Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

908 Side Story 1: RICE BALLS AND DUMPLINGS Part 2

In the evening, Mu Lan dashed inside Carlo's room and grabbed him by his collar. \"What did you tell my children?\"

Carlo saw how furious she was and realized that the deed was done. He tried to calm her down. \"Kid, calm down and tell me what happened.\"

\"You are still asking what happened! My three rice balls are ready to go to South America to be trained. Whose fault do you think it is?\" Mu Lan gritted her teeth.

Carlo tried to smile. \"Ahahaha… is that so… I only told them how you grew up with us. I didn't tell them to do anything.\"

\"Lying won't get you off the hook.\" Mu Lan pushed him away and went out of the room.

Carlo sighed heavily in relief. \"That was better than I expected. I was sure that I was going to be killed.\" He was almost prepared to control her mind if she tried to kill him. But he didn't have to use his power, thankfully.

Mu Lan calmed herself and went back to the living room. Rice ball number two and three gathered around her instantly and started speaking, \"Mom, will you agree to let us go there?\" \"Mama, we want to learn from grandpa Shin!\"

Mu Lan sat down on the couch and looked at the rice balls. \"Are you sure you want to go there? You don't know how many years it will take to finish your studies. And you can't come to visit us while you will be there. Do you understand that?\"

Rice ball two and three became silent. They didn't know that much.

Rice ball number one Lian came forward and touched his mother's hand. \"Mommy, we want to learn more. I know if we go with grandpa, we can study and learn how to fight. We want to be as strong as papa and protect mommy and dumplings (sisters).\"

Mu Lan rubbed her forehead. She was having a headache. She cursed Carlo in her mind and told her sons, \"I know, I understand your feelings. But baby, you are too young for that.\"

\"But mommy, you started studying when you were two.\" Rice ball number one Lian blinked.

\"Did grandpa Carl tell you that?\" Mu Lan forced a smile. 'That old geezer! He is dead meat!'

\"Mommy please!\" Rice ball number one pleaded.

Mu Lan sighed and hugged her three sons. \"I will allow you to go but remember once you go there, you cannot come until you finish your study.\"

Rice ball number three Laquan said, \"We understand, mama.\"

Mu Lan said, \"You cannot come to us and play with your sisters either.\"

Rice ball number two Ling said, \"I know, mom…\" 

Mu Lan nodded. \"Fine then, you can go.\" She saw the boys' eyes lightened up. She added, \"You can go when you are ten. Till then stay home and play with your heart's content.\" There was no way she would let them go before that. She wasn't able to love them properly yet.

The lights of the boys' eyes disappeared. \"Why mommy?\" Rice ball number one Lian protested.

Mu Lan curtly said, \"End of discussion. I don't want to hear about it again. Go and play with your sisters. From now on, I will sleep with you.\"'Rice balls will leave her', this simple thought made her scared.

The boys left dejectedly. When they entered their room, they burst into laughter. They secured their mother's affection for five years. They didn't feel sorry for their father.

Without knowing her sons' plan, Mu Lan called Juan. Juan answered the call. \"I was expecting your call, little one.\"

\"Did Carl tell you what he had done?\" Mu Lan was fuming.

Juan chuckled. \"Your children have special blood. They have elixir in their body. Do you think you can keep them to yourself?\"

\"Did you send Carl to poach them behind my back?\" Mu Lan frowned.

Juan answered, \"I only told Carl to give them a proposal. If they wish, they can join us. I forbid him to do anything forceful. He didn't, did he?\"

Mu Lan huffed. \"He didn't but my rice balls are ready to leave right this instant. Rice ball number four doesn't want to do that though. He already has a soft heart. I cannot send him anywhere if he doesn't want to go.\"

Juan agreed. \"Fine by me but we have to tell him sooner or later. I hope he won't feel out of the group later. Did you tell your husband?\"

Mu Lan replied, \"When he comes back, I will tell him.\"

Juan asked, \"When do you plan to send your children?\"

\"When they are ten.\" Mu Lan had no plan to send them off early.

Juan was speechless. \"…You want to send them five years later?!\"

Mu Lan firmly said, \"My heart isn't heart to let them go yet.\"


When Mu Liang heard from his wife, he lamented. 'If my fooling sons told me earlier, I would've sent them right away. They chose the wrong person to ask for permission. But, is it that simple? I feel like we have been tricked somehow.' He could never trust his sons after he found out the devices inside the toys. He knew very well who made those devices.

He stroked the sleeping dumplings' heads as they slept.

Mu Lan frowned and complained, \"You never look at me when you see me.\"

Mu Liang chuckled. \"Wifey, are you jealous?\" 

He was happy that she felt the same way he did. All these years, only he had rivals and he suffered the most. Since he was virtuous, his wife never suffered jealousy. Now that their daughters were born, he couldn't help but indulge them but Mu Lan couldn't take it. She felt sour in her heart as her husband's attention was to some other woman.

Mu Lan understood how Mu Liang felt all this time. She hugged her husband from behind and said, \"You are not allowed to look at other women.\"

\"Wifey, the women you are proffering are our one-year-old twin daughters. They deserved to be loved.\"

Mu Lan shook her head. \"Whatever! You can't.\"

\"I only love them because they are born from you. they are the fruit of our love.\" Mu Liang repeated the same words she told him previously.

\"Liang Liang! You dare to twist those words!\" Mu Lan was getting angry. She couldn't believe how childish she had become after being a mother.

\"Don't worry, wifey. I love you the most.\" Mu Liang kissed her cheek.

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