Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 30 - : Provoked The Wrong Person

Chapter 30: Provoked The Wrong Person

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Nether Hall. A strange black symbol suddenly appeared from the pool of flesh and blood of Mo Lin’s remains. It seemed branded on the ground.

Li Yu looked over in surprise, but he heard Li Qingyun say from behind him, “Mo Lin isn’t dead yet!”

“Huh!” Li Yu was astounded, and he was just about to execute another strike when he was stopped by Li Qingyun.

“This body is already dead. However, this fellow cultivates the Blood Soul Reincarnation Art. Every time he’s killed, he will be resurrected in another body that has a demonic seed planted in it.

“That time, he used this method to escape from my sword twice. However, every time he resurrects, his strength will be greatly reduced! He might even directly drop by a major realm!” Li Qingyun said.

“Then how can we annihilate him for good?” Li Yu was slightly surprised.

He did not expect Mo Lin to have such a strange ability.

“Find the reincarnated Mo Lin and kill him. The Blood Soul Reincarnation Art can’t be used twice in a row. Plus, the demonic seed he reincarnated with wouldn’t be too far from him. Therefore, it is definitely in the body of one of the disciples here in this sect.

“For this spell to be successful, the person who got implanted with the demonic seed had to have high compatibility with his soul. It must be nurtured inside the body for at least 50 years. And it had to fuse with the body at a high level.

“After reincarnation, it will take at least an hour to completely fuse and control a new body,” said Li Qingyun.

“But we still can’t tell who the reincarnated Mo Lin is!” Li Yu frowned.

“After Mo Lin reincarnates, his appearance will not change. Also, there will be a mark on his forehead resembling the black symbol on the ground. Plus, the mark will not disappear for a short period of time!” Li Qingyun said.

In the past, he had carefully studied this technique in order to deal with those people from the demonic path who cultivated the Blood Soul Reincarnation Art.

This art could not be interrupted with a physical attack.

If one wanted to stop someone’s reincarnation, he would have to first use a sealing-type spell or a magic treasure to seal him inside before killing him.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to stop the reincarnation process.

However, this reincarnation technique could not be used freely.

Every reincarnation would burn the user’s lifespan while reducing his cultivation level considerably.

Furthermore, the higher the cultivation realm, the greater the burning of lifespan.

For someone like Mo Lin, who had a Soul Formation Stage cultivation, his lifespan would probably be reduced by four to five hundred years after this reincarnation.

As Li Yu and Li Qingyun spoke, the elders of the Netherworld Demon Sect and the dozen disciples recovered from their shock.

Without a word, he turned around and wanted to run.

If they could not even beat their sect master, rushing over was equivalent to seeking death.

However, a cold glint flashed through Li Yu’s eyes. Another sword strike!


The enormous sound alarmed the entire Netherworld Demon Sect.

The once majestic Nether Hall collapsed with a bang under the shocked gazes of all the disciples.

Thick smoke sprang up as airwaves surged. Two figures flew out from within.

They were Li Yu and Li Qingyun.

At the same time, the other elders and disciples of the Netherworld Demon Sect rushed over from the surroundings and surrounded the two of them.

They did not know what had just happened in the Nether Hall.

However, when they saw the two strangers fly out of the ruins, everyone immediately drew their swords and looked at them with killing intent.

An underground chamber under the Nether Hall.

A middle-aged man sat cross-legged on a circular platform, strange black runes surfacing on his glabella.

At the same time, black patterns spread throughout his body from the symbol on his glabella.

A strange light lingered over his body as his skin and muscles squirmed.

It was as if countless small snakes were swimming around under his skin, a sight not for the faint-hearted.

After around ten minutes, the middle-aged man’s appearance changed to Mo Lin’s, and his body stopped twisting and squirming.

He opened his eyes. Although his face was expressionless, there was lingering fear in his heart.

The fear of death could not dissipate for a moment.

That sword strike from Li Yu was simply too terrifying. He even felt that the demon child had been killed by Li Yu.

