Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 49 - Nian Junting Suddenly Feel Tender and Protective Toward Luosang

Chapter 49: Nian Junting Suddenly Feel Tender and Protective Toward Luosang

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“My Japanese skill is good indeed, but I don’t have any certifications, so no company would want to hire me,” Luosang said. She dropped her dim eyes, then said, “My family used to be wealthy. But something happened when I was in college. After that, my father went to prison, and I dropped out of the college.”

“Ah…” Nian Junting, stunned a little, asked, “What about your mother?”

“My mother… divorced my father and married another man,” Luosang bit her lip slightly, then responded with, “Now they have a son. I don’t think my mother would want me to disrupt her life.”

Nian Junting suddenly felt tender and protective towards Luosang in an indescribable way. He felt sorry for her because she was a thirty-year-old woman who was away from home, friendless and helpless, with no one to rely on; not even her parents could support her.

“When I recover, you can come to work for Shengting as a translator. The company will provide free food and accommodation. You’ll be on business trips a lot, and sometimes it can be quite fun. Your monthly payment will be twelve-thousand yuan. Compared with certifications and diplomas, I’d rather believe in abilities,” he said.

Luosang paused in surprise. She would have loved to accept this offer back when she just came to Xia City. But now, she was preparing to continue her university studies already.

“This… I’m afraid I’ll have to say no to your kindness once again,” she said.

She understood that even if she got her bachelor’s degree, she might still not be able to find a job that paid better than what Nian Junting just offered.

However, she was kicked out of the dubbing circle by some other people. Because of them, she wasn’t able to do what she liked anymore, and she wasn’t going to accept that as a final result. And her father was framed…

She had to return, to get back on track and complete her dream.

She wasn’t meant to be an ordinary office worker.

Nian Junting gazed at her for a while, then sighed. He nodded knowingly and said, “I know, you’re worrying that your feelings for me might deepen if you work in my company. Don’t worry. Shengting is a large company, so you may not be able to see me a lot. You’ll forget me slowly in time. And many talented single men are working here, plus your social circle will change, meaning you’ll have more of a chance to find your other half as you would be among great people. They could not be compared with me, but they’re good enough to match you.”

He couldn’t think of any other reason for her to refuse such a generous offer.

Luosang felt helpless, wondering why he believed so firmly that she was in love with him.

Seeing that she remained silent, Nian Junting thought that his words might hurt her feelings. He didn’t want that to happen, as she had just done him a big favor. So he hurriedly cleared his throat and continued, “But of course, you’re a good person. It’s just that I don’t want to be with a woman who is older than me, and I am interested someone already.”

Luosang sighed silently. ‘Which poor girl is that?’ She wondered.

“Mr. Nian, I appreciate your kind offer, but I can’t accept it. I have no plans to stay in Xia City for long. I’ll leave when you recover,” said Luosang apologetically.

Nian Junting’s face darkened a little when he heard her, but then was occupied by a struggling look. “I remember that you said you have no family left in your hometown. Is it… Are your feelings to me so deep that you can’t even stand to stay in the same city with me?”

Luosang felt so embarrassed when she heard that. A while later, she closed her eyes and nodded.

‘Forget it; just let him think whatever he wants,’ she thought.

Nian Junting opened his mouth slightly, but didn’t say a word. He felt a little uncomfortable. Quite a while later, he said very sadly, “In this case, I’ll have to respect your decision. But this time, you’ve helped me a lot, so I’ll aid you financially when you leave by giving you an added bonus.”

“Thank you,” Luosang’s eyes glowed. This time, she didn’t refuse him.

After all, she did need money.

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