Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 46 - Once We Confirmed that She’s Wrong, I’ll Fire Her Immediately

Chapter 46: Once We Confirmed that She’s Wrong, I’ll Fire Her Immediately

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“Alright, Mr. Jiang. I believe you,” Huang Haoyun patted Mr. Jiang on his shoulder, then said to Nian Junting, “Mr. Nian, you see, your carer has told us that she only roughly read it through last night. She may know some Japanese, but she’s not professional. And I think she’s overconfident. Besides, who could have such a good memory? How can anyone memorize a contract after merely browsing through it? Not to mention processing all the information with two languages at the same time. If she’s really so capable, why is she working as a carer?”

Luosang ignored him, but continued talking to Nian Junting. “Mr. Nian, I suggest you call for any other translator in the company to recheck this contract carefully. This isn’t just an ordinary contract, but is related to over ten billion yuan, so I think you should be cautious about it. I’m no one, and my words don’t carry much of weight, but by saying what I’ve said, I won’t benefit myself at all. So I have no reason to lie,” she said, “And, Mr. Jiang, if I were you, I would recheck my work immediately when someone questioned it, so I can know if I made a mistake or not, and I would never find fault with the one who questioned my work. After all, translators need to stay humble and cautious.”

“You…” Mr. Jiang shivered in anger, said to Nian Junting, “Mr. Nian, did you hear her? She’s even criticizing me. You must find justice for me.”

“Calm down.” Nian Junting was also surprised by Luosang’s courage. Facing so many burnishes elites, she wasn’t showing any fear at all. On the contrary, she was brave enough to point out someone’s mistake. Lu Kang had worked for him for years, but still didn’t have the gut to do the same.

Nian Junting was certainly going to find out if Luosang was right or wrong. Inevitably, he was cautious and meticulous as a successful businessman.

“You’re questioned by a carer today, so I’ll surely find you some justice,” Nian Junting picked up the two copies of the contract from the table and said calmly, “How about this, you go find another translator and let him or her retranslate Article 21, so we can watch this overconfident woman slap her own face and admit her own mistake.”

After saying that, he swung his arm backward and slapped Luosang with the files, as if he was punishing her for Mr. Jiang.

Luosang was a little angry, but also found it hilarious. She now believed that capitalists were all like sly foxes.

However, as he had defended her more or less earlier, she decided to tolerate the slap.

“Mr. Nian… I don’t think that’s necessary…” said Mr. Jiang with a strange expression, “I think we can just forget about it…”

“Yeah, Mr. Nian…” said Huang Haoyun, “All the translator who majored in Japanese aren’t in the company at the moment. They were all sent out, and can’t get back soon…”

“Then we’ll wait for them to come back. Don’t worry, once we proved that she’s wrong, I’ll fire her immediately,” said Nian Junting with a fake smile on his face. He grasped the weird expressions on the faces of Mr. Nian and Huang Haoyun, and then he glanced at Xiao Si quickly.

Xiao Si stood out immediately, said, “In this case, we can finish here. You don’t need to be so anxious. Mr. Nian has promised you an explanation, so he’ll definitely give you one.”

“Junting, let’s go to your office. I need to talk to you about something,” he then turned to Nian Junting and continued.

“Em,” Nian Junting nodded slightly.

Then, he let Luosang wheeled him back into his office. Mr. Jiang followed behind him, calling ‘Mr. Nian’, but he ignored him completely.

Once the door of his office was closeted, his expressionless face was immediately occupied by coldness. He turned back, stared at Luosang with dagger-sharp eyes while asking her, “Can you really read Japanese?”

“Yeah… I spent a year in Japan,” Luosang knew what he was going to ask, so she responded calmly, “And I have a good memory.”

Nian Junting and Xiao Si glanced at each other. After that, Xiao Si said, “just now, you questioned Mr. Jiang in front of so many people. If you’re wrong, you may really need to leave without getting paid.” Luosang had never seen such a serious look in Xiao Si’s face.

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