Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 41 - Xiao Si is too Wicked, I Don’t Like Him

Chapter 41: Xiao Si is too Wicked, I Don’t Like Him

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This time, Xiao Si laughed so hard that he even burst in tears. “Narrow-minded and bad-tempered; that’s exactly you! Tingting, I like your carer more and more. I want her to look after me when you recover,” he said.

He then put his hand on Luosang’s arm and said, “How about I pay you fifty-thousand per month?”

Luosang was a little uncomfortable about the way Xiao Si acted, so she wanted to step away. However, before she said a word, Nian Junting began talking with a cold voice.

“Take your filthy hands away from my carer.”

“What? You’re not jealous, are you?” Xiao Si laughed.

“That’s impossible. I was afraid that she might get your venereal disease and then give it to me,” responded Nian Junting through clenched teeth, his face filled with dislike.

“Don’t listen to him. I’m very healthy.” Xiao Si winked at Luosang and said, “I’m much nicer than him. I’m not stingy, and I’ll never treat people the way he does.”

“Am I not nice? Am I stingy? Have I ever mistreated people?” Nian Junting felt shameful for Xiao Si for trying to poach his carer right in front of him.

Nian Junting’s confident reaction made Luosang very speechless.

Xiao Si rolled his eyes and said, “Didn’t you mistreat her? Look, through the New Year her oval face has become a V-shaped face.”

“Is that true?” Nian Junting looked at Luosang’s face carefully and found that she had lost some weight indeed. However, he would never admit that he didn’t treat her well. So he said, “A V-shaped face is the most popular shape of faces now. Luosang, didn’t you lose weight and turn your face into a V-shape intentionally to catch my attention?”

The corners of Luosang’s mouth twitched up intensely.

Xiao Si glanced at Nian Junting with disbelief, asked, “Are you okay?”

‘Can’t you see the dark circles under her eyes? Can’t you see that she’s wan and sallow? You call that weight-losing?’ He thought.

“You know nothing,” said Nian Junting to Xiao Si.

He believed that Xiao Si didn’t know how much Luosang liked him now.

A woman could do anything for the person she likes.

Xiao Si rubbed his forehead. He honestly didn’t understand what was Nian Junting was thinking.

The elevator stopped, and the three of them walked out. Xiao Si went back to his office, and before leaving, he asked Luosang to think about working for him.

“You’re not allowed to work for him,” said Nian Junting. He sounded like an overbearing big boss.

Luosang wasn’t intending to work for Xiao Si, but she also felt that it was none of Nian Junting’s business. So, she asked him, “Why?”


Nian Junting knitted his brows as he failed to come up with an answer. He said that only because he felt quite uncomfortable when picturing Luosang taking care of Xiao Si. He pondered for a few seconds and finally made up a satisfying answer, so he said, “Because Xiao Si is too wicked, and I don’t like him.”

‘You don’t like him, but you co-founded a company with him and became his buddy?’ Luosang thought speechlessly.

“All in all, I said it for your own good. You’ve seen those magazines that he brought to me before, right?” Nian Junting began to tarnish his good friend very calmly, “He has many porn videos, and he’ll watch them at home every day. Every once in a while, he’d take different women to his home. Do you think a single lady like you should live in that kind of environment?”

Recalling that Xiao Si seemed to see those magazines as treasures, Luosang believed him.

She felt sorry for Xiao Si, wondering why such a clean-looking and sunny man was so dissolute.

Seeing the look in Luosang’s face, Nian Junting felt that she was disgusted, so he smiled in satisfaction, then added, “And forget about losing weight. You were just average-looking, but now you’ve made yourself uglier by losing weight.”

‘Don’t you understand? Your old oval face was prettier,’ he thought.

Luosang was left speechless.

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