Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

909 Side Story 2: MU FENG'S MISERY

Mu Feng was in a foul mood. It had been years since he had fun with his wife. In the morning, both of them were busy and their children were in school. In the evening, Qi Ying would be busy with her children. If he wanted to spend some time with his wife, Qi Ying would cut him off saying, \"Our babies have exams tomorrow\" or \"They have lots of homework\". 

Mu Feng couldn't understand why children had that much pressure. When he was little, he didn't have that much homework or class test. And yet, he skipped school thinking it was troublesome.

That aside, Mu Feng was upset about something else. After going to bed, he wanted to make love with his wife but he couldn't. Before, it was because the children wouldn't sleep at night and would cry. He had to go to their room to see if the diapers needed to change or if they were hungry. When he went back to his bedroom, his wife would be in deep sleep. He couldn't just wake her up and have his way with her.

Now his children were all grown up, going to school. He thought that it was a good opportunity. But no. His son Deming was a devious child. At night, he would go to his parents' room when they were being intimate and lay down between the couple saying that he had a nightmare and he was scared.

\"Nightmare, my a**! I've never seen him scared in my lifetime.\" Mu Feng mumbled. He wished that his son would just disappear. 

\"Why don't you try to find out what he is scared of?\" Mu Liang said from his left side.

Mu Liang went to Italy with his family to visit Mu Feng and others. In the evening, the two brothers went to a bar. While drinking, Mu Feng described how pathetic his life had been after his children were born. Mu Feng cried and said, \"I regret making Ying pregnant.\" Because ever since she became pregnant, he started living like a monk.

Mu Feng looked at his brother. \"Big brother, Deming isn't scared of dinosaurs or ghosts. I used spiders and cockroaches to scare him away. He ended up taking my wife away from me for a month. I'm sure he did it deliberately. What can scare him?\" 

\"Living without his mother.\" Mu Liang said. \"Send him to the boarding school.\"

Mu Feng shook his head and said, \"Stop it, big brother. It won't work. Last time I did it when he was four. Ying faint in despair and suffered from a high fever.\" If his wife was delicate, he didn't mind sending his son to the desert. 

Mu Liang replied, \"It was then and now he is grown up. If you tell your wife that it is for the sake of our family, she might understand.\"

Mu Feng frowned. \"Ying won't let Deming succeed me. She doesn't like underworld business.\"

Mu Liang sipped on the orange cocktail and said, \"Even if she is the Head of the Mu Household, underworld business has nothing to do with her. She cannot control outside the household and if her son has to succeed, then she must let him be. After all, Deming will eventually crave for power. He has it inside his blood.\"

Mu Feng clenched his fists. \"I'll have to entice my son to become as powerful as me. He might take the bait. Then, I'll throw him to the army base.\"

\"He will take the bait. No matter how clever he is, he is still a child.\" Mu Liang calmly said.

\"You are in paradise, big brother. You don't have to worry about your sons. They are out of your path now.\" Mu Feng sighed. \"You are so lucky.\"

Mu Liang raised an eyebrow. \"Lucky? I had to suffer for five years. If I knew this was going to happen, I would've sent them to South America before they could go to Xiao Lan.\" 

For five years, Mu Liang couldn't sleep with Mu Lan. She decided to sleep with her sons when they planned to go to South America to train themselves. Mu Liang wasn't used to sleeping alone after they got together. As a result, he slept with his daughters. 

If Li Shan or other cousins visited rice balls and dumplings, only then Mu Liang could spend some time with his wife. At that time, Mu Feng and Lu Feng felt bad for him. They even started thinking that Mu Liang was getting skinner because of the torture.

When rice balls turned ten, they were able to leave. Rice ball number four didn't want to go when he was four, but later he realized that if he didn't go, he would be left out. So, he left along with his three elder brothers. Mu Lan was sad and two dumplings cried till their eyes became red and puffy. 

Mu Liang sighed in relief as they left. Finally, he was free from torture. He was leading a happy life with his wife and two daughters. His eldest daughter LanYing loved to sing. She won several times for her sweet voice. His youngest daughter LiJuan liked to play the piano. He admitted both of them to a musical school.

Once a year, Mu Lan would take the two daughters to South America to meet her sons. Rice ball number one was under Juan to learn how to be a good leader, number two and number three were under Shintaro to learn programming and making robots and number four was under Pedro to learn painting. 

Aside from that, rice ball number one was studying law and administration; rice ball number two was practicing to become a sniper; rice ball number three was a fan of ninja and so he tagged along with Luo Yicheng to be ninja. As a ninja, it was easy to gather the information that he couldn't get through hacking. Though they were polar opposite, they got along well. Rice ball number four was a peaceful person. He was learning medicine from Pedro. 

Every time Mu Lan's heart throbbed seeing how skinny her beloved sons became after ruthless training. She knew how hard the training was. Their chubby faces were round anymore. Their bodies became sturdy and their features became sharp. They looked like their father. 

Mu Lan knew that they would become wonderful men when they grow up. She regretted letting them go when they were ten, at the same time, she felt proud that her sons were as amazing as their father. She couldn't wait for them to come by her side and stay with her forever.

Mu Liang and Mu Feng finished one glass after another. Mu Feng glanced at his brother. \"You are living a life that any man would want.\"

Mu Liang looked at him in confusion. What kind of life could a man want that he had?

Mu Feng smirked and said, \"You are living in your harem with three beautiful ladies.\"

Mu Liang chuckled upon hearing his brother's joke. 

\"And yet you cannot have s*x with all those women. How sad!\" Mu Feng shook his head. 

\"Get up! You are talking nonsense.\" Mu Liang grabbed his brother's arm and pulled him up.

While going out of the bar, Mu Feng lamented, \"Chen is having the best life out there. He doesn't have to worry about getting Hugo pregnant. They can live every day like newlyweds. I'm so envious.\"

\"Cast your son out of the picture. You will have a wonderful life with two beautiful women by your side.\" Mu Liang meant Mu Feng's wife and daughter.

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