Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 50 - Don’t Dream About it, She’s Mine

Chapter 50: Don’t Dream About it, She’s Mine

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When Luosang left the office, Lu Kang went back in, prepared to continue reporting to Nian Junting. However, Nian Junting suddenly signed deeply and said, “Sometimes, it can be a burden to be well liked by other people, if you’re too good.”

“Mr. Nian… Who are you talking about?” Asked Lu Kang.

“Luosang,” Nian Junting tilted his head and continued, “Do you think she’ll give up on marrying somebody else after knowing me?”

Lu Kang was confused.

He really wanted to yell out his question—’Why do you think she likes you so much?’

However, Lu Kang would never dare to say that to Nian Junting as he was the boss.

At dinner time, Luosang came out of the kitchen with two dishes.

Since they returned from the family house, Nian Junting would always send Luosang into the kitchen to cook for all sorts of reasons. Luosang believed that Nian Junting was doing everything he could to develop her surplus value.

Xiao Si came in and saw her, so he asked, “Eh? I thought Sister Lan is responsible for cooking. Have you replaced her?”

“Sister Lan was overworked last year, so I decided to let her rest for a while.” Nian Junting who was sitting by the dining table and preparing to have meal raised his head to answer Xiao Si’s question.

Sister Lan silently rolled her eyes while setting the table. She wasn’t overworked. She had said nothing about that. The truth was, after the New Year vacation, Nian Junting suddenly pointed out that she worked too hard for no reason, and insisted on letting Luosang cook his meals.”

‘You want her to cook for you. Can’t you tell her that? Why do you have to use me as an excuse?’ Thought Sister Lan.

“Overworked?” Xiao Si gave Sister Lan a few glances, then said in confusion, “Really? I felt that Sister Lan has put on some more weight.”

‘Really? No one ever thought about my feelings?’ She complained silently.

“What are you here for?” Nian Junting frowned unpleasantly and said, “What the hell is wrong with Mr. Jiang?”

“I came here to talk to you about that,” Xiao Si hurriedly dragged a chair to sit down, then angrily pounded the table and said, “Earlier today, I sent my people to tail Mr. Jiang after he left the company. As soon as he got home, he and his families started packing. They bought the plane tickets for tonight to America. I’ve also found out that he and Huang Haoyun have both run the US’s immigrant visa before New Year. And, three days ago, ten million yuan was sent to Mrs. Huang’s bank account, from Tokyo. Apparently, he was bought off by people from Chuanchi Gaisha. He always likes to make profits in troubled situations, and we’ve been turning a blind eye on him, as long as he doesn’t go too far. After all, no one should demand absolute purity in our industry. But this time, he tried to sell our company. What surprised me more, Mr. Jiang is involved in this too.”

“Mr. Jiang is a senior member of the company. We’re both trusted him. I think Huang Hiaoyun must know that he couldn’t do that on his own, so he bought Mr. Jiang,” Nian Junting’s cold eyes showed disappointment as he said, “I’ve been treating him well these years. And, I never thought that I should take precautions against him. The blame is on me this time.”

“Thanks to Sister Luosang, they failed,” Xiao Si suddenly raised his head to stare straight at Luosang with admiration, saying, “Sister Luosang, I really admire you now. If you’re a few years younger than me, I’d definitely chase you.”

Sister Luosoang…

Luosang thought that Xiao Si might want to beat her if he knows about her real age, as he had now been seeing her as an elder sister.

She sat beside Nian Junting with a faint smile on her face, silently picking fish bones for him.

Xiao Si was really jealous of Nian Junting. He too wanted a woman to take care of him like this, to pick fish bones and peel fruits for him…

“Sister Luosang, I really want to take you home,” he said.

“Don’t even dream about it. She’s mine,” said Nian Junting, his handsome face darkened.

Luosang blinked, feeling speechless.

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