Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 47 - Is That How You Do Your Work? Or, Did You Want to Con Me?

Chapter 47: Is That How You Do Your Work? Or, Did You Want to Con Me?

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Luosang smiled and said, “Actually, I hesitated for a while before saying that out loud. After all, it’s none of my business. I pointed that out so I could live with my conscience. I’m eighty percent sure that I’m right. I believe that you’ve felt the strange attitude of Mr. Jiang and Director Huang too.”

“Alright, you can stay out of this now. Go out and peel grapefruits for me. You’re not allowed to come back in until you’ve got me a full plate of peeled fruit,” Nian Junting ordered while he stared at her.

Luosang turned and left the room without saying another word.

After the door was closed, Xiao Si said with a serious look, “She’s right. I didn’t suspect Director Huang before, but just now in the meeting room, he’s been trying to help Mr. Jiang, and that’s weird. They have worked together quite often before, but they shouldn’t be that close. And as the project leader, he acted strangely incautious when someone questioned the contract.”

“You felt that too.” Nian Junting narrowed his eyes and said, “You take the contract, go find someone from the other departments to retranslate it now. Also, check Mr. Jiang and Director Huang’s bank accounts.”

“Will do,” Xiao Si responded.

On the sixteenth floor in a room with closed shutters, Mr. Jiang was anxiously walking about. Soon, his phone rang, and he picked it up immediately. He said, “Director Huang, you saw Mr. Nian’s attitude just now. He’ll definitely get someone to retranslate the contract as soon as possible. What should we do now? You made me do that.”

“Don’t try to pass the buck to me once there’s a problem. You took that money yourself,” said Huang Haoyun on the other side of the phone. “It should have gone well, but who could know that that woman could read Japanese and would spot it? Now you can only go upstairs to admit your mistake to Mr. Nian. Tell him that you didn’t do it on purpose. There’s no other way now.”

“That’s a very serious mistake. I might get fired,” said Mr. Jiang, panicking.

“Getting fired is better than going to prison for business fraud, right? Don’t you know Mr. Nian well enough? We need to calm him down for now, and later, we’ll each take half of that money and leave the country. That is the best solution,” said Huang Haoyun coldly. “If you rat me out now, we’ll both lose everything.”

Mr. Jiang threw his phone to the ground with a dark face.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, when Nian Junting was talking to Lu Kang, Mr. Jiang suddenly went into his office in a panic, saying, “Mr. Nian, I’ve rechecked the contract in my office just now. I did mistranslate that word on Page 13. Your carer was right. I never thought I’d make such a big mistake. I’m truly sorry.”

Nian Junting lowered his head to look at his watch, then tapped the watch with his finger while raising his head, staring at Mr. Jiang with a pair of cold eyes. “Forty minutes had passed since you left the meeting room,” he said. “Do you, an experienced translator, need a whole forty minutes to discover that small mistake?”

“Sorry, I’m just too confident,” Mr. Jiang said, blushing. “I worked until four or five in the morning last night. I was too tired, so I missed it. I promise, I won’t make the same mistake again.”

“Do you think that I can still trust you?” Nian Junting suddenly grabbed a pen by his hand and threw it at Mr. Jiang. Then he continued wrathfully and said, “If my carer didn’t luckily discover it, if we signed that contract without knowing that there was a mistake in it, what kind of situation would you have lead our company into? Have you ever even thought about that? We’re talking about over a billion yuan now. You people can just leave, but I’d have to clean up your mess!”

“I trusted you so much. I gave you all the important translations. But is that how you do your job? Or, did you plan to con me?” he continued.

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