Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 37 - Ms. Nian Wasn’t Fixing Me Up With Mr. Rong, Was She?

Chapter 37: Ms. Nian Wasn’t Fixing Me Up With Mr. Rong, Was She?

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Nian Xi held Luosang’s arm, snickered, and said, “Oi, you two hit it off this afternoon. I’m surprised.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that to happen either,” Luosang responded. Her true age was only twenty-two after all, so she could always feel a generation gap when talking to people who were over ten years older than her. However, Rong Ye was quite chatty, and not awkward to be with.

“So, do you…” Before finishing her words, Nian Xi saw a pair of angry eyes behind the French window. The grim look in those eyes was quite scary.

“Eh… Brother… Why’re you sitting here?” asked Nian Xi.

“Do I need to explain to you about why I am sitting here?” said Nian Junting with an ice-cold voice. Just now, he felt indescribably uncomfortable when saw Luosang get out of Rong Ye’s car smilingly.

Nian Xi rolled her eyes and said, “Have you eaten gunpowder?”

Nian Junting ignored her, but turned to Luosang and said coldly, “Come here. What are you waiting for?”

“Why are you so mean?” Nian Xi pouted.

Luosang shook her head to her, then obediently walked up behind Nian Junting and put her hands on his shoulders to give him a massage.

Her hands were as soft as water and brought him so much more comfort than the steward’s hands.

Enjoying the massage, Nian Junting, who acted like a raging lion, instantly became a lot calmer, and the look in his face was less sour than before.

Seeing this, both Nian Xi and the steward paused shortly in shock, then smartly left.

Nian Junting closed his eyes to feel her massage, then asked abruptly, “How was your afternoon?”

“Eh?” Luosang paused for a second, then responded, “The movie was good.”

“I didn’t mean the movie,” Nian Junting gave her a sideway glance and said, “I meant Rong Ye.”

At that moment, Luosang suddenly realized something. “Miss. Nian wasn’t trying to fix me up with Mr. Rong, was she?”

‘You’ve spent a whole afternoon with him, but you didn’t realize it until now?’ Nian Junting thought, rubbed his forehead.

Luosang now understood that, murmured without thinking, “But Mr. Rong is so much older than me…”

Nian Junting’s mouth corners twitched as he said, “You’re thirty, but you think thirty-four is too old?”

Luosang didn’t know how to respond. She forgot that she had told everyone that she was thirty.

“I think you like young men.” Nian Junting believed that Luosang liked him, who was young. However, he also believed that he would never like a woman who was two years older than himself, even though she could make nice tea and peel grapefruits. He thought love couldn’t be forced.

“I shouldn’t say that. Mr. Nian, let me peel you a grapefruit.” Luosang hurriedly switched the topic.

Soon, she served some well-peeled grapefruits to Nian Junting. He tasted one piece and found it was very sweet, much sweeter than the ones peeled by the steward. After spending a while enjoying the fruit, he said, “Rong Ye is not bad, but his father is addicted to gambling, so I think you should consider carefully. You don’t need to be anxious though. You can stay by my side, work for me, and I’ll let my people introduce some nice men to you.”

He had thought about that this afternoon. He understood that keeping a woman who was craving him by his side wasn’t appropriate. However, she was really capable, and he believed that it would really be a waste to let her continue working as a carer and taking care of other patients after he recovered.

“Mr. Nian, what are you talking about?” Luosang was confused.

“I mean, when I recover, you can continue working in my villa, like Sister Lan,” said Nian Junting while looking at her. He could imagine how pleasantly surprised she would be, but after waiting for quite a while, he failed to detect any happiness from her face, which was filled with an astonished look.

‘Great, she really knows how to pretend,’ he thought.

“Thank you… Mr. Nian,” Luosang got his message and responded with, “But I’m happy with my job. I now have no plan to change my profession.”

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