Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 32 - Another Change in the Hidden Dragon Rankings

Chapter 32: Another Change in the Hidden Dragon Rankings

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Outside Jade Peak Pass, in the Wolf King’s camp.

A group of soldiers of the Great Xia Dynasty searched for the weapons, treasures, and other items left behind by the Wolf King’s army.

They also rescued the captured prisoners of war and women.

Ye Qiu was here as well.

Last night, he had learned that the Wolf King had been killed by a mysterious expert and that the Wolf King’s army had fled.

He rushed here before the army did with Zhang Zhizhong and the others.

“What a terrifying divine power it is to actually tear open such a huge hole in this land! No wonder it could scare off the Wolf King’s 500,000 men army. This is simply the descent of a god into the mortal world!”

Everyone looked at the cracked ground at the campsite in shock.

Especially when they arrived near the enormous ravine that was almost seven to eight meters wide and stretched for several hundreds of meters.

The visual impact simply made them feel so tiny and weak.

They could finally understand how traumatized the men from the Wolf King Clan were back then.

Anyone else would be terrified to the point their souls left their bodies, and they would flee for their lives.

Ye Qiu didn’t say anything, but he was extremely excited and proud inside!

He was now even more sure that this was done by Li Yu.

In the entire Xia Dynasty, only he could have such terrifying strength.

Looking at the ravine in front of him, he imagined the scene at that time.

Li Yu entered the enemy camp alone and killed the Wolf King.

Afterward, the might of the next sword strike collapsed the earth, scaring away the Wolf King’s army of 500,000 men.

In the end, he left without revealing his identity as fame was irrelevant to him.

Thinking to this point, Ye Qiu couldn’t help but want to clap for Li Yu and cheer for him.

This is what a true expert, a true hero, is all about!

Such a magnificent achievement is unprecedented.

Such a heroic feat should be respected by all.

Any good man should be like my senior brother!

When can I become a powerhouse like Senior Brother!

The admiration Ye Qiu had for Li Yu flowed like an endless river.

Right then, a sudden commotion broke out among the soldiers nearby, and everyone looked over curiously.

Those soldiers were looking at the Heavenly Dao Rankings in the southeast with surprised faces.

At the moment, the names of everyone from the Netherworld Demon Sect on the glittering Hidden Dragon Rankings had begun to vanish one at a time.

“The name of the members from the Netherworld Demon Sect has disappeared!”

“What happened? Perhaps someone got rid of the Netherworld Demon Sect?” The soldiers were abuzz and couldn’t contain their excited faces.

The main culprit of the Wolf King’s clan’s invasion was the Netherworld Demon Sect, so the soldiers hated the Netherworld Demon Sect to the bone.

It was especially so since many of these soldiers were from the Mo Prefecture to begin with. In the past few decades, they’d frequently endured being pushed around by the Netherworld Demon Sect disciples.

Of course, they were also afraid.

As long as the Netherworld Demon Sect was not eliminated, the Grand Xia Dynasty would never have peace.

Did Senior Brother eliminate the Netherworld Demon Sect as well?!

Ye Qiu was also shocked.

If the Wolf King Clan was like a thorn in the back to the Great Xia Dynasty, then the Netherworld Demon Sect was the sword that hung above their heads.

Although the Netherworld Demon Sect did not want the Grand Xia Dynasty to collapse completely, they would become a shit-stirrer for their own benefits.

They instigated wars and caused trouble everywhere while the commoners were the ones who were suffering.

Of course, commoners might be worthless in their eyes.

However, they were all living people who had parents and families, just like his third uncle, who had died in battle.

Hence, if the Netherworld Demon Sect was eliminated for good, it would simply be too satisfying for everyone.

My Third Uncle can now rest in peace.

Ah. I told Senior Brother the other day that the Netherworld Demon Sect worked with the Wolf King Clan to invade Mo Prefecture.

Senior Brother must have eradicated the Netherworld Demon Sect altogether to eliminate all future troubles.

