Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 44 - It Doesn’t Seem Like An Accident

Chapter 44: It Doesn’t Seem Like An Accident

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“The doctor said I’ll be able to walk in about a week,” Nian Junting seemed to have no mood for small talks, as he continued with, “Have you read the files yet? This contract is crucial. You’re a famous lawyer. You should read it carefully with your team, as there’s no room for mistake.

“Don’t worry. I’ve been working with Xiao Yue for so many years. Don’t I know it clearly enough?” An Lan responded smilingly, “Mr. Xiao, Mr. Jiang the translator, and I were discussing that.”

Luosang who stood behind Nian Junting immediately furred out who these two strangers were. One of them was a lawyer while the other was a translator. The female lawyer named An Lan seemed to like Nian Junting.

‘You can like any man, yet you chose the arrogant Nian Junting,” thought Luosang.

“Where’s Huang Haoyun? Why isn’t he here yet,” said Nian Junting with a sour face, “Do I need to wait for him?”

“He just called to tell us that the principal from Chuanchi Gaisha needs to talk to him about something, so he might be late,” Xiao Si crossed his legs, smiled and said, “Huang Haoyun has done great deeds for our company. I really didn’t expect him to make this project happen. It seems that he’ll have no problems taking the general manager’s job in the Investment and Research Department of our company after we signed this contract. It’s mentionable that, this will be an important step for us to open the electronic technology market.”

“He surprised me this time,” Nian Junting knocked the desk with his fingers while hastening, “Alright, let’s start the meeting without him. An Lan, is there any problem with this contract? Those Japanese people are quite astute. I don’t want them to play any trick in the contract.”

“I’ll read it through a couple of more times,” said An Lan seriously.

Nian Junting lowered his head. An Lan called for another lawyer immediately, and then they chose a quiet area in the meeting room to sit down, started reading the contract and communicating with each other in low voices.

During this time, Nian Junting and Xiao Si had also been carefully reading the copy of the contract which had been translated into Chinese.

Luosang stood behind Nian Junting quietly. Yesterday, she had read nearly the whole contract in Japanese. So, when Nian Junting turned to page thirteen, she suddenly knitted her brows, then couldn’t help but look at Mr. Jiang.

Mr. Jiang was staring at the screen of his laptop, but would glance out of the corners of his eyes at Nian Junting from time to time. When he did that again, he accidentally made an eye-contact with Luosang.

She was just a carer the eyes of Mr. Jiang, but when the reflection of sunlight flashed across her glasses, he automatically turned away, fixed his eyes on the screen again. His body seemed to be a little stiff.

Luosang suddenly figured something out.

The contract had many pages. Mr. Jiang made zero mistakes when translating its content before page thirteen, but mistranslated one word on page thirteen. That didn’t seem like an accident. Luosang assumed he made that mistake on purpose.

She didn’t know the investment market well enough, but more or less, she knew a little about how profitable that market was, and those behind-the-scenes plots happening in it. Frankly speaking, it was constantly changing.

This project would involve over a billion yuan. If Nian Junting’s company ever need to engage in a lawsuit for it, that enormous sum of money might be spent in vain.

Luosang looked at Nian Junting with a complicated expression. She had to admit that when he was concentrated on working, his whole body would radiate a charming vibe of elegance and composure.

These days, she had learned how much he valued this project. Because he often stayed up until midnight for it even though he still had difficulties in moving.

He was born in a wealthy family, but from him, Luosang had seen the endeavor of a successful man.

Form some aspects, she did appreciate him and admire him.

“Mr. Nian, sorry I’m late,” at that moment, a slightly chubby man quickly walked in, saying, “Just now, the principal of Chuanchi Gaisha insisted on having a video meeting with me. He told me that if you’re happy with the contract, the owner of their company will fly over to sign it tomorrow.”

“In such a hurry?” Asked Nian Junting.

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