Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 43 - These Two Seem to Be Flirting with Each Other

Chapter 43: These Two Seem to Be Flirting with Each Other

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“You said your fingers hurt, but they’re not injured, so how could they be hurting?” Nian Junting let go of her hands, then stared at her with an icy-cold look and said, “Are you playing another trick? You’re changing your way of catching my attention. Aren’t you bored?”

Luosang sighed slightly and responded with, “Wounds are not the only thing that can cause physical pain. My skin isn’t broken, but my fingers hurt badly. If you don’t believe me, you can try peeling fruits endlessly for seven to eight days.”

“Why would I try that? I’m busy.” Nian Junting sat straight and picked up some files as he said, “You don’t want to peel grapes, fine. Your today’s wage will be deducted by fifty percent.”

“Whatever,” Luosang sighed again and turned, saying, “I’ll go make you some tea.”

Nian Junting nearly lost his temper. He was so angry.

Raising his head, he found that Zhao was still standing there, stunned. So he pounded the desk wrathfully and yelled at Zhao, “What are you looking at? If you don’t want to go out to continue your work, you can stay here and peel grapes.”

“I… I’ll go do the work now,” Zhao said. He left hurriedly, as he didn’t want to stay in Nian Junting’s office to peel grapes; even his lower legs were shaking.

‘Why did I feel that they were flirting with each other? That’s not true, not true,’ he thought while leaving.

During the next two days, Nian Junting hadn’t shown much of good attitude toward Luosang. He would also give Luosang cold glares from time to time while having meals.

Luosang found that Nian Junting was awfully narrow-minded and childish, and could really hold a grudge for a long time. She didn’t want to lengthen the disharmony between Nian Junting and herself, so she served him a plate of peeled grapefruits at the evening of the third night while he was working in his study.

“You’re not gonna continue pretending to have aching fingers?” Nian Junting turned his eyes away from the computer screen and looked at her expressionlessly.

Luosang stopped herself from rolling her eyes, and forced a smile. “Enjoy the fruit.”

Nian Junting picked a piece of grapefruit, put it in his mouth, then smiled faintly.

‘Women need to be docile like this. I don’t like the hard-to-get game,’ he thought.

Luosang silently stood by his side, watching him finish half a plate of grapefruits. He then began reading an email. The email was in Japanese. He browsed it quickly, then called the translator to hand him the translated copy tomorrow morning.

Luosang stared at his computer screen for quite a while. She had spent a year in Japan as an exchange student, so she had a good command of Japanese. She couldn’t memorize anything she read, but as she had started practicing memorizing lines since she was little, her memory was much better than that of many others. At a quick glance, she figured out that the content of the email was an important contract. It should be the contract that Nian Junting’s company was about to sign with a scientific and technical corporation from Japan, which was often mentioned by him during the meetings he had with the top managers of his company these days. It was said that this project was going to be their biggest invested-project this year, and would involve over a billion yuan.

“Can you read this?” Nian Junting saw that her eyes were fixed on the computer screen, so he asked her this after hanging up the phone.

Luosang lowered her head, smile,d and remained silent.

The next day, Luosang wheeled Nian Junting into a small meeting room that she had never been in before. The bright sunlight poured into the room through the tempered glass windows. The meeting table, chairs, the ceiling light, and everything else in the room highlighted the luxurious taste of its owner.

“Hey, you’re here.” Xiao Si was sitting in the room, smoking with a man and a woman. The man was about forty years old. He was wearing a suit and looked like a business elite. The woman was wearing a smart white dress suit and delicate makeup, looking both modest and pretty.

“Mr. Nian, Happy New Year.” The woman elegantly stood up to shake Nian Junting’s hands while casually tucking her hair behind her ear. “You’re about to recover, right?” she asked.

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