Oh my senior brother. Oh you’re too awesome!

Ye Qiu really didn’t know what to say to express his current feelings and admiration for Li Yu.

The main hall of the Jade Pure Dao Sect.

Perfected Yu Hua had invited the elders of the Great Sky Dao Sect, the Five Elements Sect, the Star Dou Sect, and other orthodox sects of the Great Xia Dynasty for a meeting.

They had gathered to discuss dealing with the Netherworld Demon Sect together.

After they heard that the Netherworld Demon Sect was refining the peerless sword, the Demonic Carnage Sword, everyone was shocked as they denounced and cursed.

However, when Perfected Yu Hua proposed to gather the strength of various sects to attack the Netherworld Demon Sect and destroy the forging of the Demonic Carnage Sword, everyone went silent. They looked at each other with hesitation.

They knew that the Netherworld Demon Sect was becoming more and more prosperous. If they were allowed to grow further, there would come a day when the righteous path would be completely suppressed by the Netherworld Demon Sect. They would be trampled under their feet and be at their mercy by that time.

However, a sect war was not a fight between two children where they fought as and when they liked.

Furthermore, the world was on the verge of total chaos with the appearance of the demon child and greater demons that were wreaking havoc within their areas.

No one hoped for another war, especially one facing against the Netherworld Demon Sect that was in full swing.

At that time, the other fiend sects would definitely take the opportunity to launch an attack. In the end, it would evolve into a bloody war between the righteous and fiend sects.

Not to mention the final outcome, such a war would definitely deal heavy losses to both sides, and it could even plunge the world into an abyss of misery.

The various greater demons would take the opportunity to cause more trouble and bring chaos. At that time, their world would probably experience an unprecedented calamity.

Therefore, they felt that this matter was debatable. Some even suggested seeking help from the Clear Void Holy Land and the Limitless Dao Sect, the top Holy Land sects in the Huaxia continent.

After all, the Netherworld Demon Sect and the Netherworld Cult came from the same source. And the Clear Void Holy Land and the Limitless Dao Sect would likely not allow a peerless demon sword like the Demonic Carnage Sword to appear.

Yet, Perfected Yu Hua was well aware that the entire world was facing troubling times. The Clear Void Holy Land and the Limitless Dao Sect were too busy handling their own matters, so how could they have the time to care about the business of the Great Xia Dynasty?

It was not as though all of the orthodox sects of the Great Xia Dynasty were destroyed or that an apocalypse had really befallen the world.

This sort of thing was supposed to be handled by the sects of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Furthermore, Perfected Yu Hua was feeling anxious!

His elders and disciples were in the hands of the Netherworld Demon Sect, and he couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

At the end of the meeting, the hall fell into silence. The atmosphere was heavy to the extreme.

However, at this moment, an inner sect disciple of the Jade Pure Dao Sect suddenly ran in. “Sect Master, there are major changes in the Heavenly Dao Rankings. The names of those from the Netherworld Demon Sect are disappearing!”


The crowd immediately had astonished expressions.

They rushed out of the hall and looked at the golden scroll in the sky.

Indeed, the names of all the disciples of the Netherworld Demon Sect on the Hidden Dragon Rankings had vanished.

Even Gu Cangming, who was ranked third, had disappeared.

There was no longer a single disciple of the Netherworld Demon Sect on the entire rankings.

“What’s going on? Did someone annihilate the Netherworld Demon Sect?”

The last time this had occurred was when the Heavenly Water Pavilion was destroyed by the demon child.

Hence, when they saw the vanishing names, everyone thought of the same thing.

“But who could have the ability to annihilate the Netherworld Demon Sect!?”

“It’s also possible that the Mo Prefecture fell into the territory of the Wolf King Clan, so the Hidden Dragon Rankings automatically removed the disciples of the Netherworld Demon Sect from the rankings of the Grand Xia Dynasty!”

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