Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1208 - I Like Her

Chapter 1208: I Like Her

Chen Kaiwen, Yang Wenzhi’s lawyer stood up and said, “Professor Jiang, I have a few questions for you.”

Jiang Yuning stood up again.

Chen Kaiwen said, “I want to know why you went into the lab with Officer Nian. After all, you are not a police officer.”

Jiang Yuning responded with, “I am a guest professor at Xia City University. I have known Officer Nian for a long time. Yang Wenzhi is a student in the physics department. Officer Nian wanted to consult me about some lab-related questions, such as the registration book that was mentioned earlier. I know about labs.”

The lawyer nodded and said, “Professor Jiang, do you fancy Officer Nian?”

That question made some people in the trial room start to whisper to each other.

In the back, Feng Ji Chuan clenched his fists.

Jiang Yuning was stunned. Hearing that question being asked under the witness of so many people, his cheeks turned red.

The prosecutor stood up and said, “That has nothing to do with the case. That is about Professor Jiang’s private life.”

“I think it’s related to the case.” Lawyer Chen smiled and said, “If Professor Jiang is into Officer Nian, he would do whatever she said. So, his testimony can be unreliable. Your Honor, I hope you can ask Professor Jiang to answer the question.”

The judge furrowed his brows slightly. But still, he nodded and said to Jiang Yuning, “Please answer the question honestly.”

Nian Xi knitted her brows. Being stared at by all the people on the scene, Jiang Yuning’s breath turned shallower and shallower. After about ten seconds of silence, he answered the question with a low voice, “I am fond of her.” His cheeks blushed scarlet.

After saying that, he quickly dropped his head.

Nian Xi blushed as well.

She knew that Jiang Yuning liked her since long ago. However, she did feel shy to hear him admit that in front of so many people.

She felt a little embarrassed under the situation, not to mention Jiang Yuning himself.

Lawyer Chen smiled. “Did you see Yang Wenzhi close the door by himself?”

“No,” Jiang Yuning said.

Lawyer Chen said to the judge, “Officer Nian nor Professor Chen saw Mr. Yang close the door, meaning that what Professor Jiang said was only a guess. He is not reliable as a witness. After all, he was a victim too. Professor Jiang and Officer Nian might think of Mr. Yang as the murderer who killed Duan Yang, because they believe he guided them into the lab and caused them to suffer the fire. As for the registration book, it proves that Duan Yang was alive when Yang Wenzhi entered the lab, but it doesn’t prove that Yang Wenzhi murdered Duan Yang. It could be someone else who entered the lab after Yang Wenzhi left.”

“I saw Yang Wenzhi give me a perky smile. I am a police officer. I would never lie,” Nian Xi said angrily.

Jiang Yuning thought for a moment, then said with a deep voice, “I admit that I like Officer Nian. However, I’ve been devoted to my science career since I graduated from school. I have taken part in countless science projects. I have also attended international academic activities. I can tell the difference between personal feelings and professional things. That is the basic quality that a scientist should have. Xia City University was founded twenty years ago. Their fire protection has always been great. No serious fire like the one I witnessed had ever happened in the university before. I don’t think any accident like that could ever happen in the university unless It was caused by someone on purpose. Mr. Chen, if you think what I said isn’t right, I suggest you consult other physics professors about it. I believe they will all agree with me.”

The prosecutor quickly handed up some material. “I have consulted some physics professors about it. They have analyzed the case, and this is the result. They all agreed with Professor Jiang. And these are the contributions that Professor Jiang has made for science during the past decade. Lawyer Chen, what you said just now was disrespect to a scientist, who has been bringing honor to his country.”

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