Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 45 - She Works for Me

Chapter 45: She Works for Me

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“Yeah, Chuanchi Gaisha is eager to inject new capital into their projects.” Huang Haoyun grinned and said, “Some other companies have also casted their eyes on them, so everyone was afraid that a long delay might cause unnecessary troubles. The contract is based on our negotiation before, and we’re at an advantage situation.”

An Lan walked over and said, “I’ve checked the contract very clearly; no problems found.”

“Are you sure?” asked Nian Junting.

“We’ve known each other for years,” said An Lan smilingly. “Every time you’ve signed a contract for a large case, I was the one checking it. Has any problem ever occurred?”

“Alright, you’re a respected lawyer. I believe that you can even spot even the most minor of mistakes,” Xiao Si said. He then stood up and said, “In this case, let’s sign the contract tomorrow.”

“Em…” Nian Junting lowered his head and said, “The meeting is over…”

“Wait…” a low voice was heard from behind him. “I think there’s a problem with this contract.”

The people who were preparing to leave all laid their eyes on the person who said that. The person was Luosang, wearing faded jeans, a thick black jacket, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses. She was so humble-looking that some people in the meeting room didn’t even know that she was there until now.

“A problem?” Huang Haoyun was the first to respond and did so in a scornful tone, “Who do you think you are? Are you even educated? Don’t blather if you know nothing. Everyone else in this room is much higher educated than you.”

Nian Junting knitted his brows, as he was also displeased by Luosang. He was going to snap at Luosang, but after hearing Huang Haoyun’s words, he warned him without thinking, “Director Huang, mind your attitude. She works for me. Even though she’s just my carer, it’s not your place to talk to her like that. Please remember who you are.”

Huang Haoyun’s face paled. He explained hurriedly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Nian. I’m just feeling a little uncomfortable. As you said, she’s just a carer, not an industry insider. She knows nothing about our business indeed…”

“Mr. Nian, I agree with Director Huang.” An Lan turned around and said unpleasantly, “My partner and I have read this contract together, and both of us think there’s no problem about it. I think you really should restrain your employees. She can’t question our expertise for no reason other than the fact that she works for you.”

Nian Junting’s face darkened when he heard An Lan and Huang Haoyun. He glared at Luosang, waiting for her to give a reasonable explanation.

“I didn’t mean the translated copy. I was talking about the Japanese contract,” Luosang knew that she would be considered repulsive if she did this, but she insisted on saying it anyway.

“Japanese?” Huang Haoyun laughed out loud. “A carer can read Japanese? Is this a joke? Let’s go and not waste time in here.”

“Who says that carers can’t read Japanese?” Luosang tightened her face, looked at Nian Junting straight in the eyes and said, “Mr. Nian, last night, when you were reading the contract, I roughly read it through as well. On page 13, the article 21 is slightly different from the translated copy. In the Chinese copy, Party A has no right to request, but in the Japanese copy, Party A does have the right to request.”

The look in Mr. Jiang’s face changed slightly as he said, “I’ve worked over ten years as a translator; how could I make such a simple mistake? Mr. Nian, I am one of your oldest employees. I started working here when you started this company, and we’ve been through all sorts of ups and downs together. If you believe her, you would be questioning my expertise.”

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