the ten people could push ten boxes or more with ease.

Such was the effect of becoming one with the array formation. Everyone’s will was synchronized through it, and their strength was united. Then, through the profoundness of the array formation, everyone’s power would be amplified. It would generate power far greater than the sum of its parts.

Of course, there was one flaw. As a part of the grand array, once it got attacked, those disciples would suffer a certain degree of damage.

If the grand array was destroyed, they would also suffer a backlash from that power and might be seriously injured or even killed.

Hence, when he heard about this from Li Qingyun, Li Yu thought of a method that he could execute to annihilate the Netherworld Demon Sect with a single sword strike.

Therefore, he hid his abilities and controlled his strength while only applying pressure on the array. He switched from attack to defense and withstood the array’s attack but did not destroy it.

“This brat can’t hold on much longer. Let’s gather the strength of everyone and kill him with the array formation!” An elder of the Netherworld Demon Sect shouted loudly.

“Yes, elder!” The hundreds of disciples answered in unison.

At the same time, more Netherworld Demon Sect disciples flew over. They, too, formed hand seals and fused into the formation.

The purple glow of the array formation became more and more dazzling while the energy became increasingly powerful.


The giant array formation was like a glorious heaven’s might, with thunder rumbling.

Purple energy gathered in one spot, and a lightning bolt that looked like a flood dragon manifested.

Then, it slashed down at Li Yu.

Li Yu frowned and used his sword to block.


Amidst the loud explosion, Li Yu and Li Qingyun’s figures hurriedly retreated.

Their expressions were grim.

Everyone from the Netherworld Demon Sect was ecstatic when they saw it.

It seemed like there was a chance of killing him after they fused with the grand array to maximize its power.

“All disciples, listen up. Quickly come and support the grand array formation to kill the enemy together. No delay shall be tolerated!” The Netherworld Demon Sect’s Grand Elder used his magic power to amplify his voice, and it was like a thunderclap that resounded in the sky of the entire sect.

After a moment, more figures flew over from all directions.

Before the order, some of them were patrolling the periphery, while others were in seclusion in various cave abodes.

Although the commotion earlier had already caught their attention, they didn’t know what was going on. So no one dared leave their posts without orders.

Some were merely observing. After all, they were simply unable to imagine how powerful the enemy they were facing was and believed the elders could handle it themselves.

However, upon hearing the Great Elder’s orders, they naturally did not dare to delay and flew over one after another.

In an instant, there were another two to three hundred people outside the light barrier, and there were already a thousand people.

“Everyone, listen up. Merge all your essence, energy, and spirit into the formation. Inject all your magic power into the formation, and we will kill these two in one hit!” The Grand Elder continued to shout.

He noticed that Li Yu could barely withstand that attack just now.

With more disciples joining in, they could definitely kill him with their best shot.

Even if they couldn’t kill him, they could still deal a heavy blow.

Everyone should be here by now! Li Yu thought.

Indeed, life was like a show where everything depended on the acting!

He had successfully lured everyone from the Netherworld Demon Sect to integrate into the grand array.

At the moment, the light screen of the grand formation had become more corporeal and glaring.

A powerful pressure weighed down on his head like a mountain.

In fact, some of the buildings began cracking under immense pressure. It was as if they were on the verge of collapse.

The heavens and the earth quaked as a bedazzling purple light gathered in the sky, reminiscent of the blinding sun.

The terrifying energy slowly condensed into a bolt of a purple lightning dragon that roared as it charged toward Li Yu.

Li Yu stood in front of Li Qingyun, neither dodging nor evading. His right hand gripped the hilt of his sword as he frowned ever slightly.


The sword slashed out, tearing through the void.

The bolt of purple lightning dragon instantly exploded, turning into a dazzling glow that spread in all directions.

Space trembled as energy ripples spread out.

Everyone from the Netherworld Demon Sect looked at the center of the explosion with anticipation.

This was the strongest strike that had gathered all of their strength and used up all of their powers. It should be enough to kill Li Yu, right?

Even if he was lucky enough not to die, he would definitely be severely injured and vomit blood, leaving him in a sorry state.

However, when the light dissipated, Li Yu remained on the spot with a calm expression.

Their best attack that had gathered the power of more than a thousand people in their sect and the Protective Mountain Array…

A strike more than enough to level a mountain or kill an elite cultivator at the Profound Void Martial Stage…

It did nothing!

How is this possible!

How is he still unharmed!

Is he a monster?

Everyone was utterly shocked!

Right then, Li Yu looked at the people above him, the corners of his mouth suddenly curved up in a thought-provoking smile.

Then, he slashed out!

This strike seemed to sever time!

All was quiet, and it was as if space had stopped for a moment.

In the next second…


The light screen of the array formation exploded.

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