Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 42 - Which Part of Your Fingers Are Aching? Let Me See

Chapter 42: Which Part of Your Fingers Are Aching? Let Me See

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Luosang gave a bitter smile, as she felt that she couldn’t even breathe when hearing Nian Junting’s words.

She never tried to lose weight. Instead, she lost weight because he gave her too much to do.

After the New Year vacation, Nian Junting had a ton of work to do in the office.

As he was reading files, a secretary named Zhao put a plate of washed fruits on the tea table and said, “Director Mu brought these back from the United States, especially for you.”

Luosang’s heart sank. ‘Is there something wrong with that Director Mu? Did he have to bring fruits all the way back from the United States? Can’t he bring something else?’ She complained silently.

Through the New Year Vacation, she had learned that Nian Junting loved grapefruits, grapes and other similar kinds of fruits. Some men hated eating fruits, but he was very fond of them.

Luosang would even shiver at the sight of any fruit now.

As she thought, Nian Junting pointed his chin at her after glancing at those fruits, then ordered, “Peel me some grapes.”

Luosang’s face twitched slightly, then she said, “Mr. Nian, in fact, the grape skin is rich in anthocyanin, which has an antioxidant effect and anti-aging effect, also can protect cardiovascular systems. It’ll be a great waste to discard the grape skin. I think you should eat these grapes with the skin on, because it’s good for your body. And I think your secretary has washed them quite thoroughly.”

“Yeah?” Nian Junting lowered his head and said coldly, “Since the grape skin has so many good effects, you can eat them, and I’ll eat the pulp. Come on, you’re older than me, so you need that anti-aging effect.”

Luosang even felt like vomiting blood at that moment. She decided to go the whole hog, so she lowered her head and responded, “Ask your secretary to peel the grapes for you. I’ve peeled too many fruits lately. My fingers are aching.”

She wasn’t exaggerating. She had really been suffering a burning pain from her fingertips today.

“I knew it. You told me that eating the grape skin is good for my body only because you don’t want to peel the grapes,” Nian Junting raised his head to glance at her while saying, “Do you know how well-educated my secretaries are? They all have master degrees from prestigious universities, and they’re doing high-salary jobs. You want these masters to peel grapes for me? How many human resources would that waste? You’re from the service industry, so, so you think you can be compared with them?”

Luosang smiled bitterly and said, “No, I can’t be compared with them. But, I’ve been peeling fruits all day lately, and my fingers are killing me now. And, what’s wrong with the service industry? Can’t someone from the service industry feel pain? I get paid per diem for the works I do, and I’m not a slave. If you’re not satisfied with my works, you can cut my salary. I’m cool with that.”

Her eyes behind the large black-rimmed glasses were fixed on Nian Junting, without showing any fear.

The look in Nian Junting’s face turned more and more unfriendly. He looked at her straight in the eyes, but she wasn’t afraid of him at all.

He frowned, then suddenly grabbed her hands from both sides of her body, saying, “Which part of your fingers are aching? Let me see.”

The handsome Nian Junting dragged Luosang’s hands tightly, observed them. From her thumbs to her forefingers, he looked very carefully, and his eyes were closer and closer to her fingers. Luosang felt really weird.

She looked down and saw a dropped lock of his hair and his straight nose. He looked incredibly handsome from any possible angle.

A strange atmosphere emerged from the air.

Luosang was a sensitive woman. She tried to pull her hands away, as she felt so strange to have her hands be held by her boss like that. Besides, the secretary hadn’t left.

“You’re not injured at all,” Nian Junting suddenly raised his head and said, his eyes filled with unhappiness. “You even dare to lie to me now,” he continued.

“I never said that I’m injured…” responded Luosang.

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