Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

907 Side Story 1: RICE BALLS AND DUMPLINGS Part 1

It has been a year since then. Mu Liang built a playhouse for the kids on the second floor. There, rice ball number one Lian was keeping an eye on his twin sisters. His mother named them dumpling number one, dumpling number two.

Rice ball number four Lin was painting and the dumplings were looking at the colorful painting in awe. They stretched their hand to touch the moist painting when rice ball number one caught them and put them aside.

\"Um! Um!\" Dumpling number one LanYing protested. She wanted to touch the colorful thing. Dumpling number two LiJuan also became restless.

\"Be good.\" Rice ball number one Lian softly said.

The two dumplings looked at their elder brother and started to weep.  But the elder brother didn't soften his expression. He slightly frowned. Two dumplings immediately stopped weeping. They realized that it wouldn't be good to offend their elder brother. 

Rice ball number four Lin finished painting and glanced at his adorable sisters. He smiled. He moved his canvas away from the dumplings' reach and stretched out his hands towards them. \"Come here.\"

The dumplings giggled and almost ran towards him. 

At that time, rice ball number two Ling and number three Laquan came back from outside. Looking at their sore expression, their eldest brother asked, \"What happened?\"

Rice ball number two Ling answered, \"Dad found out that my speaking device and hidden camera.\" 

He secretly put them in Mu Liang's Presidential room. Whenever he wanted to have a little fun with his wife, rice ball number three would disturb his mother and disturb the couple. Mu Liang became suspicious and checked rice balls' toys and found out the devices. He knew his little devils every well and destroyed the devices without blinking.

Rice ball number two was hurt by his father's heartless action. He was upset.

Rice ball number one Lian sighed. \"How many times do I have to warn you? Now that we lost signal, how can we keep an eye on papa?\"

\"I'm sorry…\" Rice ball number two Ling mumbled. Whenever he disobeyed his elder brother, he had to face a calamity. However, he would never learn. But this time, he promised that he would listen to his elder brother from now on.

Rice ball number one Lian sighed. \"We need to be prepared to prevent papa's next plan. We can't let him throw us out.\"

\"Wah! Wah!\" Dumpling number one raised her hands towards her third brother Laquan. 

Rice ball number three Laquan took her in his arms and hugged her. \"Don't worry, my little deer. I won't leave you. I'll protect you from our papa's ferocious clutch.\" He had a habit calling his first sister deer and second sister rabbit. 

Little deer tried to kiss her third brother but ended up chewing his soft cheek. Rice ball number three Laquan hurriedly moved his face away from her mouth. It wouldn't be good if she had a stomach ache like before.

\"What are you planning to do this time, boys?\" Six kids heard a voice and looked at the doorway.

\"Grandpa Carl!\" Rice ball number three Laquan gasped in surprise. His brothers were surprised to see the sudden visitor.

\"I can see that you are doing well.\" Carlo came forward and took dumpling number two LiJuan from rice ball number four Lin. The youngest child giggled as she was thrown to the air and was caught again. After playing with the little girl, he sat down on the floor that was covered with carpet and looked at the boys. 

He loved these children. He began to love them more when they started to plan against their father to keep him away from their mother. Carlo supported them a hundred percent. He sometimes helped the boys and encouraged them.

\"So, what are you planning this time?\" Carlo asked the boys.

\"Grandpa Carl, we are screwed!\" Rice ball number two Ling cried out.

Carlo raised an eyebrow. \"Where did you learn the word 'screwed'?\"

Rice ball number two Ling answered, \"I heard it from uncle Feng. 

Carlo shook his head. \"Whoever said that word 'screwed', let him. You don't have to copy it. It's a bad word.\"

Rice ball nodded. \"I understand. I won't say it anymore, but grandpa Carl, this is not the point now. Dad found out that I planted a speaking device and hidden camera. From now on we can't hear what he says or plans against us. Moreover, he can once again plan to send us to a boarding school.\" The more he thought about it, the more he became restless.

Carlo rubbed his cheek. \"You do realize that you have to go to the school sooner or later.\"

Rice ball number three Laquan said, \"Mama never went to school when she was a child like us. Why should we go?\"

Carlo chuckled. \"Did you think she is intelligent, knowledgeable and powerful because she stayed home like you?\"

\"Wasn't she?\" Rice ball number two Ling tilted his head. They heard many stories but never heard their parents' childhood stories. 

Carlo said, \"Your mother was taken by an evil witch when she was only two and was tortured day and night. She was forced to study and learn how to self-defense. We saved her when she was eight and she was taught by us how to get along with people and how to survive on her own. She learned how to do programming and making toys from Shin. She learned to paint from Pedro. I taught her how to read people's minds from body language.\"

\"Wow!\" Rice ball number two Ling exclaimed. 

\"So cool!\" Rice ball number three Laquan's eyes were sparkling.

Now rice ball number one Lian was interested. He asked, \"Are you saying that mommy had her academic and non-academic lessons from you and was still accepted in the university?\"

\"She is talented. There is no reason for her not to be accepted. And she always got the highest mark.\" Carlo felt proud when he talked about her.

Rice ball number two and three exchanged glances. Rice ball number one saw his brothers' actions and sighed inwardly. He could tell what they were thinking.

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