Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 38 - She Suddenly Told Him that She Likes Him

Chapter 38: She Suddenly Told Him that She Likes Him

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“Are you kidding?” Nian Junting sneered and said, “What’s so good about being a carer? You need to deal with patient excrements and do all kinds of hard and filthy work. You’re lucky to take care of me, I mean, if you’re facing an old man and need to wipe his old withered body every day, you’d even feel sick when looking at him. Working in my villa may sounds not so good, but that’s an easy job. You’ll get paid well, and you’ll have insurance and housing funding. The treatment won’t’ be any worse than what white collars can get. Do you know how many people out there want to work in my villa? Don’t be ungrateful.”

While he was speaking, his voice turned deeper and deeper, and his eyes were filled with unhappiness.

Luosang didn’t know how to explain to him. She guessed that he would want to tear her into pieces if she directly tells him that she wouldn’t be interested in working in his villa no matter how much money he’d pay her.

She understood that some words needed to be put in a mild way, but she didn’t know how to turn him down without pissing him off.

She tried very hard thinking, then stuttered, “Mr. Nian, I rejected you… because… eh… I’m afraid that if I spend more time with you, I will find more outstanding features of yours, and till then, I’ll fall in deeper love with you, and I might be carried away with you…”

Finished talking, she felt extremely uncomfortable.

Nian Junting was stunned, then his ears blushed.

‘I knew that she likes me, but how could she suddenly tell me that? I wasn’t prepared for this. This woman really doesn’t know what shame is,’ he thought.

However, he also felt that her words did make sense.

He pondered shortly, then said, “It’s good for you to be so self-knowing. I had a second thought and now feel that you’re right. Let’s forget about it.”

Suddenly, he felt a little pity.

After all, he liked to be taken care of by Luosang.

After spending three days at the family house, Nian Junting took Luosang back to the Tianhu Villa in Xia City.

His grandmother knew that he loved grapefruits, so she asked the steward to put a large bagful of grapefruits in his trunk when they left. Those were at least a dozen grapefruits.

Looking at that bagful of grapefruits, Luosang even wanted to cry.

After they returned to the villa, quite some guests visited Nian Junting and paid him New Year calls. Sister Lan was back, but they were still short-handed. So, Luosang needed to serve the guests and take care of Nian Junting at the same time, and was often sent to the kitchen to help Sister Lan at lunchtime.

Therefore, she lost six pounds in days. Not even her black-rimmed glasses could cover the dark circles under her eyes.

At the seventh day in the lunar month, she accompanied Nian Junting to his company. As it was the first day of work in this year, all his employees had lined up by the front gate of the company to welcome their boss.

Nine o’clock sharp, Luosang wheeled Nian Junting into the company’s building. This morning, she picked a purplish-red suit for him. The perfectly tailored suit fitted his beautiful body shape, made him look so elegant even when sitting in a wheelchair, also matched the joyful atmosphere of the New Year.

Lu Kang followed behind Luosang, giving a red envelope to each employee.

After receiving the red envelopes, all the employees were energized.

“Mr. Nian, Mr. Nian, please forgive us…” an anxious voice broke the pleasant atmosphere.

An old couple attempted to break in from the front gate, but were stopped by the security guards.

“Mr. Nian, we’re begging you!” As they couldn’t get in, the old couple kneeled by the front gate directly, began kowtowing.

Seeing that, the employees all began whispering to each other.

“Those are Gao Shengyuan and his wife,” Lu Kang said to Nian Junting with a low voice, “We did what you said, so they had a pretty rough New Year. I guess they’re here to beg you for leniency.”

Beg him for leniency? Who would do that in this way? The ones who didn’t know what happened may think that he had done something unforgivably evil.

“Let them in,” said Nian Junting coldly.

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