Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1209 - My… My Relationship With Nian Xi Is Special

Chapter 1209: My… My Relationship With Nian Xi Is Special

The look on Lawyer Chen’s face turned slightly sour.

At last, the prosecutor stated the process of the crime in detail and proposed a heavy punishment for the defendant. “Yang Wenzhi was attracted to Duan Yang. He was gay, and nothing is wrong with that. However, he killed Duan Yang because of his extreme obsession with him. He has some psychological problems. When the police found evidence against him, he stayed calm, made a plan and attempted to murder Officer Nian and professor Jiang, meaning that he is a cold-blooded murderer. If we set someone like that free today, the people around him might be facing danger.”

At last, the court found Yang Wenzhi guilty and sentenced him to life in prison and deprival of political right for life.

As the case was over, Nian Xi excitedly stood up. She prepared to give Jiang Yuning a great compliment. However, before that, she suddenly felt a warm stream gush out of the lower part of her body.

She froze.

Jiang Yuning turned to look at her. He was expecting her to compliment him again. However, she was only sitting there quietly. He was slightly disappointed.

“Xi, what do you think of my performance?” he indirectly asked her.

“Great. You did a very good job.” When he was giving the last part of his speech, Nian Xi found him super handsome, like how she felt back in Paris, when he outshone the scientists from the other countries.

She wanted very much to give him a huge hug.

But at that moment…

She wanted to cry but failed to shed any tears. His bloody watch was right.

Her period was not supposed to start that day, but it started ahead of schedule. Was her body having problems?

“Just that?” Jiang Yuning was very disappointed. “No extra compliment?”

At that time, Fang Qi walked over, hugged him tightly and patted him hard on the back, saying, “Professor Jiang, thank you! You are amazing! You are marvelous! I seriously admire you.”

Jiang Yuning could hardly breathe.

He was so disappointed and so sad. If only Nian Xi hugged him like that.

When Fang Qi let go of him, he gave him a glance with dislike.

Fang Qi laughed. “Professor Jiang, I know that I’m not Nian Xi. You don’t need to make it so obvious.”

Jiang Yuning ignored him, but turned to Nian Xi and said, “I’ll like it if you can hug me that way.”

Nian Xi stayed silent.

Fang Qi winked at her and then signaled for her to hug Jiang Yuning.

Nian Xi almost burst in tears. At that very moment, Feng Ji Chuan walked over and said, “Professor Jiang, thank you very much. If it wasn’t for you, Nian Xi wouldn’t be able to solve the case so soon.”

“You don’t need to thank me. My… my relationship with Nian Xi is special.” He refused to show any sign of weakness in front of Feng Ji Chuan.

After saying that, he felt slightly embarrassed. If Nian Xi asked him about his relationship with her, he would tell her that he was her cleaning guy.

Feng Ji Chuan raised his brows and said, “I know. You said it during the trial. I’m not surprised though. It’s normal for a pretty girl like Nian Xi to have suitors. I’ve been fond of her too. Sadly, I was too stupid to not cherish her back then. Now, I have realized how important she is to me. I will not give up.”

Jiang Yuning was stunned. Was Feng Ji Chuan challenging him? He wasn’t prepared for that at all.

“I won’t give up either,” he hurriedly said. “I know how to cherish someone. I won’t make your mistake.”

The two men looked at each other in the eyes.

Nian Xi buried her forehead in her palms. Was it time for a war to start? She was on her period, so all she wanted to do at the moment was to storm into the bathroom.

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