Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 48 - Luosang, Who Are You?

Chapter 48: Luosang, Who Are You?

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Mr. Jiang was so frightened that he didn’t even dare to dodge the flying pen. “I wouldn’t dare to do that! I’ve been loyal and devoted to you the whole time! I’ve been following your steps! Mr. Nian, please give me another chance.”

“Shut up,” Nian Junting’s cold voice contained the dignified bearing of a successful man, “Pack your things now, then leave.”

Mr. Jiang paused shortly, then said in disbelief, “All these years, I’ve only made one mistake. You can’t fire me just like that!”

Nian Junting narrowed his eyes and responded ragingly with, “I hate your attitude. The company can’t afford to let that fatal kind of mistake to happen. I’ve known you for years, so what happened today won’t spread in the circle of translators. Piss off!”

Seeing that, Lu Kang pushed Mr. Jiang out of the office directly.

Nian Junting breathed deeply for a few times in a raw to calm himself down, and then said to Lu Kang in a deep voice, “Ask Luosang to come in.”

Soon, Luosang came in with a plate of peeled grapefruits.

She was in the secretarial pool just now, so she heard what happened in Nian Junting’s office.

“Mr. Nian, your fruit,” she politely placed the plate on his desk.

Nian Junting raised his sharp eyes to look at her from head to toe. It was the first time that he gazed at her with such a complicated look. The sunlight poured in through the windows, lit her entire body. She was still wearing her never-changing dark-colored clothes. At that moment, he suddenly realized that since the beginning, she had been so polite and quiet, had never panicked or shown any fear, and she was neither conceited nor rash.

Many others always looked scared when facing him, but she was different.

“Mr. Jiang just came here. You were right, there was a mistake in that contract indeed,” said Nian Junting with a meaningful look in his eyes, “You did me a great favor.”

“I just did something that I think is right,” Luosang smiled faintly and said.

She was average-looking, but somehow, Nian Junting felt that she was stunning.

He closed his eyes when he had that feeling. After erasing the ridiculous thoughts in his head, he reopened his eyes to look at her again; those eyes were like a deep pool of spring. “Luosang, who are you?” He asked.

“Me?” Luosang paused shortly, then responded with, “I’m your carer.”

“Don’t you think you know too much as a carer?” Nian Junting stared at her and continued, “You know how to make tea, how to cook, how to peel fruits, and you even mastered Japanese.”

Luosang’s mouth corners twitched slightly.

‘You’re making peeling fruits and cooking sound like a big deal. I think almost everyone can do that,” she thought.

“I remembered that I had only leafed through that email last night. Can you remember everything you read?” Nian Junting tilted his head and murmured.

The people who could remember exactly everything they read were too rare.

“You misunderstood me. You did browse the file quickly last night, but when you were having fruits and making the phone call, you stopped on a few pages for a quite long while. I memorized that part of the contract at the time, and page 13 just happened to be one of those pages. I only remember the contents of about four or five pages,” she said.

“So, I’m lucky. If the mistake was on one of the other pages, you might not be able to spot it,” Nian Junting knitted his brows, drowned in his dread as he was imagining the possible consequences.

“You’re right,” Luosang nodded and said, “I can’t remember every word I read. I just have a slightly better memory than some others do.”

“You have such a good memory. And, you’ve spent a year in Japan, and you speak Japanese, so I think you have no reason to sink into the carer’s job.” Nian Junting leaned against the back of the chair while thinking. Apparently, he was having some strange thoughts again.

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