Just who in the world is this kid? How could he possess such horrifying strength?

Mo Lin could not understand.

With the ability to kill him with a single strike, Li Yu’s cultivation should at least be at the Rebirth Realm.

A 17-year-old Rebirth Realm expert!

If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would never believe that such a monstrous person exists in the world.

Of course, it was not the time to think about these questions.


The earth shook as if there was an earthquake. The entire chamber trembled.

He knew very well that Li Yu was probably unleashing a massacre on the surface.

With his terrifying strength, his sect was probably doomed.

Mo Lin suddenly recalled his conversation with Li Qingyun that day.

“You want to use me to lure Li Yu over here!?”

“Your Netherworld Demon Sect is finished!”

It turned out that Li Qingyun was not bluffing.

Li Yu did have the strength to destroy their Netherworld Demon Sect.

He was really regretting it now.

His sect was probably really going to be destroyed by this boy.

He didn’t even know if he could escape from the Netherworld Demon Sect alive after his reincarnation.

Although he had already successfully reincarnated, his soul and body still needed some time to fuse before he could control this body.

Moreover, even after complete fusion, his cultivation would directly drop to the Nascent Soul realm.

In front of Li Yu, he was as weak as an ant.

Right at that moment, the secret room’s door was suddenly pushed open, and two figures walked in.

The one in front was a ghost-like figure.

His feet could not be seen under the black robe, and under the hood, two balls of ghostly lights gleamed.

Behind him was a young man with masculine facial features. He was Gu Cangming, who was ranked third on the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

“Sect Master Mo Lin, you are indeed here. It seems like that brat has killed you!” A hollow voice sounded from the black-robed figure.

“Mister Wu Chang, how’s the situation outside?” Mo Lin asked worriedly.

“No one could stand in his way. More than a hundred disciples have already died. As we speak, a group of Elders is leading all the disciples to protect the formation, temporarily trapping him within.

“However, we think he is at least at the Rebirth Realm, and the Protective Mountain Array will not likely trap him!

Our only hope lies in the Demonic Carnage Sword’s completion!

Perhaps we can rely on the strength of the Demonic Carnage Sword to stop that kid.

“Let’s fuse together and control the power of the Demonic Carnage Sword. Even if we can’t kill him, we should at least force him back!” said Mister Wu Chang.

“Master, I’m willing to sacrifice my blood essence to the sword!” Gu Cangming stepped forward with a determined look.

He knew that he would definitely die today during the sect’s calamity, so he might as well die with purpose.

As long as the Demon Carnage Sword is complete, it might help grasp a chance of survival for the sect.

Hearing Gu Cangming’s proposal, Mo Lin went silent for a moment.

In fact, the Demonic Carnage Sword had long been forged. All there was left was for him to use the Five Elements Blood Spirit Array to refine the Demonic Carnage Sword, so he would be able to condense the power of demon gods in it.

It would become a true unrivaled demonic sword.

As for the five-element spirit physiques needed for the Five Elements Blood Spirit Array, he had already gathered them.

It was just that the metal spirit body was his most valued disciple, Gu Cangming.

Therefore, Mo Lin did not have the heart to sacrifice his blood essence to the sword, so he thought of Perfected Yu Hua.

Therefore, he secretly schemed with the Black Sea’s greater demon, the Mystic Flood Dragon, and set up a trap to capture the elders and disciples of the Jade Pure Dao Sect.

He hoped to use this to draw Perfected Yu Hua over, who also had the Metal Spirit Body, and use his blood essence to sacrifice for the sword.

Initially, he had everything under control. He only regretted making a wrong move and provoked someone he shouldn’t have.

It resulted in the catastrophe today.

Looking at Gu Cangming, Mo Lin hesitated again and again. Although he could not bear to part with this disciple, he didn’t want to die just like this, nor did he want the Netherworld Demon Sect to be doomed in this manner.

Therefore, he made up his mind and nodded.

Gu Cangming cupped his hands with a firm look. He did not say anything else and followed Mister Wu Chang out of the secret chamber.

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