Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 39 - Want Me to Forgive You? You Have to Ask The Lady Beside Me First

Chapter 39: Want Me to Forgive You? You Have to Ask The Lady Beside Me First

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As the security guards stepped away, Gao Shengyuan and his wife shambled to Nian Junting. Gao Shengyuan’s hair was grey, his eyes were sunken, and his face was filled with a sickly look. The red-eyed Mrs. Gao cried out loud as soon as she saw Nian Junting.

“Mr. Nian, we’re barely hanging on. Please forgive us,” she cried.

“Yeah, it’s a misunderstanding,” Gao Shengyuan chimed in. “About what happened to you in the hospital — we didn’t do it. Those workers from a construction site of our company did it, and I knew nothing about it. I lived in the hospital during the time, and I was too sick to even get out of the bed. We can’t go back home. We can’t go back to the hospital either. Mr. Nian, you see, we’ve been working together for years, and I’m an old man. Please give us a break, please. You’re such a generous man.”

After saying that, Gao Shengyuan dragged his wife down to the ground and began kowtowing again.

“Ahyaya, what a busy morning.” Xiao Si walked in slowly with a wicked smile while tossing his car keys, as if he was here to watch a show.

“Mr. Xiao, please intercede with Mr. Nian for me!” Gao Shengyuan hurriedly turned to grab Xiao Si’s pants.

“Oi, don’t touch me!” Xiao Si stepped away immediately, as if Gao Shengyuan had some kind of infectious disease. “Old people like to blackmail others these days. You’re at this age, so I don’t want to take responsibility if you faint.”

Hearing his sarcastic words, Gao Shengyuan’s wrinkled face froze a little. Then, he turned back to continue kowtowing to Nian Junting.

“Enough.” Nian Junting narrowed his eyes, which were radiating coldness, and said, “If you want me to give you a break, you’re gonna have to ask this lady beside me first. From the beginning to the end, she’s one who suffered the greatest harm. Let’s see if she agrees.”

While speaking, he fixed his eyes on Luosang with a meaningful look, and the others did the same.

Luosang paused. Seeing Nian Junting’s mouth curved in a faint smile, she suddenly realized something.

Nian Junting valued his reputation very much, so he would never let people know that someone had tried to pour a bucket of piss on him. Right now, Gao Shengyuan and his wife were trying everything to show how miserable their life was, and Nian Junting didn’t want to act too cruel and ruthless. So, she now needed to deal with this whole thing.

According to what she knew about her boss, he did not, and would never want to forgive Gao Shengyuan.

‘It seems that I have to be the bad person now. He’s an exploitative capitalist indeed,” she thought.

Gao Shengyuan quickly looked at Luosang from head to toes. Based on her cheap clothes, he guessed that she was most likely just a help. So, he was relieved slightly, as he believed that people like her were the easiest to deal with.

“Lady, I let that happen by failing to restrain my employees. How much money do you want? I’ll compensate you with as much as you want.”

“As much as I want?” Luosang smiled coldly and responded, “Alright then, give me ten million, and we can forget about what happened.”

“Ten million?” Gao Shengyuan paused shortly, as he couldn’t believe his own ears. “Lady, you see, you’re standing here, perfectly unharmed. You don’t seem to be hurt severely. Our company isn’t doing well right now, and we’re really short on funds. You’re demanding an exorbitant price. We won’t be able to afford that price, not even if we, an old couple, give you our lives,” he said.

“Yeah?” Luosang’s gaze suddenly turned sharp as she said, “The barrette on Mrs. Gao’s hair seems to be from PORE from Italy. PORE isn’t one of the most well-known luxury brands, but I heard that even a simple barrette from that brand is worth over a million. I don’t think you’re short on money, as Mrs. Gao is still wearing such an expensive barrette.”

Once she said that, all the employees who were watching were surprised. Even Nian Junting and Xiao Si looked at her in surprise.

Mrs. Gao automatically tried to cover the barrette with her hand, seemingly flurried.

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